Diary of Arthur Seaforth Blackburn, April 1942 - November 1944, Part 11 of 26

Second World War, 1939–45
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3 ing up to me a struck me violently on the fate mnacking my glasea flying. He tan continued at me resking me Dack & striking me until be head bit me at last 12 times, cutting my lipe & budly brdie my ear g dieck. He then finally nusled he over a bed. spotle to me in Iaxanege & than retered. Neither: an anyore cse in the room bave te eligated ide why I was strusk. He whole atmosthore of the caup is very tense & the centries are retrind lective. very good soup for Orealfast this morning v fill & vegetables & lish. Neither fislit nor meet materialial east neat as promised acon sont in complate clear up of quarter washing teo mnt late in day offir ibera Een Hath & than took him to guard horseg made guard Commander entress regret at ofourreuge. I was also reterviewed as to wlat had cariea to me but received no stisfaction geat Demo to o be off astended Church Crrie. Hat bath in Eftennon. Gare) brig betire to some deni officers in evening on Weather warver Cull but warm day. Waled in gardee in wo from 89-11:15 & aftenoon 1320-1535 &exprsi wee sayed last night but thing seen be cooling off Dull day but rain lield off utel 1500 le whal mrvug 0900-1130astgnoon 1400 -1840 b Took on duties of Pxofficer for Britedl Buty big feot i gare te your ware nepering sweet potatol. Claudy day poolsed t rain seetts vey little askell feee) Do worleing fetigee was conceled all do In vorning soe were all ordered to sign regiits for dur payate wild not undertand ta Out adnot doatt they are in order! Creapfast& liuuah very foor mealo, Dullrany wering no wal Cai stopes at ridda your suad & twotler araded for wat at 130d e no bapt at lt 40 who wrhy 1omey rec putel 1645 ls witl guards standing over us making us pot havd. Clant over 5000 swveet ptatee cuttings. Hod ver Thot at all three seals today much pas ric than usual& very weak vegtese soup no wass the in y All suals wat t O i nghed yesterla were tokeen out to wale in the etrnoon nasty wind blew up in afternoon. slasping have egutte dinbe bus te are wsis tove a two per night. Breatefast gout this maping w45 te worst we hawe so far bad but eunahean spap ead ma a bigier in vegetables Did most unaitiofying as I feel torpetualy yungre. Deag to dream about food mectically every night Dull cloudy dy. Hard wornings worle _ 9912 wil onl t pothes plented tey minute Prele 80 as to get owe gerden to begining to tls shaps. Weals vry iitale bett today good lch restare stad with plente of polaties at Crealifacty bnce & fromis of fisl in evening soap general clear up if Aternon for towerrows tespeatter. asfevening t cyt Dislop appeared in his overcoat over his peell over He was ordered to take a offr was then offecal an head by the gap Officer.
1h o roll cell dator wes oderd cc da on officer of the day He was taken into a fet & ye was asked wey de lad non an He said be had meundersten the perous is iised regret. The uppon otion state th Critak officers were vays making mescluy& makeing frin to beg pat the nixr Army & coverely beat his with the built dlys word swally bnoe over y on He then repeatedly liicked ade brlly feoor cold oeustey vay usual chare we pre surey t Apternoon& cold wex day. Thi callga chock it e ot all tty. Hyravement eals cold au say nowale nomn rugay wh rue. I laave run gt of eus wce ou of to rrowld 1 vowe a after sisited & copttes ty stapsoffice from sheas stae Good walscoven cold any day ho t & owning meat was ligget bice woul we have ie had were giatte in it & alo plant of gristle in the sup. stars officer conversed with wainng 2 number of the Temor officlo Gen ofE sima young si the 29 Porton etout hos gon prciral. Our oain cnglaintov bood, slassing ite, maie, excordation, las of baying are put before, me. He was enteraly nont committel is comerpect but we are hoping oor tarner PP. returned to camp yesterday agtor an obre of al I week saw night I was on vigllance guard from to that my sel of wakes 226 2320 the arrangan me about 2220, I wold up about 23157 a Menate or two later beard & caw comeine coring in broye) be dofr. king it was &c searle oboue I was o ave the trauble of coming in under the morquito to be approaded Dsaid All net ng& walee me rght old man, doul touble I am awale raned a tach was shore into my face,I heard a grant Ia it all regat I am awale a voise that said tis is the Officer of the Day. Wbet do you mean in d elen realieed it was 17oylawed that I was about to goon guards bought that be was my relig was we up. He ased ing name wwas very pleasent about it all. It was prtunate it was not 8 whd almost certainly have seaten me up for lofking to like that Plyed acond half of Criage tousmt ars & squad. We lost on pints today Ond you an the ibore two say of auen nepetedt ca & Admiral, as pon in eyus Cay all prsorgs lined t sise ge roady to rasepl wd &c & to regs to the Comp sae onigits stey g made a borig good male ad got a wee worsel of neat tell capp as last aad some greaze is it Dall daystill out a e war ore ga se risraid till started a roonis pactuall all day all lights encore very night lints were glut off I mght from pundon was very tnp at gox mel core Bid last lit of admiralt rig toughts meal lento potatoe in eace days roup. Itill coldy chopan eae a bit dull but corrittatly warne ts reid dria continuing as agt no wrte this mai a wat since we went out & in good neals pre still ee woirse continuing one effect of the deet to ntarats et is a univeral frouble gi
