Diary of Apcar Leslie De Vine, 1915 - Part 6 of 7

First World War, 1914–18
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Limely Lardea wext. 12/e18 quet dy Colllesty led rpyt gesu prcle fenryin sevee dy becads trercf wilded be dny trectiful dyeyoridge, 2 lept ear ane to de ore of en aeing flu deraw pritien pde kin erell fe par bettly ws not that ed te benb on te bruf wih a teeble noor, b teffeed l while we were at to it afl fatire a sipn of ted Buck to the trench 14/6/15 relief fom the l fewof o gue yoig, feel ver finnet Felyn great after the lat leday wit little la bue of syaf, 8 shall actel at sundewn, tranck about of Live Aeplia neteled bnd ottot. 51814 of Colle ea, tert or wardy wit by d of telvers retured of all o 16/6/15 ware tody reliefed you du lor incliseds ten kot let as writion ot botter of gull bodt esed youten toche tike o tha sell des of ntiust. t on yurs othe renprcenesty perted 17/915 aldy mfer todyses farn simich slypeved shilaned tea
mee if got some iny ea chenpue nofet tede 18/6/25 anthin, if ha fee 24 quietday Brd lread tody elleked mpit, gef a tr 43/6/15 id not repr ouf ted 19675 mch hcep of silor t wel lack to the thy 8 gute a trea fir fore ed of feteen, better of o she tels ey wrdgs, selled in fort copp e ne 4e i of ytt wick of rdby fi tedy wating fte vent d, Wce fen of a fot alows e Pawake da each Linday Sacted of wes br Flef head tody 20/04 Iated wt tody e noths to do 4loo tody 2ye/1 Bstia all dg forcty day with much clver the when we were Mwitsed unfit, love may wate tearly lest, it ore file rean 24615 cme guet aytt a little saying mere hit 2letl per Marter 4604 left trets 8 am 2Slyd, dester gave oe to gm 5/6/15 eted all d dseti Markedunfit, ece parca be trehe shazed for veral fm 22/715 temiled Iation MCaffy cu e neme i intill yo tonr
Cirtz he ra bat ewita fi, h drat enathense eth qui dei the biek fire wll for o inuered the poritier of twe meche ing Infaeth all d t 246 went yot wamer the fsire o exect ierads, sovee bei teu at in tady not much desage, to reman crether 24 hos t trnch litte ad cre fon geo 26 fon nther 27/415 Punden Ferdia q fecls tey m pepy lue all dgure 94 infer e wr relinua floe stelled tod lyin en wch exaie shell co feptured bench attence gue day 43 wthe &to tad agoed nots 16/5 flys cdgy i te supert tren atlerk made on ar RG 3 Cyach e thas tex Oftend too from $17.30 intill toge rriy an ct at was to te reseres, fucs not waiten mt shilled agove deve hll w allack wecnfll or the Latyns all dis reture to fire /6/13 rerch of 7 gan n n intill keef many vy datdont 9.30 a don stenarese with a becyupin, sterd to oin of we ajested the to pake a rush price sxfard wh et wherr truke to bey then offire, Uf did the same to us, stan llew clougs of dept vite anrg repulia witl to bbaes or i.
