Sir John Monash, Personal Files Book 4, 2 May - 4 May 1915, Part 5

First World War, 1914–18
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FRON PLACE & TME Or Form (Duplicate) Army Form C. 2123. SIGNALS No. of Message. MESSAGES ANI MCESIAN. CAISESTES gw 5.15 m m. Received Am any men Ms AAA CEnstratian Aashme Youre y a
MESSAGES AND StN. Words] ChArS. Reed at This message is on all of Crn so Date. I Service ro RitaunN Fiintis Oe Bde AI.T C.O.A T0 SayAittonth SenttiOHe CAASWNAN AAA A.C. 29 third Could you please have a party of Engineers detailed to imprive the trinces in Major Steeles pesition A20 shrapnel caused carpalties oe Killen morning AA Fwo men were observing officer were I am artillery I consider be coucer in this position service, A44 be o much Peniscapes are ingently required available on it is futul to show a head above the parapit. Ac0 Ecept for surpers the situation is gier Mo H.W.ME Place an Time 11 The above may be forwarded as now corrected. Comr OMrALIEMONNNMMLA WIANAIIILL This line should be crased if not required. CMTS). M.RCo.Lid. Wi.WIeSISA. 50,000. 91L Forms OLllO. M.
CForm. COrigis Read from 1 srmo wion Handed in at the Dender, Dember The situatic right wee it ver l on FRO PLA TIM AM DArnL-CITL MESS tewincalo Dittrc Day of Monch Thera whish met ASOnCANE C.H. Form Ass C. Army Form C2123 No. of Mossage Oo Blany ent, or sent out Received AAA n i
AotaWIII Harnen M. anr usr tus 4938 From C.O. 14. asation E enclose herewith two shekcies Me showl. hearing from my socition of French on Valley RAA. 4+ The Question is does this tench with the disnced maching June belong s the enemy. the No Z. Is a rough stetch. Rosition showing movements of the enemy at present time. [Thre are continual novement of troops in valley marked.S.S Amdah at prsentpth parties of 50 are moving about in this valley They congregate here preparatory to attack. Will you pllase ask astillery to shele this Taleetents Shown on map. 3/5/18 112 S Sn t 234 Canenane SANA TEMOR
no 2 44 Mn seruy 35 any parion bough aer of No 2 benue RORD PACK AAIMALS & a our Paition EAM CATRI SI He NORE HEAVREY WOODED 85 3Eem s ad m mye Beat M & few Eney here ont OUR TRENCNEY D. CMMm in men 25
405 Ptn 13 3:5:18 & x & lieut Perry now has an organised French o about 50gds with a communication much to the supporting kench. The men in this merch one atill digging. The trenches of the enemy lke about 70 yds forward and are occupied. I am in touch with Capt. Herning, from the supporting hearhes but we have no grontal communication. We have had a most sherrious time ae the renches are shewn with dead and wounded. Although I know of many-casualties I cannot give full information Simpson 730 p. m.
Fron Lill Haring To The Aoty. I is impossible to estimate my lones as my company is spliss up on thy but they are very heavy as we got bedly but ups getting here & omr loses have been neavy all the morning. t time is very thirty helre & the men are dead beat: i copt pent reports that he, is not now yugh touch will te n as thy have racched then lunches & the 15 have wtue. Clet is absolutel imursany Mr
Time 2.32p Place h B 43 Date) No. Pace KMRE NY To Bde 143 m thoat Requested the e Machn Cu posted a Erek Station may be relieve that the wnit - osering gun. tat soll remaining have. Charte Ak t P Act Ad From
Army Form O. 2121. EPom No. of Message MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. Overs -mn Red at This message is on a/c of: sow of mow end torrns homerow pate Co Service MronI Ctnd- Fristis On op Bgde Not MAtR JSNoN EndnOMinry AAA Shud CP13 men sulles 30 ensmy The my in trenches te occupy yards 20 about nowt left day were trenches These distance last satation Sexteent the by to with me communiest night of a portion consequance in te desurped It mrenche must my prection alte not will want Enginee But day before advill officers - oapt. Ausn Place Time 16 P.M The above Noybe Iorwarded ts now corrected. Conor COnr AAOAAMMNWIAONILAINLL This line should be erased if not recuired. AATM MRCo,LAd. WEWISASIS S000. aiL Form OIIa
20 eneneon Fintres Mran 100p D N treWWN - erd me supply hundredweight please now Dr. Place 22 Time The above may be forwarded as now at Frow 3 AAAS with barked

"C" Form (Duplicate)   Army Form C. 223. 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS   No. Of Message ___ 
SM   Charges to Pay.    Office Stamp 
QW   ₤. s. d.                            3.5.15 
N W 
Service Instruction.                                 136 
Handed in at ...     Office ...    m.  Received  11.9am 
TO. O C Company 
New Zealand Engineers 
4th Austn Bde 
Sender's Number     Day of Month.   In reply to Number.  A A A  
A Detachment of Australian 
Engineers is joining you 
PLACE & TIME  10.45am



Prefix.. Code...m Words. Charge. This is on a/c of: Recd.   m.
Office of Origin and service Instructions Sent 
At   m. 
  3 5. 15 Service Date 
By  137
TO  C.O. 4Th Bde A.I.F.        
Sender's Number 
.Q. C. 29
Day of Month third In reply to Number   A A A

Could you please have a party of  
Engineers detailed to improve the 
trenches in Major Steele's position AAA 
Shrapnel caused casualties this 
morning AAA Two men were killed AAA 
If an Artillery observing officer were 
in this position I consider he could 
be of much service. AAA 
Periscopes are urgently required if 
available as it is fatal to show a 
head above the parapet. AAA 
Except for "snipers" the situation is quiet. 
From 14th Bn AIF 
Place - 
Time 10.55 pm 
The above may now be forwarded as not corrected.   (Z) 
... Censor.  Signature of Addressor or person authorised to telegraph in his name. 
*This line should be erased if not required. 
(24473). M.R.Co., Ltd. Wt. W 4843/541. 50,000. 9/14. Forms C2121/10.