15 10 te cmp& makes son nights a ppat letr chea it I have cut doiing of squts don a micmm. I have tho cups of the himeditlet as t Orealefad Man andeavor and usually cucced without anything now to driale wnll next horning per however this Dreiets heve no effect and tlis is the operience of all the other insualt of the couse, bost night & las to gotupr go all the svry down to the Catro nd as I went sx times every l in & back with to or as all unusual some offiers leaving to go 7679 To0 resuet is very aroleen rest + te gumuletoe effect is to wel o very tered & oul: as ay ao anything about it as it is due to exchoseofids in te ood I diet depeiences urual church sece i moning. Bnglt sriny min but sold adowerteson all ie of waenors t but no circratle on no wakall de Eatebon t sunny My Again Cavs & bay riolg ordeel by the repo (every oppoy was to reered t write it my was samte e las b tage & to band it into them within a week, Dull Lordy day but nt to vel no we again all day. at leat an issu of cigartte Out only shin s as so you a carten leve your first Actual sine since we arrived, luckel I least endered one crton oftlo so I now have enough cigartte to rean meaig time, hugls still fairly good but not to good as last week. Runer to day tae the and have counteae on the pipsi recaptand t p wch t have nothing suggesting the pobabill of such an occe Cl Rthe Covith (w84 dus at 1958 Tiue warm briglt morning, An innouater off Bedypot as e e adearege flavored will strawber jou tr are with the marpin rice nemerial cervice to coc DosieR held at 1100 pr tery largel attended no wak again too docll Aue b no wore of my soots which there tollen when our leavy begage was nopeated af spolee to 81 afterllcallibout th He eaidhe tt See s do about it tomerrow te sloy are mearing out badlys rein our s tl cane in toobe & the days took ? opit - bote fams, by al Asepsg to Houldersyleft us it rest another oright warn we Found a patch of gour for a garden sec le3 sterted digaing iey o mever were stoped actes about I lin because the fapo had oe re consent to the parteordes bit of 1Lawect bi a a coner suteraa Denr poh ge da pond te beviel by t pr our Darts sull wowt day he was ecs have been wantae & good level for a prtughe nw, Amercaneet ta tht a naw curp courtt will take over tomarow also that one of our figs will be killed tomayew our boots have not geo blen issaed no our earer tise, sinday usul church samce new Caunt arrived this morning, also another oppires to te lane o, we have noe yee eaen them but enpot the will poter ns shorely. crigge match yot an squad amd or this wotmoon. He von meguicent yo am neel ta stow insterd of a cap with quite & lot of meat a big fowe of cucumber ealed in ascittion to a full isoue of rics:R ecn that 110 from this caup or to be moved to another caupe nearly. All lat a Respron says has arrived o will be delivered to us Carade at 0900 le this voring wlen old capp cometo
25 26 ad podbye new candl ntrodesed li Specale Dull day very clod werm ves i wortel of las trow goods were bargt by tota corut of boots induial conolation and e mi meat vegtd at 7ayer et Iu by so load lare ame at ite plewe was annoucd that none of it would be ioped impl netwetion arried from edace Ceautiful steel sunmy cring Will be aleto of the weatte cntins. N has started by issuing some orders wrise he has received from Mpon 40.(0 only one pay or bag & shial may be retunn by eacl frigney & sandghoeo count as sures, seipers ould may be t our is roon I lave bad to cut down ty sandatioes ut slippet 18 to bxise whetever, even talle kenefe m aei by any priconer_ we had to put them if, to gos today. (0) Everyone must sleet with their heads out tre catre of te room inteed of atemntive bead feet as our bats are oal apare this is coveously very bax for heaell on it hast be carried out. Tis agtation it was annoed that we could clange shoed now a in by uo for one fair of ose taken on inspation of our beavy bagine it we wanted to do. As m cloes were wearing olle I did so& goe my neavy bosts natep Nobody knows what is now going to beffen to bee bed Goos Nots a very lange conclonment- eglicale