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Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges

Diary relating to the First World War service of Major General William Throsby Bridges, 1st Division Headquarters. In this diary, kept between 1 January 1915 and 23 April 1915, Bridges details the preliminary planning for the Gallipoli campaign. He describes his is time in Egypt visiting the various Australian camps and overseeing their training, meeting with General William Birdwood and various other British, French and Australian commanders. Like many other military personnel in Egypt during the First World War, Bridges details his sightseeing trips. His final entries in the diary detail the journey to the island of Lemnos, the final planning for the landing at Gallipoli, and the drafting of the associated military orders. The last entry in the diary is dated 23 April 1915, two days before the landing at Gallipoli which had been postponed due to poor weather.

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First World War, 1914–18
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