Decorative love letter to an unidentified Australian soldier

First World War, 1914–18
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Sant Salpinr hs faule ho 85 cast 18 My Daling Lett Sweet harth fast few lines hopeing thay in ye lett er fir3 yan in the bat of Health 3 am very well meself a present and my familly the seme Well. Iaay you see I am plihty thin king of you not too am else an by to you. you know I love you vay well. my Little Thus bund, I am maver ore any No32y ce if you Gule kalhia
D SeS staye everytem with my little Batey if you give me ame. I hope ta soe you very soon. Darting & Droam about you last night I see You maned with ane elve I sant ohing you Law Iabe so will close mow with the best R emen brance from all my family anI me bet Lax and Rurses from yours ever oen of & & && && Little Sweethart Wife to Xx x & x x & & & abe very soon &xx4 9 y Wat M artha #FX

Saint Sulpice les Feuilles le 25 Août 1918

My Darling Little
Just few lines hopeing thay my letter.
find you in the best of Health I 
am very well. mæself. a present and 
my familly the same.
Well. Lovey. you see I am [[flihty?]] 
thinking of you. not too one else  
only to You.   You know I love you 
very well.  my Little Husbund. I am never 
love any boddy else. if you quite killed


I staye every time with my little 
Baby. if you give me one.. I hope 
to see you very soon. Darling I 
Dream about you last night I see 
you married with one else. I dont
thing you dour date.  
so will close. now. with the best 
Remenbrance from all my family 
and me. Best Love and Kisses .
XXX from yours ever Loveing 
XXXXXX Little Sweethart . Wife to 
XXXXXXXXX be very soon. 
XXXXX Martha Gylbert XXX 

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