cae bt the camp yesterdlay. More led gor abods arrive fing nearly a vny load oeager. today well Announgl that our mouthly inue of ugan deon 9uet out no yet pined will not be mmade bese of arrival of this Red Croseugay Rilore tat no further eligar will be casuel t cayn ctoritti it will disaygear offour ration - withe to whole of e d croto euger is used up at Cooles as though the cross goods are gaing to be in substitution for our rattois & not in aldition to them. &t aas ben guite ht todayI have worn shorts sir ga ery small ss by ags & cigar in substilpti fo our onl put in in telly las arrived. All reafoy gats order hes been cancelled. Pocttion for cigs is besiking it serious Condy coldday, we were all weighed by the Jepnle authortee this morning. Alarmed to fird the uy oe was ssth wort has drofted to 101el yetor 31 Can that in 1914! Lalest refort to that Reof Goos etre are to be kept in bulk for time being shll very cold & Slowverg. Intimation to oky that ten aotill yuor cause wle vie sen inspect! neaes still fairly good but definitel youe than a week or so ale musl warmer although Loudy. Cbecle fof Red from stores shaws following amounts as baving Cocon 1456 Ebs cored Beef 10,3632 eby feaer vat Kation 5,809 els Sugar 16,580 lls ealt 3 04 8l0 8t 1179 pairs, medical stores 2 saads Endixipual parcels 1722. It i very eying to know all te bings are there but we cannot get at one of them sall no work for meet ogco but s squade were pac to to finish that plots. Have carne thar every one of to nas seen debited wha in for purchase of farni evisted For pan etc. In spet of eai g t arge of the vig from our own farm which aeo leethe sta Hhe detile made by as say sulboritie againt
26 6t 2th 5 an drawing ofe are as follow, to tee drawin allowed (474 risl 3.20 mesel 66, Cgrette 20.10 Knisae Dea Aards 574, 6 20100 Grall, Ct 244 eatur of s iaariap of our me ralue 5020 location as piedebited arethe lcal rulingt antfll warn c crning but overceal ii aptemon nay drpe Coul made inspection of whole sdmp this afternoon s n se satered of any sef co me t us Ball dristy day usual sunday sor. Hot tath canselled tor e pesume because of corping tpption Eearsal this oerning for ipetion. al oly s on spie & polia of olole area reteal roupseder as disposal of our gear Cull clauly day, Lett in the ente gasrequlavee Eening was s tos el. moutho dellucti: 700r 1484, repding 4.00 luction for exlerted men 120 my total cealt to date is 3071 yen so far wave seen no elg of a mending material atluah badly in need of eape sory cold wet neght o sall cll & rainy today, Enopste Oricer arrived darl in merning. we lod reagille at 8520 rell all at 06007 bacfad at 0620 we ren retired & ourroones as w was raining& were toe to stay Cars. Euspeting party went straight to daN we saw notbing or them all morning. Ienished the ayex middey neal ver ease of ny ortned & 0 poor on suall Cowl of rico & very week soy pide mainly from green toro by vegetables Roualle Again at 0530. All ordered to pared arew at 8740 creatsare was at 8680 angall bowg of rise & week soep. Inspected by a nippan Coloral= a brones of cm in racon I understand Th sent to our booms & later by came aroun I inspected us aadretonnent i & our quarter. Hc on woos to whom be stated that the Red x stres were io all the grien camp in Drean - not guly to furo. all i pactase is warked Pareako? it sondo a sit rewardiable. However I love now we have got this pay that we cn get our stare coned to us war let last nle tht all Crijaies pguan elude as svner it wee to be moved to anothe caup at ibout ofoby ee t pact ofor yen be ae iediatel & deliver it out t f baneder to dugatge sashe we e perh awhoys late allow tnt Sex taken outy sent away for the nesc l 2i ouy squed mbondal so situillr sleapon they seds, in afttenson a cigll dugastone oue oads above &l61 opres of Axhen bago in was nade. In evening evere maw wasiod with a and outwat patte with d loayes for wd goapof seveills at o0o brg roll call 0510 Orcolift 0600 parde of ortwants part at 0740, raking a blanks to lts 7 ouroion eatin bowle whice I found angaied 23 t raal nt exected to 3. imp per foot at 0800 & marded to railun latior abou 10:15 wilk Enjrased with Cook of Carenhg my roled building cean streets, general lyer of well: being thos, very all almog bar on t ad amdue as station entrained in compertable train although very crowded. Lept at 0910 len Long i the ane news ap nigelonand vallny aneue olea eiding at 01615 lrs &o wot snow name of place dain bet all our bagage, beasted, table, bensfe et on incloaded ve record time so that troin could yove off could o robing we ae tradei Mar up all Hhe way but from glipe ther door callered) is was agreailture coutla. irte st was to car y sp onellig de -about 350 geo. Bndle yeue aerigt in me reapers condtii bt reyrd alr how, Orn is a eingle storied long bprack toh