ducelas smilar to wot used in lrese no fa a of wye theyed My of 109c You we love npendia liluretia g with it letl add incled begn any a otber in their trere etac pented got at 10.30 wlly gil for te res of wenyst any of telaes tol 30/6/15 Find dg of a hofe any We derk toryl sles to lat ryst Eghty at 930 a dappan ti ran, soad Bor for 1hem whh steen tated sirme ity p lat nyst each side fet o then trunks of he fre of the other, lfty Exillient foo like daylyk copa su the te Pers thacks, ny oice not intele of attent p heve ton, wet far demjenr it 19c oby p mather wit noty day we the nt Nasty dery te dy. 17/15 an crese blle yous willt wr go bery tl atetig t feurdere with u etatun feceg buill unkenless ecut in nes t wc lled valy bey gebleased anbeluce off the ret de tily crytt not sured te 4 Atterlia dectar to 145 pedenedc Set attecra dett 17/15 litlie tog peich day Sunday Landed 1d week toda 14/4 attaia docta wited fit aolt an
relen 17115 Bock in trats to 2 for the niht 12 Lagan red tru lalie yau 1/ Weytea nch sivl 2og teba inved teb hewetin 10t she 4 nn the paily o tere at tre o seu nem hut metter tody, our sex blay an 41120 Wegerlia nct, ne meeficine 14 eq4 antes guord on 4/3 sop len fp gar ton usel Wre not refet nt 8/245 dic, w fu there is week fory lince, fedt of aa lest head imred fg budret of try of ate efteron of 50/ retued se 42 Prtin in te eject oll dy lyftt dute i end Be o sap on by thy felery pory verylittlendamne. of ar e of wear Elen men erons ore. We or trec fully with uste 2/15 Andiel man tod as peace Onewn 44v0l bad to wait 32 hour for tete lit. t ta, Anstrotum ment hm ferros, setered to po f wisecy o Laided Srn teo 11wee 44
NS snmad a cluck is in the Re py hinall dex. 44 Ai prin, nert of Ranae de gue wie pet gie wewe the tle cady te attak werll looni 12/7/4 I lifte to gave the Cok affre Relieved pemte 142 44 fne trench suyed t a let shely wal ouch dley tthe et cum to whith t setus tecked sererd In out, wotch of the 2/15 Bet comn ardlefmen cladge of Ar Balaf fid in inaculate against iftr fom o ofery Jo. she sreft r if ver Unterder Choleek tody over the hart (wort is the beach for a simon ato do intokt wold se it nf pay wrsking queet day an suned p be dl l fun fhic Rest banp nerty te do Dunst ty 14/7/14 had a ewim litte o norr 13/9/15 vvry lie all dy fanl ble. repetie attack of ny serfu 177/15 et carn smny ert fo tte places fused, reliio frort of the ylve the every reser brst fati terty expect
AUS as an letter was expection n beper acretie degen be on eve res can eof thsping day redemage anothe placta explade thwire qui 15/4/15/ Sunday Lorded aroff retter foo mr de Jobn this aon about 18 jact fell oour sot cay, Hlag laze quatitee of earth, yut di vy we cleange sere pt ten dour I was hit 2 eeritentt we get ted ean guest it nghe 19/4/15 Ret camp told. 4 6e fettine dra tine Hris up we hill fe the beadh. &l made fumarel flyvey essec nich sccl atter segdea lonet nott notpertic apay le of resenty ldee ecpltee tolee 6pl t Kele 2BgM ration fot w Mlnyst -bls of a sepper of ef 21.6 4ge am, 8 Lu next wt now fd all sep at rst letter fine bdy cf wask injestice returned Epped 49e tall 19 1 resi a nyst ae rputte, nth tpered