3.5.15  C>M>  Form   A 39 (b). 
Army Form C 2123 
C Form. (Original.) MESSAGES AND SIGNALS.    No. of Message .. 
Recd.    Prefix .. Code ....  Words... 
From Capt. Quinn  
Office Stamp 3/15 
Day of Month Thur 

Capt Quinn
Prefix .... Code.... Words .... 
Charges for Delivery. Sent, or sent out 
Office Stamp. 
By LH. Means ... 
Distance ...
Collected ... 
Paid out...
At ... M. 
By... ....M.
Service Instructions        
Handed in at  the   Office at   M. Received here at   M.  

Sender's Number.   Day of Month. Three  In reply to Number.  AAA 
The Turkish trench is now 
situated about 100 yard on our 
right front heading 220 deg South 
west about 25 men occupying 
it AAA My men are  
very tired & worn out 
but sticking it very well 
Had five officers shot dead this 
FROM Capt Quinn 
TIME 11.10 Quinn 
All Porterage, Redirection, or other charges collected on delivery are to be brought to account by means of Stamps affixed to the face of the form and 
the particulars of such charges and of amounts paid out are to be set forth in writing about, in the spaces headed "Delivery" and "Charges for Delivery" 
*This line should  be erased if not required. 
D.362/7.14. - C7220.


3 - 5 
From C O 14th Battalion 
I enclose herewith two sketches 
NO 1 shows bearing from my position 
of trench in valley. A.AA. 
The question is does this trench with the 
disused machine gun belong to the 
enemy? -  
No 2 Is a rough sketch of the position showing movements of the 
enemy at present time. 
There are is continued movement of 
troops in valley marked S.S and at 
at present. part of the  parties of 50 
are moving about in this valley. 
They congregate here preparatory to attack. 
Will you please ask artillery to shell this 
valley xxx & tents shown on map. 
3/5/15 12.50pm (signature) 


No 1  
Old position of 15 Bn 
Hastily constructed trench 
Bearing 20 
Trench 35° 43° 46° 

my position 
No 2  
Rough sketch of Centre of our Position


3 -5 
13th Bttn 
3.5.15  xxx  142 
Lieut Perry now has an organised 
trench of about 50 yds with a 
communication trench to the supporting 
trench. The men in this trench are 
still digging. The trenches of the 
enemy are about 70 yds forward 
and are occupied. I am in touch 
with Capt Herring from the  
supporting trenches but we have 
no frontal sup communication. We  
have had a most strenuous time  
and the trenches are strewn with 
dead and wounded. Although I 
know of many casualties I cannot 
give full information. 
1.30 pm


From Capt Herring   3 - 5 
To The Adj 
It is impossible to estimate my losses 
as my company is split up in two 
but they are very heavy as we got badly 
cut up getting here & our losses have 
been heavy all the morning. 
Our line is very thinly held & the 
men are dead beat.  if  Capt Hunt 
reports that he is not now in 
touch with the N Z as they have 
vacated their trenches & the 15 
have retired. Relief is absolutely  


No. 1   Date May 3   Time 2.32 pm   Place Ch Bn HQ 
To Bde. Maj. R. M. Bdr                        Place Rm Brg HQ  
Requested that the R. M. 
Machine Gun post in the observation 
station may be relieved & return  
to my unit- observing that this 
is the sole remaining gun that 
I have. 
A.R. Clark 
Lieut RMH 
Act Adj.


"A" Form       Army Form C. 2121 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS   No. of Message ..

Prefix.. Code...m Words. Charge. This is on a/c of: Recd.   m.
Office of Origin and service Instructions Sent 
At   m. 
  3 - 5 - 15 Service Date 
From 144 
TO   4 Bgde Hqrs.        
Sender's Number 
.C.P. 15
Day of Month third In reply to Number   AAA

The enemy fully 30 men 
occupy the trenches on my 
left (north) about 20 yards 
distance. These trenches were dug 
by the Sixteenth Battalion last 
night to communicate with me. 
in consequence a portion of  
trenches must be destroyed. It 
will not alter my position. 
But I want the Engineer  
officers advice before dark. 
From Capt. Quinn 
Time 4pm 
The above may now be forwarded as not corrected.   (Z) 
... Censor.  Signature of Addressor or person authorised to telegraph in his name. 
*This line should be erased if not required. 
(24473). M.R.Co., Ltd. Wt. W 4843/541. 50,000. 9/14. Forms C2121/10.


3 - 5 - 15 
By .....  Signature of ("Franking Officer")   By .... 
Sender's Number AR 15 
Day of Month Third\In reply to Number  —  AAA  √ 
Can you supply ne me with 
one hundredweight of barbed 
wire now please. 
Wire Supplied 
3 5 15 
Time 4.20pm 
The above may be forwarded as now corrected.  (Z) Longfield Lloyd Lieut 
.. Censor.  Signature of Addressor or person authorised to telegraph in his name. 
*This line should be erased if not required.

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