Sir John Monash, Personal Files Book 4, 1 May - 3 May 1915, Part 6

First World War, 1914–18
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MeS ORS AWD SOMMIS PrCLI Code m./ Words] Charge This Message is on vc of: ]Reed at, Office of origin A Service instructions. sertce. (Oate 4/3 Sent. 15 From (Signature of Frankin Officer/ By. DIV SenteTH Day of Month. Inrepty to Number. AAA first BM 81 is attack very neavy my on going section the defence of 41 FOM INE BDE Pace Dr 43 4.11 pm The above may be forwarded as now correcied. yt nt hocke hi Censor Stenature ofAddresfor or person autherined to telegraph inhis name. This fine should be crased If not required. PCtK Te Mnes A SA. Reed at Of AAAtASINEA 3 Sen Service. Date At HLCJ m. From To Aw 4 (Signature of Frankin Officer7) By. 87 N2 INE BDE oc SASR Day of Month. - AAA Observe by rreports Left enemy Advance ir large hnbus Porib 2204 against in and 9 FrOM FOUKTI OC BDE Pace 4.13/P Time The above may be forwarded as now correcied. Ceav SSnatutEAIAAAECSSET OF PeRSCAAuthCFed i EEleGTaph IaMIS Name. This fine should be erased if not required.
ooe MESSAOES AND SIONMS S CON, CMSSI MHIES SAnS Sent, or sent out Words Cole Recd. Prefix from Collected Means Paid out Distance Returned Serrice Mstctons. Received here at Handed in at the 70 AAA IIeSY TO PME Mo FSenteroMnbe place ltso can at Asposal our Yaune 82 up FROM PLACE TIME slames affixed to the face of the by me any All Porterage, Redirection, or other charges collecied on dellvery are to b ine above, in the spaces headed Delivery and Particulars of such charges and of amounts paid out are to be set fort Cun in Venu Mte HnCD
amar Word es to collect Handed in a Fron RACES TI Form (Original Army Form C. 2123. MESSAGES GNALS. No. of Message int, or sent out MeEStANS. ta Received AAA
Handed in at the 70 Sentero Minber fur FROM PLACE MittesFN McSSOESASOUS N0. WMeda Sent, or sent out Otlee Stan Worde cole Collected 5 220 Ou Returned d here at Office at 397 A MORI AAA MCs and Re Means Sistamce
Form. CoriSInA Recd. Service instruc Handed in at t SeateSS 3M Kel CA Cole ssssg hee MESSACES AND SICNAIS. Otice Stam. Sent, or sent out Word 2) Conected paid out Returned t as affixed to the face Mllt Baled, Dellon and 2
Hands Irigina IES AND SICNALS A 106 No. of Mess Office Stame. or sent out AAA FROM PLACE TIN Sasthe Redirectien, or other charges c Mlars of such Charges and Charses tor Dd Tt SO he lace of in P and
1/ Code Prefir Charges to collect Seviice Mstitton Handed in at FSene MIN tae out to W6. Pon Cl Ky Pan C. 225 MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. No. of Message. Received Sent, or sent out MCESIANS. Words From m. Received Office Wiery toCbe AAA are beng inflated from thenk 24 it them pteas ward
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. 0. of MaSO - Cherre This message is in aso of: Rood at Olg of Orgigand Service Instructions tect oace m Service 46:- 1 From t T0 SSMAANe A TAMKINS OAAN. 7/O. By A DIY 2 H T0 TAN TStoM TT AAA BM First left o the attack o by has about one hattation off exflecting tken heaten heavy but right loes my sective heavily stial pressed being is AAR there Enemy reported within trenched yards and of 50 four machine guas senim enfeladinn men Hrenche prevet chargine our with threatened fuctor covering Am support and have drong a reseive a troops ample - 4t II From e Place 30pm Time The At Mny De CranAed At NoW CONtAt 2 W 2 /2 5 n commmnt hut u Slomature of A ddesOr Or person anthorleed to tolograph in Mla mume. CoM This line should be crased If not required. Preated and mupplted by Onto A Polden Uld, Aldernat, tn placks of B, Ad. per Block, to At the i. Fundy RobIl Case
ew ArForm. Army Form O. 2121. 15 No. of Message. MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. Charge. se Reed at This message is on a/c of. Office of Origin and Service Instructions Date Con Sorvin From B ISienatured Franting OMoer 9 To. CnUN MAtr SANAGETHSSSN AAA out findin 5 n an out on is going what on has right fiving moderated ight one 4 om MAT TI Place Time The above meybe Iorverded to now corrected Coneer. Signature of A ddregser or person authorised to Celegraph in plename This line should be crased if not required. AATH MR.CO.LA. WEWISISA MO WiL Form CMMII