13/6/15 Sunday Landed 7 weeks 
Vy quiet dy, battleship shelled a
Turkish position for about ½ hour
pennry in several dy broadsides,
watched her during breakfast, trench
digging all day, 1/2 loaf of bread
issued today, one of our aeroplanes
flew over our position under 
shrapnell fire from a Turkish
battery, was not hit, dropped
three bombs on the Turks such
a terrible roar, this happened
while we were at tea, saw
it all, fatigue & sapping all night

14/6/15 Back to the trenches today
quite a relief from the last four days
fatigues & sapping, feel very unwell
after the last 4 days work, quiet 
day, last of sniping duty, got a little  
shelling at sundown, trench knocked
about a bit 

15/6/15 Reported sick today bad attack 
of Collic & dyohroea, trenches heavily
bombarded with big shells, issue of 
tobacco, relieved of all duty 
16/6/15 Worse today, relieved of all
duty. Coy relieved from trenches
& take up position at bottom of gully
badly exposed position to shell fire 
shells dropped at intervals trying to find 
our guns. 4th reinforcements landed. 
17/6/15 Unfit today resting all day
pain in stomach slightly relieved
clean shirt issued


18/6/15 Unfit today, worse if
anything, vy hot, feel vy weak
1/3 loaf bread today 
19/6/15 Marked unfit, got a tin of
milk & handfull of rice today for
Myself quite a treat first food 
for four days, shelled in rest camp
today, nobody Hit 
20/6/15 Sunday Landed 8 weeks
Marked unfit today, easy day
nothing to do. 1/3 loaf today 
21/6/15 Marked unfit, large mail
today 2 letters from Mother 1 Amos
2 flyers. doctor gave me tin of milk 
22/6/15 Marked unfit, tobacco issued
Visited Indian in Bally camp
got some curry & a cheupatti cake
quiet day,

23/6/15 Did not report sick today 
A Coy went back to the trenches, so I 
joined my platoon, better off in the trenches 
placed on night work 8 - 8 & no 
fatigues the next day, three men on a 
post 2 drive & I  awake. change each 
hour. 1/2 loaf bread tody 
24/9/15 Rested all dy, nothg dng 
Turks much closer than when we were 
in the trenches last, they are still sapping 
quiet night, a little sniping more hits 
left trenches 8 am 
25/6/15 Rested all dy, observation in 
the trenches chaged again went in at 7pm 
& remain in untill 7pm tomorrow


Turks threw several bombs, similar to  
ours but less powerfull, hit about 
10 men otherwise everythg quiet, drew 
the Turks fire by gully firg & discovered 
the position of two machine guns 
26/6/15 In fire trench all dy, vy hot 
weather getting warmer, the flies are a 
great menace, several bombs thrown 
at us today not much damage, are 
to remain another 24 hours in trench 
letters today one from  Greaves & 2 Flyers 
from mother 
27/6/15 Sunday Landed 9 weeks today 
In firg line all day untill 9 o/c 
when we are relieved by Nos 1 & 2 
platoon. shelled to dy by some new 
high explosive shells probably captured   
from the French, otherwise quiet day 1/3 
loaf today 
28/6/15 Had a good nights rest, fatigues 
all day in the support trench, attack 
made on our R of 3 Brigade & L Horse, had to stand 
too from 12.30 untill 4 o/c ready for an attack 
in our front was in the reports, was not wanted 
we were shelled a good deal, attack 
successfull on the R 
29/6/15 Fatigues all day, returned to fire 
trench at 7 pm no moon untill early morning 
vy dark about 9.30 a dust storm arose with 
a heavy wind, stood to arms as we expected the 
Turks to make a rush fired several volleys 
at their trenches to keep them there, they did 
the same to us, storm blew clouds of dust into 
our eyes, expected Turks to liberate gas on us


similar to that used in Europe. direction 
of wind changed slightly at 10o/c, no gas was 
liberated, we have information that they are 
equipped with it, both sides succeeded in  
keeping one another in their trenches, & the attack 
fissled out at 10.30 everything quiet for the  
rest of the night. issue of tobacco today 
30/6/15 Quiet day, only a little sniping 
Vy dark tonight similar to last night 
vy strog lightg at 9.30 & a downpour of 
rain, stood to arms for 1 hour while storm lasted 
same thg as last night, each side kept the other 
trenches by the fire of the other, lightng very 
brilliant just like daylight could see the 
whole of the Turks trenches, They did not 
attempt to leave them, wet through 
another downpour at 1o/c everything pretty 
wet, nothing doing through the night  
1/7/15 Nothing doing today, got an  
explosive bullet in my periscope while 
observing, blew the top of the periscope 
away & splashed my face & eyes with 
broken glass & cut my nose badly 
nasty shock, bled pretty freely, got cleaned  
at ambulance, off the rest of the day, lucky 
eyesight not injured 
2/7/15 Attended doctor today to get 
my face dressed, another day off 
3/7/15 Attended doctor today - light 
duty. letter today from mother 
4/7/15 Sunday Landed 10 weeks today 
Attended doctor - marked fit, activity 


