Diary of Arthur Seaforth Blackburn, April 1942 - November 1944, Part 8 of 26

Second World War, 1939–45
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std 26:11:42 27-11-42 8:11:43 1-11-12 30-1142 1:12:42 brouget to rewy t Elitten by ruin w aulwrities. Hc h been in to gungle fri 19/362 to 11/6/429 lad thn siden tlimself u to the Japs. Hc leas been in tebustory of the military plice ever sense. Aft tig all particular its caus cuilt landed bi over & no & only only sust lord time to tell li report tte &re aad fare been allotte to a tit when he was told to rejay Ont to cay i overis H.a caun coudt then enlained been recavd that be was to go to gute ay my 50a builliday! With permussion gle sone, I ead a Herry party in the evening at which ta nunder of senie Dntil Critesl offic f 190 weve as well as all ry andeeserved ffices s was very succefal. Lone brought along anotas 0 botles of beer any the overin be ininducced attery gall restriction or on 23 o gove nusclr for band to play iimediatel to prove musis for the party. It was a very pleasure fo us all es Tuet day. All restriction injored ond 3 lifted enelse that no games during walking he sore declared this aftenoon a balf Colie & released the camp from wuch strong reere are corrent of a move san ante return of clolding repience was required icleding such thu as sore water t 2 & long Ootss u wt saa Ver E unverul day continud ilime prty gand smp all day at 1215 &t sone collex parad tusposted now numbers. Very satessied an Australins & avenconvery dissatifdvi uchtive op conpu with 4.P.M as to Areckes & Gneva Exantion enspection by proledut 1v2-41 one ced order that every w Sun atenor world be abreved as a bldday I n wgh done, otherwise unevertful t to tre informed me that be is so satipes will e sgh going on in cemp te be bes altaped walng lowrs ets do from towgrow Zuture leg Are 5 (Fleres) & bel bldgs on 1120sat may Glas from 1000 Tuerday Latard & Sunday n a1600 on hadf Colidays & gave at wa play tn addition be las aynoved of 2 conpar week, Seturry & Sundays. came quantety articles were se from outri her, Beatn of Ratania, The asticle iluted cthing tolcl bod gai leath for boot au, cth of making rep inen clother& hear disscn in in ngu nos of a worle party tonerrow as sish oren, men on cuy dut lave had to be sent our encludtg 10 batmen soompuend to cone ordered oday that no cand playing shall po prnitted until 1700 his daily Waking part wear carrelled at 00ct lvo to sone altored day of one half Goliday from Werday tgo Wednerday angant by dinclosed a to gie articles Sent on t Dutch people. Dutcl officers desire to selt same afte article it woever desire but I have refused to alloo this t aappen
2:12:42 3:1242 47242 5:12:62 6:1442 7-12:42 but ordered the all erticles be distributed the anxy defficult las arisen over the repoir, anol repairer ake deire either by cty e por officers & a change for work done to seuld an & plae tatter Lom alg capite with which outselves as an alternative the defire to & tailoring work for the faps at a profit & thus get the nemany capital. am stronge apposed all thi as it he duty of the pap to provide sott & leather or altentivel to glog fit us out. The feeling is a bit taie over it ale, mection is denlopin neth strong Dutch officers now request a greater contrl hospital but as stapes appointed a te son I lave toll t ths so notliing to do withe fe 50 English novels from books which wee sent t sant ast in a few dyys ago were lan also so ca ie from Rolls lebtrary) Unevertful day, confueals between oupadves ote Dutchstoe Copte I w ta unter us care am I pepred to allowvy intaperance with adminidration of hospital whilst wellow Over co operotier is treetia off s Preparetor for eact a t comsucd wthg Aot to nighe Reauet was very we Hestety to camp cntt & he will lsse samp again Emorrow nigze. Dry hot wealler still continued dized all ligats in camp preporatory to Blast our Crs. This borsing we received toe air ra eignalo st & full orderd were tod tt continue from 5t to 10t In evering cirpo warnu sounded as about 1945 Ast Guans erdere ofno t put out all le t do we 43 in dartin ut about 2200 hro. tbe 100 ded which I had goged for men xpas Rennra tl as to enable us to fatter tom & bit there has sen a llung rud of the qearter olle Jap stap reaulting in us gatting lac apr old office Today at 1500 los le sone sent fo me t exxoamed me that at 1330 ls the Court of cauts gor shaits would iuspoy campgad to rush on all meals etc & gt evenone moleing again by 1300 lys. t a until 14130 las & we tns misee our evening Sunday half-boliday, at In the ange deipply or medicines & Lugs sae a in from the Dapsr were banded over to the hospital! 