Office of origin and Service Instructions       
Date ............1/5                        
By ............48..............  
TO .......... .. N Z   DIV  
Sender’s Number         Day of Month 
BM 91                                first
A very heavy attack is 
going on in my section 
of the defence
From   4th      INF     BDE 
Place   Bde.    H.Q. 
Time    4.11 pm
WJ.M.Locke Lieut. (Z)

At.... 4.20 p m.
To.... QW
By [Signature]
This Message is on a/c of:
Date  1/3                               
By 49 
TO .OC      N Z       INF BDE 
Observer on my left reports 
enemy advancing in large numbers 
against Points in 224 C1 
5 and 9

From   OC  FOURTH     BDE 
Time    4.13 PM


C. Form (Original). 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS.           1-5   
TO Fourth Bde
Can you please place 100  
men at disposal of Col 
Parsons CO. Marine on your
right AAA He is in
need of supports 
Sent phone 
Have already  
sent 1 Coy 
FROM       RM Bde
TIME     4.25


Recd. From............ PTW By............. (Signature)                     
Received... 4.34 pm.
TO       OC Fourth Bde
Sender’s Number       Day of month                      
BM 103                           One 
Please repeat your message re
observation of enemy advancing aaa
224 C 1  5  and 9 are 
in rear of my lines aaa 
Is D intended 
FROM                         NZ Inf Bde
PLACE & TIME          224 C2  4.30p


Bde By Signature                     

Received here at 4.36M.
TO          OC     Fourth     Bde
Sender’s Number          Day of Month.          In reply to Number        AAA
Further reinforcements not required at 
FROM       RM Bde
TIME           4.36pm


C. Form. (Original). 
Recd. from 15th Bde
By ...MJ                   
Received here at 4.35pM.
TO         Fourth     Bde                                                                
Day of Month. 1/5/15
The enemy are in occupation 
have an observation post situated 
about 224  N  5   or N 1  8   AAA   they are 
directing their schrapnel fire from 
FROM         Faddy 13th Btn
TIME             4.35?


C. Form. (Original).                      Army Form C. 2 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS.       No. of Message  


Enemy advancing in large numbers 
on left flank of Capt Quinn AAA
TIME          4.55


"C" Form (Original).                    Army Form C. 2123. 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS.       No. of Message.......    
We are being inflated from
our left  I think it
is 15th BN please warn them

5.20 pm  


Am covering threatened sector
with a strong support & have
ample troops in reserve.
The attack on my left by ^abt 1 Bn has
been beaten off inflicting heavy
losses but my rt sect is being
still heavily pressed AAA Enemy ther
reported ^there within 
50 x of trenches
& 4 enemy regs
enfilading trenches
prevent our men 


Office of Origin and Service Instructions    1/5    
TO         N Z   &   A    DIV
Sender’s Number       Day of month  
BM                                             First
The attack on my left
by about one battalion has
been beaten off inflicting heavy
losses but my right section
is being still heavily pressed
AAA Enemy reported there within
50 yards of trenches and
four enemy machine guns enfilading
trenches prevent our men charging
am covering threatened sector with
a strong support and have
ample troops in reserve
From       4th     INF     BDE 
Place       Bde   H.Q. 
Time        5.30 pm

(Z) W.J.M. Locke Lieut


"A" Form.  Army Form C.2121. 
Date             1/5
From ..............59                  
TO         H      Q 
Sender’s Number    Day of Month      In reply to Number      AAA   
I am now finding out
what is going on our
right. firing has started  moderated on
our right


From       MAJ      STEEL

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