5/7/15 Back in trenches to relieve 
man for the night, stomach 
troubled me again ; nasty attack 
of XXXXX collic again. 
6/7/15 Reported sick light duty 
2 oz tobacco issued, several 
10'' shells from howitzers fell 
in the volly & tore up a lot  
of ground, no one hurt, two letters 
mother today, our sap blown in the 
evening at 11.30 
7/7/15 Reported sick , no medicine 
light duties, guard on L3 sap 
blown up again tonight 
8/7/15 Did not report sick, useless  
there is no medicine, was put back 
into the firing line, feel vy weak  
half loaf of bread issued, heavy  
bombardment of trenches opposite us 
this afternoon at 5 o/c returned from 
firg line  
9/7/15  Resting in the supports all day 
light duties, vy easy day finally  
blew up a sap on us this evening doing  
10/7/15 very little dammage, the  
crater of their blew up vy near 
our previous one. two or three men  
hit by falling earth 
10/7/15 Orderly man today, water 
vy scarce now in the valley 
had to wait 3½ hours for water  
for tea,  Australian mail letters  
from Amos, returned to firing line this evening 
11/7/15 Sunday Landed 11 weeks today


firing line all day, nothing doing  
quiet day 
12/7/15 Attack made today on our  
left to gain the German officers 
trench, subject to a lot of shelling 
to which thy capture & shocked  
several of us out, watched the  
bombardment of Arci Baba by the fleet 
this afternoon from our observng post 
the hill was vy heavy bombarded 
could see it vy plainly, the whole thing 
seemed to be entirely blown away 
piece by piece 
13/7/15  Firg line all day, quiet dy 
expected attack at night, several 
flares used, religious feast of the 
Turks started today, expected them 
to run mad & attack us in the morng 
religious frenzy Feast of Ramadam, but 
they were pretty quiet we were ready  
for them, tobacco & maches tody 
14/7/15 Relieved from the firing line 
& sent to the rest camp, quiet day 
15/7/15 Rest camp orderly man 
1/2 loaf issued, inoculated against 
Cholera today over the heart, went 
to the beach for a swim & to do  
washing. quiet day 
16/7/15 Rest Camp, nothing to do. Quiet day 
had a swim, letter from mother 
17/7/15 Rest Camp. swimming, went to the  
firing line this eveng, as reserves


as an attack was expected, nothing 
happened, aeroplane dropped a bomb 
on our rest camp early this morning 
doing no damage another did not  
explode, otherwise quiet day 
18/7/15 Sunday Landed 12 weeks 
today letter from mother 
this afternoon about 18 Jack Johnsons 
fell on our rest camp, blowing up  
large quantities of earth, but doing  
vey little damage, some artillery  
men on our L were hit, only 
excitement we get today made 
camp guard at night 
19/7/15 Rest camp, told off for  
fatigue, dragging huge trunks 
up the hill from the beach 
 A Coy made permanent fatigue Coy 
all officers sick except Mr Lloyd 
attack expected tonight went 
to firg line as reserves, not rested 
Nos 1 & 2 platoon 3 & 4 platoon to be 
up for DGM to take up 60 boxes 
of our rations, fatigue lasted untill 
12 midnight 
20/7/15 [[Told?]] off as sapper at 
4o/c am. 8 hours on & 16 off 
A Coy now [[paid?]] all sappers. went into  
reserves at night, letter away today 
Heavy attack expected 
21/7/15 Sapped 4o/c till 1 o/c returned 
to rest camp, reserves at night attack 
expected, nothing happened

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