2t consists of fractifill t whole of the ondler we vel in o months ago & is an excellent suff Bee pell prade on called for O015 ero llut had to get up out os sed mning & we all efeead readedrt w cancelled & we were sat back to Odd. Hen at 0215 ans we wer again watene up + a time a rill call pardde was hald. Beause Hee distued sleep we bad b L lolore annouice to me at 1300 los that all ranks coner sp until 1500 lers.
81242 7:1242 10:1262 11:1262 12 181342 14:12:42 111242 annuonany of Feeparisatay it the war all mk pedon thei sd i morning o aleed an minutes slae to min f mppy dead tnin for our own dead & was te& wlol solicay. I was lunited to licl with it, sove agot very much enjoyed interesting talk. In crevy aou new was punished by being made to knell for 20 nins& ten taken (6 guatd souse complained to le sope about te purishment of the man reured to alove e conducte full t enquiry found but mores stobyt was iascurace. Hwever be corrected hs guand I gave thom instron which may recalt in there being less danger of unjust pomliat at about 1600 two a major flout nyor main tn viewtd to caupt wes corduct a tt sene sold bosits Dro to pet in as gwe equired to cnllct dygenter trole & bewould endeavour to get sanaat about 1645 le t sone went through amp on his own & found a lan nember of Aubonase lying & setting down H bu severely then tope ot of now in theis buitsin exerlain len that all mynas games mut asfo wit rou lifted a from 12 of ln tod cneveiful day. An Interpeter from tey Gacto: Sar came to our quarter tlis ACarn a.He as uo amogst the thngs that the lasee whicl te wrote last nouth were not sen love by the Japace Quborities but were issedor Intedertingto puprsed to cone the surning restore gaue qmusie of A7D cpeds but not for C All officer of nex of Brigg apwards were paraged 6 a St abut 1330. He explained txe genl per Arte as Cc bad written a letter deat to w n ats rs was int ma opision quil out of order & must not accug any mateer requiring adjustment muce first oe sudmitted to him 20 that he could be given oportunity to afiist Dime. Tenidis Datal stated this dteroon. Dat ot afy very lose gaig 5 -7,6-8,97) nful day a fe the wl Reners a ke as cssue yllotlig on big wail came in a day or two a Iwas interriewed by officer from Broadte HD today s ioed that at tie a Bodwell broadeast will tal place to rusl & that w desired that a messen should by read out to the peatle of cutrali you the men bore. It was plained that this was not popayinte but on this pcu we could send a menage in whateer for we liked (within reason reneugisnl day. At about 1745 hes we wee e issued with a printed form made out for us to feel in with a brig merage lome to our pose this is ebilently the beginning of the psheme which gou strat said Iwrs coming but opepti l which we could regalterly wrote home
Noable occurred this morning over wrlens portes 161242 ace at 0521 ls rant goup wee directed suppl &t 0845 E shad no poduced to man! Have tightaul up tt admustron considerably bat in the meautenie (nispon flle Glled narte farade gCoustaye grayt y alival by having to wark all actinoon, in lieeof naving a nexcolidy. Io sone sent for me my rupred me that he would pruut evaly nira puying fowe deriied for the m per mes nalating suxchse of igur for them but controlled & thet th could fen dremlicunes. unfortunates no bear is available out we are going to get light wrice & giue & wald a sat to bock cap frth ven unoyitful day worte proceeded as reual 1744 aled confeend of cutlen oary 8906 b at unfn pist tougeat aup Entris uneetful day. Finalued M 18:12:42 for tales day dunes et 19:1262 renevented day. 20:10:42 waned the Ambonore troop out