in & up to me & struck me violently on the face
knocking my glasses flying. He then continued at me
pushing me back & striking me until he had hit
me at least 12 times, cutting my lip & badly bruising
my ear & cheek. He then finally pushed me over a
bed. Spoke to me in Japanese & then retired. Neither I
nor anyone else in the room have the slightest idea
why I was struck. The whole atmosphere of the 
camp is very tense & the sentries are extremely active.
Very good soup for breakfast this morning very
full of vegetables & thick. Neither fish nor meat
materialised last night as promised. Afternoon
spent in complete clean-up of quarters, washing floor
windows etc, Later in day, Jap officer interviewed 
Gen Heath & then took him to guard house & made
Guard Commander express regret at occurrence.
I was also interviewed as to what had happened
to me but received no satisfaction.
[*28th*] Heat seems to off  be off. Attended Church
Service. Hot bath in afternoon. Gave brief lecture
to some senior officers in evening on Syrian campaign.
Weather warmer.
[*March 1st*] Dull but warm day. Worked in garden in morning
from 09 - 11.15 & afternoon 1320 - 1535. Few officers
were slapped last night but things seem to
be cooling off.
[*2nd*] Dull day but rain held off until 1600 hrs.
Worked morning 0900 - 1130  - afternoon 1300 - 1600 hrs
Took on duties of PX officer for British & Dutch officers 
in room. Started preparing a big plot in garden
for planting sweet potatoes.

