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Sir John Monash (General, b.1865 - d.1931)

Collection of papers of General Sir John Monash, chiefly 1914-1919 covering his wartime military career and his related activities as Director-General, Repatriation and Demobilisation from 1918-1919. Consists of records relating to court martials, training instructions for protection against gas attacks, tactical exercises for trench warfare and assaults, recommendations for awards, commendations for promotions, convoy and transportation orders, reviews of operations, conference agendas, translations of enemy documents, summaries of interviews with German prisoners of war and information from scouting expeditions. Other items in the collection include personal papers such as diaries and letters to his family and business partners. Correspondents include Prime Minister William Hughes, Sir Keith Murdoch, Minister for Defence George Pearce, Field Marshal Lord William Birdwood, General Henry Chauvel, John Gibson and Dr Felix Meyer. 

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First World War, 1914–18
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