of teel no 10pents seut 40430as to rude room oor an offices two for the Datele & a cautlen room for the troop Gadmitted, the Magran i day to nd n g d lte at last Bamine for & mas Day approd. Aany coude 21:12:42 issued a dong in Japane for all tre & bax of to learn to Ling started worle on claning oul drain an boundan of aan 80 as to pet stone gravel etc for wor in can First, batch of Radis manege from Asrelle 35:15:43 seaty with res filll arroved t address for me out am loping for begn echtn drape m lwe denting when ing them ts 221242 morning I wrtle them in balses. Have ageyd to g out to deited to be got them nex compdentet Cretres order arrised as no oncann pnt am giving each army & navy naw 1pacet & of cale wap taken out to outrice Centist Glo Loue Hath rqaires 34:1342 I whn I was again taken our & bad to 97a0 fitted. In morning eter vioit to denterr was tale n to roonof Conittee oontac who have peared a narvellous lot of gifts for the Prisor. All natiralition are rejredented ou th comutte, dutel omanete & they were all the eosency of kindness their gies are nemore staggening t go lite fo t cigar sweets, clottes, books, boots, lets gaits et in very lange quanttlie. Two long load came into the camp. I sator in the day the Ensa contracte gowe me a xwco peent oaCase o te god cigi sweets, bischitseto. late in the afteroon we were warned tha copou officers & be searle o myself were about to be nove Trouble occurred with outside weleing part which resurrd in them coming nits gny at medaal uder inpresion it wasa balesidy. He mate was an absslut misundertanding but yop aollentes tought we aad pet it agso then & directed same tart to go out Cmrrow unportuntes at 1500 aye we were wayred to find a purtee of for actside wortding tomarow
25:1242 21242 27:242 $1542 29:12:42 1542 Christies Day! I has been a teribly sed one for all of Ds. Rosegtle children have fem my thoughts all day. We gave te m a perent of a care of Coap rso aggetty each be thm a wonderful stumes, soup, boyg arde rincles, Roast duch, potates mine wegote t frait galady s p cster aciser ech bal a fint of vine, refortendtey &s day was spoitt by an inte teat Acompand offiers & Seale & I are to ave some place onteite tes island in a pe da s & mat of the day seened to be taken up with netieiioculiIn the nowg we eod a peroal new dura asuped 43 Eglil, Auas, Awerc tneafe recoived i to continue unti 8130 prs whll day was occupied with preparation for deperture up are being allowed to t all our d in charge of our Rriser Tatelira pt i ae aftinson & ad pnel us another day of waiting. En the overing beloverd pairt gave a secil prwell prformance oery said goodly to be ven. It is terriol to lave like is be helped lave seen oversobelne will and letter of farewell from officers & man of all nationalite in We left comp at Og00 hs - gew & breg ars & otters in Crries. We drove to lreo & there found we were travelling in a dreadful Cargo boad of about 500 ton she has not for the eingle forthose & was alveady crowdel with troops when we got tth colars wewe mest all &x wick rou luggage was dfeed on the art In shaits are down & aid gaodbyeg gave us a present of cider, geretly cigays to be puron board & uused out voyage t were then warched on som fln dawn a very narrow sairu to a bold two decks down around t wall of the bs e aate a sallf about 7s0 wile gin the see byt reepecively betwen roof o shelf &saafe foor we had to cal in ada& le d the beat was unbelitle. sa is n vent except th to eatele io left oou we e ebout 1 merty In be qoternon we were allowre on dick for eereis air for ths Hle obly laters to up on deall there ts no showes & no girangeng so for wasting. Our quarters are to sene as for toe Jep troops enseyt that more ofthen are gue seet aove us. or everd condition heve made i inforgol & ex w0 in change ous las sone ntr tis daily s conforta be sot u allano on vored dee boa teriod ladle day, ie eshire at agon tge sing bught on toand on bat are sae actoro to amoy due i losie to pos to 2a at Lange, Her found fe sa ofic en lin te sm t ea allthe Anetiaus agitt at a any cary is sut in on n stra ren a allsed aevoent liverty within the amy negt that they st