[*3rd*] Cloudy day. Looked like rain (altho’ very little actually 

fell) so working fatigue was cancelled all day. 
In morning we were all ordered to sign receipt for our

pay etc. Could not understand them but do not doubt

they are in order! Breakfast & lunch very poor meals. 
[*4th*] Dull rainy morning. No work. Rain stopped at midday

& our squad & two others paraded for work at 1300 hrs.

Were kept at it - 40 mins work & 10 mins rest until 1645 hrs

with guards standing over us making us work hard. 
Planted over 5000 sweet potatoes cuttings. Food very

short at all three meals today. Much less rice

than usual & very weak vegetable soup.

[*5th*] No work this morning. All squads except three who

worked yesterday were taken out to work in the afternoon. 
Nasty wind blew up in the afternoon. Slappings have

definitely diminished but there are usually one or

two per night. Breakfast soup this morning was

the worst we have so far had but luncheon soup 

had man a big increase in vegetables. Diet is

most unsatisfying as I feel perpetually hungry. I seem

to dream about food practically every night. 
[*6th*] Dull cloudy day. Hard mornings work - 9 to 12 with only

ten minutes break so as to get the sweet potatoes planted. 
Garden is beginning to take shape. Meals very much

better today - good thick vegetable stews with

plenty of potatoes at breakfast & lunch & promise

of fish in evening soup. General clean up in

afternoon for tomorrow’s inspection. At evening roll-call

Gpl Capt Bishop appeared in his overcoat over his pull over.

He was ordered to take it off & was then struck over the

head by the Jap. officer.


[*March 7th*] At morning roll call Bishop was ordered to accompany

Nippon Officer of the day. He was taken into a room downstairs

& was asked why he had worn an overcoat the previous

evening. He said he had misunderstood the previous instructions 

& expressed regret. The Nippon Officer stated that British

Officers were always making mischief & making fun of

the Nippon Army & severely beat him with his fist & 

with the hilt of his sword finally knocking him over.

He then repeatedly kicked him as he lay on the

floor. Cold blustery day. Usual church parade. Bridge

tournament in afternoon agst squad 8. We won easily.

[*8th*] Cold wet day. Slight earthquake shock in morning.

No work all day. Improvement in meals continues.

[*9th*] Cold dull day. No work in morning. Sugar & cigarette

issue is overdue. I have run out of sugar & almost 

out of borrowed & bought cigarettes. No work in 


[*10th*] Visited & inspected by Staff Officer from Tokyo staff. Very

cold rainy day. No work. Good meals continue

& morning meal was biggest rice issue we have 

yet had with gristle in it & also plenty of 

gristle in the soup. Staff Officer conversed with

a number of the Senior Officers - Gen Wainwright, Gen

Ter Poorten, Gov-Gen of NEI, Sir Mark Young, Sir Shelton Thomas

etc - but not Gen. Percival. Our main complaints - viz.

food, slapping etc, mail, accommodation, lack of buying facilities

were put before me. He was entirely non-committal

but we are hoping for improvement in some respects.

B.P. returned to camp yesterday after an absence of about 

1 week. Last night I was on vigilance guard from

2230 - 2330. The arrangement is that my relief wakes

me about 2220. I woke up about 2215 & a minute or two 

later heard & saw someone coming in through the door.

Thinking it was Col Searle whom I was to relieve & wanting 

to save him the trouble of coming in under the mosquito 

net covering & wake me, as he approached I said "All

right, old man, don't trouble I am awake". Immediately 

a torch was shone into my face & I heard a grunt. I said

"Its all right I am awake" A voice then said "This

is the Officer of the Day. What do you mean?"  I then

realised it was B.P. I explained that I was about to

go on guard & thought that he was my relief waking

me up. He asked my name & was very pleasant

about it all. It was fortunate it was not B. who would

almost certainly have beaten me up for talking to him

like that. Played second half of bridge tournament agst

8 squad. We lost on points today but won on the 

whole two days.

