Sir John Monash, Personal Files Book 4, 1 May - 3 May 1915, Part 5

First World War, 1914–18
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3 tn To FANM DMpIiCAtS Army Form C. 2123. MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. No. of Message MceSIAN CAITESTOES &W 1:5-15 SeWice MictON m. Received S Handed in at is Inf e 4 Ha A AAA have should which ahos an noon wth Hake afte hour fact later Lified r lease oaa redge. PLACE & TM 3 p ive
ma Dooloate Army Form C. 2123. MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. No. of Message NAIRSTOPN MceSlang 1-5 Sennice Handed in al m. Received 44F D AMont TANN WTbe AAA 7a 156 1Ma Can a ar 180d ard mber itled Ki have an whom ba Wationse for te ndered asa not state daig officers which a and ther iks of & gaa when er equired v & artiuars an upt these wanted pease return 40 Fron AN2AC Sa a PLACE & TIME
Seriice Mstctons Handed in at T0 at M. the towards but force FRON PLACH & TMIE OForm Duplicat My POSCRN MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. No. of Message CAIRESWES Office Stamp. d 108 all 3 M. Received Office 2 6 N 200 MA AAA moring dow Een are Number unobtainable left our large there are ELE MAd. SI
25. A meeue MSSRS MDSRAD TO SR Olte SM Sent, or sent out Code Rec Pretix from Collected Means Paid out By Distance Returned Service instructions. Received here a M Office al Handed in at the 70 Fourth AAA MnE 224 attack pod knowing already have Artillery Fieldd requested har Sy on ship Yours and 224 Smel FROM Im PLACE TIME Hixed to the face o o 10 ges collecied on delivery are All Porterage, Redtre d Delivery and of such charges and of amounts paid our are to be set forth to term, and the partie Charges for Deliver a Thls tine should be
3 Pon Army Form C. EI2L. MESSAGES AND SIGNALS No. of Message Nors Charge - pas at This message is on alc of:. Office of Origin and Service In-tructions. Sowt Date 5 Certin Moa Joaun eaeter oaen - ADS. 20 NYANM SeAtGCM LleytM AAA 15 11 petan tep tt at Capt are of Eneiy 308 tufising to he from and appear be prepardy for pttach As last night thar support there. Dease to fi that Syrt on patamon inform From 3.15 pn. 7 th B Place Time 224 115/ The above may be forwarded as now corrected. cae. <vere a o re e to w t This line should be crased if not required O0s0 S.B. LH. WI. WIsI— 50,000. 9/1. Forms Cai2IO.
Senice Hstctons Handed in at T0 SentetG Bitee they side FroM PLACH & TME ahubtwate Arng For C.nn MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. No. of Message CAISESNES MCESIANS. 20 ROR X Thac m. Received. NES 04 50 O A Mn WCCN AAA toth on are attenkice stand faat but we
1 45 29 3450 f.& J Cupah Tria Carts Turks tere just nade an attack an out left and in the Guety horth feft ixtrime leff of my tontion smy trew 6 bomn over into our treaches. Turkes hackins lans have a crots fire on out Frenches Expeading from left and Machere Quas in flont i We Scrub are surceping lend of Henches I require suply hand boutd please H. Cunn tap Can t get one perescope 5 Won Beneny 1/5/15 4pr Have sent oornd to Ment bolknd CDoeeman enemy are advancing in great number on nigl flang - Heave treeping up hill bt we cannot five for fear of intlading Thhmeny poted & Conmeated S Dindn Capt. To Head Quarter
c Charges to collect TeNIICe HSMMO Handed in at £ & tane Austial pa 871 carnacceace rm COriginal. Army Form C. 2123. MESSAGES AND SIGNALS. No. of Message Receied Sent, or sent out MCESIAN Words From DV Otace t Received 4 eA rast DA A Mont AAA pecesssin instractio on 450PA C 15
MICE MANENS Handed in at the Sal FROM PLACE TIME All Porter m, and Rew i Da MESSSEES RD SSNNS Not of toss or Office Stamp. Sent, or sent out Conlecied Paid out Returned Received here at Office at AAA daage he lace of the divery and Mean Distance
C. Form. (Original) Recd -tions. Seriice Hander FROM PLACE TIME All Perterage, Redirection, or othe a. and the Mana d tor Delivery Sistence m are i MESSAOES AND SIONAlS No of dean Otice Stamd. Sent, or sent out Paid out Returned Received here at Office at 4016 2 TAPESH AAA t 50 Lavaner the 1 th wnt Ftance mading from ad right the face of the a headed Delivery and Bice