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Flitton (ex Signals) was brought to camp by Jap 
authorities. He had been in the jungle from 10/3/42
to 11/6/42 & had then handed given himself up
to the Japs. He has been in the custody of the 
Military Police ever since. After taking all 
particulars etc, Camp Comdt handed him over to 
us. I only only just had time to tell him where
to report etc & he had just been allotted to a
hut when he was told to report back to camp
H.Q. Camp Cmdt then explained that orders had
been received that he was to go to another camp.
25.11.42 My 50th birthday! With permission of Lt Sone, I gave a
sherry party in the evening at which Gov. Gen, C in C & a
number of Senior Dutch & British officers from A Camp were
present, as well as all my own & American officers. It
was very successful. Sone brought along another 10
bottles of beer. During the evening he announced the 
lifting of all restrictions imposed on 23rd & gave
permission for band to play immediately to provide
music for the party. It was a very pleasant
evening for us all.

26.11.42 Quiet day. All restrictions imposed on 23rd are
lifted except that no games during working hours.
Lt Sone declared this afternoon a "half-holiday"
& released the camp from work. Strong rumors
are current of a move soon & today another
return of clothing defisiencies was required
including such items as "topees", 'water proofs'
& "long boots". Americans had a Thanksgiving Day dinner

& invited me to attend. Very enjoyable.

27-11-42 Uneventful day. Continued working party around
camp all day. At 1215 Lt Sone called parade
& inspected new numbers. Very satisfied with
Australians & Americans. Very dissatisfied with
Dutch & native troops. Had long discussion
with A.V.M. as to breaches of Geneva convention.
28.11.42 Inspection by C in C postponed until 1-12-41.
Lt. Sone issued orders that every Wed. & Sunday
afternoon would be observed as a holiday
& no work done. Otherwise uneventful day

29-11-42 Lt Sone informed me that he is so satisfied with the
work going on in camp that he has altered working
hours etc as from tomorrow. Future hours are 9.30 -
11.30 (½ hr rest) 3-5 (1/2 hr rest) & half holidays on
Tuesday Saturd & Sunday. Men may sleep from 1400
-1600 on half holidays, & games etc may be played.
In addition he has approved of 2 concerts per
week, Saturdays & Sundays.

30-11-42 Large quantity of articles were sent in from
outside per Bishop of Batavia. The articles
included clothing, towels, books, games, leather
for boot repair, cloth of making & repairing clothes etc.
Great difficulty in making up nos. of a working
party tomorrow as sick men, men on camp duty
etc. have had to be sent out, including 10
batmen from A Compound. Lt Sone ordered
today that no card playing shall be permitted
until 1700 hrs daily

1/12/42 Working party was cancelled at 0800 hrs.
Lt Sone altered day of one half holiday
from Tuesday till Wednesday. Arguments have
developed as to gift articles sent in by Dutch
people. Dutch officers desire to sell some
of the articles to whoever desires it but
I have refused to allow this to happen.



but ordered that all articles be distributed free.

Another difficulty has arisen over the repair shop (tailoring
& shoe-repairer). Dutch desire either a capital levy
upon officers + a charge for work done to build up a 

capital with which to buy cloth & shoe-leather
for ourselves. As an alternative they desire to do
tailoring work for the Japs at a profit & thus
get the necessary capital. I am strongly opposed
to all this as it is the duty of the Japs to
provide cloth & leather or alternatively to cloth
& fit us out. The feeling is a bit tense over
it all & friction is developing rather strongly.

2-12.42 Dutch officers now request a greater control
in hospital but as staff is appointed by Lt Sone
I have told them this is nothing to do with me.
50 English novels from books which were sent
in a few days ago were handed over to us today.
Also 30 came in from Kolff's library.
3.12.42 Uneventful day. Conferences between ourselves & the
Dutch as to control of the hospital. I insisted that
under no circs am I prepared to allow any
interference with administration of hospital whilst
welcoming Dutch co-operation in treatment of patients.

4-12.42 Preparation for Black-out commenced with a preliminary
test tonight. Result was very unsatisfactory to
Camp Comdt & he will inspect same again
tomorrow night. Dry, hot weather still