[*11th*] An Admiral, a Governor of Taiwan inspected the camp

today.  All we prisoners lined up in squads on each

side of the road & he passed between us. He 

presented two pigs to the camp fattest one of which went into

tonights stew & made a thoroughly good meal. Each

of us got a wee morsel of meat & the soup at last 

had some grease in it. Dull day still, but a 

little warmer. Promise of a summer day tomorrow.

[*12th*] Air raid drill started today. no work & confined to our 

rooms practically all day.  All lights except very dim 

night lights were shut off & night from sundown on

was very unpleasant. Good meals continue. Finished

last bit of Admiral's 1st pig tonights meal. Plenty of

potatoe in each days soup. Still cold & showery.

[*13th*] Still a bit dull but considerably warmer. Air raid

drill continuing so again no work. This makes a week

since we went out to work. Good meals are still 

continuing. One effect of the diet is to make everyone urinate

at very frequent intervals. It is a universal trouble in


the camp & makes some nights a perfect horror. To try 

& check it I have made cut drinking of liquids down to

a minimum. I have two cups of tea immediately after

breakfast & then endeavor - and usually succeed - in going

without anything more to drink until next morning. So

far however this seems to have no effect - and this is the

experience of all the other inmates of the camp. Last night

I had to get up & go all the way down to the latrine - registering 

in & back with the guard as I went - six times every 1½ hrs.

This is not at all unusual some officers having to go 7, 8 & 9

times. The result is very broken rest & the cumulative

effect is to make one very tired & "peevish". Drs cannot 

do anything about it as it is due to lack of solids in the 

food & diet deficiences.

[*14th*] Usual church service in morning. Bright sunny

morning but cold wind & clouds in the afternoon. Half 

issue of WAKAMOTOS today but no cigarettes or sugar yet.

[*15th*] Beautiful sunny morning. No work all day. In afternoon

weather again changed & became cloudy & threatening.

Ordered by the Japs (every officer was so ordered) to write 

out my "war experiences" over but not less than three

pages & to hand it into them within a week.

[*16th*] Dull cloudy day but not too cold. No work again all

day. At last an issue of cigarettes - but only Shiri Sagas -

At 20 yen a carton have come in, our first actual

issue since we arrived. Luckily I had ordered one

carton of them so I now have enough cigarettes to keep

me going for a time. Meals still fairly good but

not as good as last week. Rumor today that the

Germans have counter-attacked on the Russians front 

& recaptured Khaskava but papers which came in this afternoon

have nothing suggesting the probability of such an occurrence.

Col. Barther BUNKER (U.S.A.) died at 1950 hrs today.

[*17th*] Fine warm bright morning. An innovation at breakfast

was the issue of a sweet sauce made from tapioca & sugar &

flavored with strawberry jam for use with the morning

rice.  Memorial service to Col. BUNKER held at 1100 hrs.

Very largely attended. No work again today. I still

have heard no word of my boots which were taken

when our heavy baggage was inspected so spoke to B.P. 

after roll - call tonight about them. He said he would

see what he could do about it tomorrow. My shoes are

wearing out badly & let in the moisture. Our second pig

came in today & the Japs took 1/3 of it - both hams, both

cheeks & the shoulders & left us the rest.

[*18th*] Another bright warm morning. Found a patch of ground

for a garden & Searle & I started we digging it up. However

we were stopped after about ½ hrs because the Japs had

not yet given consent to the particular bit of ground - a waste

bit in a corner - being used as a garden. No work all day.

Message from B.P. that he will try to fix our boots tomorrow.

[*19th*] Dull moist day. No work.

[*20th*]  "          "        "        "       "  Meals have been maintained

at good level for a fortnight now. Announcement 

today that a new camp Comdt will take over tomorrow.

Also that one of our pigs will be killed tomorrow.