"C" Form (Duplicate).                                      Army Force C.2123 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS                          
38  Received 3.10pm 
TO HQ 4th Aust Inf  Bde 
Sender's number      Day and Month                
N J G 76                                 1st May                  
The operations which should have 
taken place this afternoon are  
postponed for 24 hours aaa 
Hour will be notified later 
aaa Please ackge 
From    NZ&A Div 


"C" Form (Duplicate)                                        Army Force C.2123 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS                               
 Received 3/45pm 
TO  4th Inf  Bde 
Sender's number      Day and Month             
NZA 156                                 1 May                                                          
Can you give me approximate  
numbers of killed and wounded 
respectively up to 29th for  
battalions for whom you have  
not rendered state aaa note only 
names of officers which I have got  
and numbers of other ranks  
are ever required aaa when  
these particulars are up to date  
a daily return is wanted please 
attend to 
PLACE & TIME A NZ             Cove 3 p,


"C" Form (Duplicate)                                        Army Force C.2123 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS                              
  JCA                                                    1/3  
 Received 3.25pm. 
The Enemy are now moving 
towards our left numbers unobtainable 
but there are a large 
FROM                  MAJ. STEELE 


"C" Form (Original)                                   
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS                               
from R.M.Bde 
By MWJ                                                      
 Received here at 3.14M                                                                                                    
TO O.C Fourth Bde 
Sender's number      Day and Month              
B.M.55.                           1st May 
Not knowing of proposed attack 
have already I have already 
requested Field Artillery to open  
fire on square 224 D 
4 and ships guns on square 224 F 3 
FROM    R M. Bde 
Time                 3.12pm 


"A" Form                              Army Form C.2121 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS                      
1-5 14  
From        42 
TO   QO.C.  4th BdE 
*Senders Number          Day of Month      
46                                    1  5. 15 
Capt Graham reports that 
300 of Enemy are 
massing to his front 
and appear to be preparing for attack 
as last night. I have  
no support there. Please 
inform Maj Steel on Grahams  
Place                 O.C. Ch. Bn   
Time                                                  224.6.5   3.25 


 (Duplicate)                                        Army Force C.2123 
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS                              No. of message ......... 
 ADR                   Charges to Pay                      Office Stamp 
  JCA                         £ s d                                         1/3  
                                  1-5                                                   43 
Service Instructions. 
Handed in at ....................... Office ..............m Received 3.35pm. 
They are attacking on both 
sides but we stand fast 
FROM                         MAJ STEELE 


1 May 1915                    45 
3.50 p.m 
To Brigade Head Quarters  
Turks have just made an 
attack on our left and in the Gully 
North on our Left Extreme left of my  
position. They threw 6 bombs over 
into our trenches  
Turks machine Guns have a cross 
fire on our trenches. Exploding from  
left and machine guns in front in 
the. Scrub are keeping Sweeping the 
line of trenches 
I require further supply hand bombs Please 
H Quinn    Capt 
Can I get one periscope       
Saturday         44 
Capt Quinn 
4 pm. 
Have sent around to  
Lieut. Collins Freeman 
enemy are advancing 
in great numbers on  
right flank- They are 
creeping up hill but 
we cannot fire for fear of inflading  
Noted and Communicated 
H Quinn   Capt 
To Head Quarters


"C" Form (Original)                                          Army Form C 2123                           
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS                              
Received From DW 
By DG 
 Received here at 4.30pm. 
TO O.C New Zealand Engineeers Headqrs 
4th and Inf Bde 
*Sender's number      Day and Month               In reply to number    AAA 
Australian section will rejoin its  
Company tonight give necessary instruction 
4.50 PM 
Col Cannan 
From     C R E     nz& a Div 
Time                    Beach Adj


TO O.C Fourth Bde            1-5 
Enemy reported advancing in large 
numbers against fronts in 224 
C 1 5 9 
FROM          R M Bde 
Time      3.55pm


"C" Form (Original)                                   
MESSAGES AND SIGNALS                               1-5 
TO Fourth Australian Infantry Brigade 
Day and Month           1/5/14 
The enemy estimated at 1000 
have assembled at Hill 400  
and are advancing on the 
centre of our position AAA 
We estimate the distance about  
1000 yards from our machine 
gun on right of our position 
FROM          Col Cannan   15th Btn 
Time         3.55pm 

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