5.12.42 Fixed all lights in camp preparatory to Black-out
tests. This morning we received the air raid
signals etc & full orders & were told it would 
continue from 5th to 10th. In evening air raid
warning sounded at about 1945. hrs. Guards
ordered us to put out all lights so we were
in darkness until about 2200 hrs. The 100 ducks
which I had ordered for men Xmas dinner arrived
today so as to enable us to fatten them a bit.
There has been a change round of the quarters of the
Jap. staff resulting in us getting back our old office.
6.12.42 Today at 1200 hrs Lt Sone sent for me & informed
me that at 1330 hrs the Comdt of all camps
(Maj Gen Shaito) would inspect the camp. I had
to rush on all meals etc & get everyone
working again by 1300 hrs. Inspection continued
until 1430 hrs & we thus missed our
Sunday half-holiday. At In the evening
a large supply of medicines & drugs came
in from the Japs & were handed over to
the hospital. It consists of practically the
whole of the order we put in 2 months
ago & is an excellent supply.
7-12.42 Roll call parade was called for 0115 hrs this
morning & we all had to get up out of bed.
Before we had reached the road the order was
cancelled & we were sent back to bed. Then 
at 0215 hrs we were again wakened up & this
time a roll call parade was held. Because
of the disturbed sleep we had had, Lt Sone
announced to me at 1300 hrs that all ranks
could sleep until 1500 hrs.



8-12-42 Anniversary of Japan's entry into the war. All ranks
paraded on main camp road in the morning & observed
one minutes silence ½ min. for Nippon dead &
½ min for our own dead. It was then a whole day
holiday. I was invited to lunch with Lt Sone
& the Sgt. Very much enjoyed interesting talk. In
evening one of our men was punished by being
made to kneel for 30 mins & then taken to guard

9-12-42 Complained to Lt Sone about the punishment of the
man referred to above. He conducted full & 
searching enquiry & found that the man's story to me
was inaccurate. However he "corrected" his
guard & gave them instrcns which may result in
there being less danger of unjust punishment.

10.12.42 At about 1600 hrs a major from the Nippon medical
staff visited the camp & was conducted around by
Lt Sone. Told hospital Drs to put in list of what they
required to combat dysentery trouble & he would
endeavour to get same. At about 1645 hrs Lt Sone
went through camp on his own & found a large
number of Ambonese lying & sitting down. He
hit them severely & then as he had seen a
lot of men in their huts in working hrs ordered
that all music & games sh must cease forth-

with. Blackout lifted as from 1200 hrs today
11.12.42 Uneventful day. An Interpreter from Maj Gen
Shaito's staff came to our quarters this afternoon
& had a long yarn with us. He told us
amongst other things that the letters which we
wrote last month were not sent home by
the Japanese authorities but were used for
broadcasting to purposes.

12.12.42 Lt Sone this morning restored games & music for 
A & B compounds but not for C. All officers of rank
of Brig & upwards were paraded before Lt Sone
at about 1330. He explained that Gen Ter Porten
the C.I.C. had written a letter direct to Maj 
Gen Shaito. This was in Lt Sone's opinion quite
out of order & must not occur again. Any
matter requiring adjustment must first be
submitted to him so that he could be given
the opportunity to adjust same. Tennis matches
started this afternoon. Dutch won 1st match after
very close game (5-7, 6-3, 9-7)
13.12.42 Uneventful day. Japs informed us they will
make an issue of clothing on 15th. Rumors that
big mail came in a day or two ago.

14.12.42 I was interviewed by official from Broadcasting H.Q.
today & was informed that at Xmas a goodwill
broadcast will take place to Aust. & that it was
desired that a message should be read
out to the broad people of Australia from the
men here. It was explained that this
was not propaganda but on this occasion
we could send a message in whatever form
we liked (within reason).
15.12.42 Uneventful day. At about 1745 hrs we
were each issued with a printed form
made out for us to fill in with a
brief message home to our people. This
is evidently the beginning of the scheme
which Gen. Shaito said was coming into operation
by which we could regularly write home.



16.12.42 Trouble occurred this morning over working parties.
An extra 40 men were called for at 0825 hrs & Sourabaya
group were directed to supply them. At 0845 they still
had not produced the men. Have tightened up their
administration considerably but in the meantime Nippon authorities
called muster parade & Sourabaya group were
penalised by having to work all afternoon in lieu of
having a half holiday. Lt Sone sent for me today & informed
me that he would permit such extra buying as we
desired for the men for Xmas including purchase of
liquor for them but controlled so that there could be no
drunkenness. Unfortunately no beer is available but we
are going to get light wine & gin & make a sort of
"hock cup" for the men.

17.12.42 Uneventful day. Work proceeded as usual.
Called conference of canteen officers so as to try to
get uniform prices throughout camp.
18.12.42 Entirely uneventful day. Finalised arrangements
for Xmas day dinner etc.