Our boots have not yet been issued nor our sugar issue.

[*21st*] Sunday. Usual church service. New Camp Comdt 

arrived this morning, also another officer to relieve B. We

have not yet seen them but expect they will inspect

us shortly. Bridge match agst an American squad has been

arranged for this afternoon. We won. Magnificent evening

meal. A stew instead of a soup with quite a lot of meat & 

a big bowl of cucumber salad in addition to a full issue of 

rice. Rumors are current that 110 from this camp are to be

moved to another camp nearby. Also that a Red Cross shipment

 has arrived & will be delivered to us shortly.

[*22nd*] Parade at 0900 hrs this morning when old camp Comdt &


B. said goodbye & new Comdt. introduced himself in a short

speech. Dull day very cloudy but warm. Very large

quantity of Red Cross goods were brought in today

consisting of boots, individual "consolation" parcels, tinned

beef, milk, meat & vegetables etc. & sugar etc. Five big

lorry loads have arrived. At evening roll call it was

announced that none of it would be issued until

instructions arrived from Tokio.

[*23rd*] Beautiful still sunny morning. Will be able to get into 

shorts etc if this weather continues. New Camp Comdt

has started by issuing some orders which he has

received from Nippon H.Q, (a) only one pair of boots or

shoes may be retained by each prisoner & sandshoes 

count as shoes. Slippers only may be kept in our rooms.

I have had to cut down my sandshoes into slippers (b) 

No knives whatever, even table knives may be retained 

by any prisoner - we had to put them in to Jap H.Q.

today (c) Everyone must sleep with their xxxxxx

heads out to the centre of the room instead of

alternatively head & feet. As our beds are only 7½"

apart this is obviously very bad for health but

it has to be carried out. This afternoon it was

announced that we could change shoes now handed

in by us for one pair of those taken on inspection of our

heavy baggage if we wanted to do. As my shoes were

wearing out I did so & got my heavy boots instead.

Nobody  knows what is now going to happen to the Red

Cross boots - a very large consignment - which came into

the camp yesterday. More Red Cross goods arrived 

today including nearly a lorry load of sugar. An 

Announced that our monthly issue of sugar - due on

9th [[neto?]] but not yet issued - will not be made because

of arrival of this Red Cross sugar. Rumored that

no further sugar will be issued by camp authorities -

it will disappear off our ration - until the whole 

of the Red Cross sugar is used up. It looks as though

the Red Cross goods are going to be in substitution for

our rations & not in addition to them. It has been 

quite hot today & I have worn shorts & shirt all day.

Very small issue of cigs. & cigars in substitution for our

order put in in Feby has arrived. All rest of Feby order

has been cancelled. Position for cigs. is becoming very


[*24*] Cloudy cold day. We were all weighed by the Japanese 

authorities this morning. Alarmed to find that my weight

has dropped to 101 lb - 7 stone 3 -. Do Was 2 stone more

than that in 1914!  Latest report is that Red Cross stores

are to be kept in bulk for time being.

[*25*] Still very cold & showery. Intimation today that Gen

in charge of all prison camps will visit here shortly &

inspect. Meals still fairly good but definitely worse 

than a week or so ago.

[*26th*] Much warmer although cloudy. Check of Red Cross

Stores shows following amounts as having coming in :-

Cocoa 1456 lbs, Corned Beef 10,263 3/4 lbs, meat & Veget,

Ration 5,809 lbs. Sugar 16,500 lbs, salt 3,000 lbs. Boots

1179 pairs, Medical Stores 2 cases, Individual parcels

1722. It is very annoying to know all these things are 

there but we cannot get at one of them! Still no 

work for most of us but 5 Squads went out today to

finish their plots.

Have learnt that every one of us has been debited with

37 yen for purchase of farming implements, livestock
for farm etc. In spite of this Japs took a large proportion

of the pig from our own farm which was killed the 

other day.

The debits made by the Jap authorities against my March


[*26 (contd)*] drawing a/c are as follows. Total drawings allowed (47 yen)

Wakamoto 3.20, miscell. .66, cigarettes (500) 20.10, miscell .78

Playing cards 6.74, cigs. 2.0 (50). Generally speaking the prices are about

50 % above value but that is because of the inaccessibility of our

location as prices debited are the local ruling prices.

[*27th*] Beautifully warm sunny morning but overcast in afternoon.  

New Camp Comdt made inspection of whole camp this

afternoon. Still no sign whatever of any Red Cross issue

to us.

[*28th*] Dull drisly day. Usual Sunday service. Hot bath

cancelled today - we presume because of coming inspection.

[*29th*] Rehearsal this morning for inspection. All day spent on

"spit & polish" of whole area & steady crop of orders as

to disposal of our gear. Dull cloudy day. Later in the

evening was sent for to sign my March pay acquittance

roll. Month's deduction :- Food 14.84, "Mending" 2.00

Deduction for enlisted men 1%. My total credit to date

is 2071 yen. So far have seen no sign of any mending 

material although badly in need of same.

[*30th*] Very cold wet night & still cold & rainy today. Inspecting

officer arrived early in morning. We had reveille at 

0530, roll call at 0600 & breakfast at 0630. We then

retired to our rooms as it was raining & were told 

to stay there. Inspecting party went straight to Jap H.Q 

& we saw nothing of them all morning. Finished the

last of my oatmeal at breakfast. Midday meal very 

poor, one small bowl of rice & very weak soup made

mainly from green tops of vegetables.

[*31st*] Reveille again at 0530. All ordered to parade "in best

dress" at 0740. Breakfast was at 0630 - small bowl of 

rice & weak soup. Inspected by a Nippon Colonel - C.O.

of Prisoners of War Camps in Taiwan I understand. Then 

sent to our rooms & later he came around & inspected us

& our quarters. He examined Red X stores & sent for Col. Wood

to whom he stated that the Red X stores were for all 

the prison camps in Taiwan - not only for ours. All

every package is marked "Karenko" it sounds a bit 

remarkable. However I hope now we have got this 

far that we can get our share issued to us.

[*April 1st*] Warned late last night that all Brigadiers & upwards in

the camp (including Judges, Governors etc) were to be moved to

another camp. At about 0830 hrs were ordered to pack our

heavy baggage immediately & deliver it out to front of 

barracks for despatch. Packed everything except personal

toilet gear etc. About an hour later all our bedstead for 

taken out & sent away by lorry for the new camp. Fortunately

there were 2 in our squad in hospital so Sitwell & I can 

sleep on their beds. In afternoon a small sugar issue out

of broken bags in Red X goods - about ¼ lb per officer

was made. In evening every man was issued with a 

loaf of bread & outwards party with 3 loaves for next day.

April 2nd Reveille at 0500 hrs - roll call 0510 - breakfast 0600 &

parade of outwards party at 0740. Taking our own bedding,

blankets etc and our own eating bowls (which I found difficult

to pack as I had not expected to have to take same). Left

camp per foot at 0800 & marched to railway station - about

 10-15 walk. Impressed with look of Karenko town. Solid 

buildings, clean streets, general air of well-being. Shops

very lightly stocked indeed, shelves almost bare. On

arrival at station entrained in comfortable train although 

very crowded. Left at 0910 hrs long tedious trip. Arrived

new camp right alongside railway line - not even a 

siding - at 0 1615 hrs. Do not know name of place.

Train had all our baggage, bedsteads, tables, benches etc on it.

Unloaded in record time so that train could move off. Could 

see nothing of sin country thro' which we traveled as shutters

up all the way but from glimpses thro' door gathered it 

was agricultural country. First job was to carry our all

gear into camp buildings etc - about 300 yds. Found it very

difficult in my weakened condition but staggered along 

somehow. Prison is a single storied long barrack room


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