19.12.42 Uneventful day.
20.12.42 Moved the Ambonese troops out of Hut No 10 & into
Hut No 4 so as to make room for an officer's mess
for the Dutch & a canteen room for the troops.
Submitted the programme for Xmas day to the Camp
Comdt. Ban on games etc for C compound lifted
at last.

21.12.42 Programme for Xmas Day approved. Camp Comdt
issued a song in Japanese for all troops & band etc
to learn to sing. Started work on clearing out
drain on boundary of camp so as to get stone &
gravel etc for work in camp.
22.12.42 First batch of Radio messages from Australia
arrived addressed to individuals with their full
address and names of former units. None for me but am hoping for better
luck tomorrow.

23.12.42 Dropped my lower dentures when cleaning them this
morning & broke them in halves. Have applied to go out
to dentist to XXXX get them repaired as camp dentist
has no vulcanizing plant. Christmas order arrived.
Am giving each army & navy man 1 packet cigarettes
& 1 cake soap.
24.12.42 Taken out to outside Dentist by Lt Sone. Teeth repaired
by 7 at night when I was again taken out & had them
fitted. In morning after visit to dentist was taken
on to rooms of Committee of Contact who have prepared
a marvellous lot of gifts for the Prisoners. All
nationalities are represented on the Committee, Dutch, 
German etc & they were all the essence of kindness.
Their gifts are almost staggering in quantity, food-
stuffs, cigarettes, sweets, clothes, books, boots, hats
games etc in very large quantities. Two lorry loads
came into this camp. Later in the day the Indian
contractor gave me a Xmas present of a basket of
assorted goods, cigars, sweets, biscuits etc. Late

in the afternoon we were warned that A Compound 
officers & Col Searle & myself were about to be moved.
Trouble occurred with outside working party which
resulted in them coming into camp at midday under
impression it was a half-holiday. The matter was
an absolute misunderstanding but Jap authorities
thought we had put it across them & directed same 
party to go out tomorrow. Unfortunately at 1800 hrs
we were warned to find a further 80 for
outside working tomorrow



25-12-42 Christmas Day! It has been a terribly sad one
for all of us. Rose & the children have been in
my thoughts all day. We gave the men a 
present of a cake of soap & 30 cigarettes each & 
then gave them a wonderful dinner, soup,
sardine, rissoles, Roast duck, potatoes, mixed 
vegetables, fruit salad, Xmas pudding custard
a cigar each & half a pint of wine. Unfortunately
the day was spoilt by an intimation that
A compound officers & Searle & I are to leave for
some place outside this island in a few days
& most of the day seemed to be taken up with
medical examinations, inoculations etc. In the
evening we had a formal mess dinner at which
43 officers, English, Austs, Americans & Dutch
sat down. Lt Sone joined us after mess &
allowed us to continue until 0130 hrs.
26.12.42 Whole day was occupied with preparations for
departure. We are being allowed to take all our
luggage. The major in charge of our Prison camps
gave us a party in the afternoon & said farewell to
27.12.42 Another day of waiting. In the evening the concert
party gave a special farewell performance for us & I
said goodbye to the men. It is terrible to leave
them like this but it can't be helped. I have
been overwhelmed with kind letters of farewell
from officers & men of all nationality.
28.12.42 We left camp at 0800 hrs - Gens & Brigs in motor 
cars & others in lorries. We drove to Priok & there
found we were travelling in a dreadful cargo
boat about 5000 tons. She has not got one 
single porthole & was already crowded with Jap
troops when we got to the wharf. We were 
medically examined & our luggage was disinfected
on the wharf. Gen Shaito came down & said
goodbye & gave us a present of cider, cigarettes &
cigars to be put on board & used on voyage.

We were then marched on board & taken down
 a very narrow stairway to a hold two decks
down around the wall of this had been erected
 a shelf about 7ft wide & in the space left 
respectively between roof & shelf & shelf & floor we
had to crawl in semi-darkness & settle down.
The heat was unbelievable. There is no ventilation
except that the hatch is left open. We left 
about 12 midday. In the afternoon we were allowed
on deck for exercise & air for ½ hr. The only latrine
is up on deck, there is no shower & no arrangements
so far for washing. Our quarters are the same as
for the Jap troops except that most of them are one
deck above us.
29.12.42 - 1.121.43 On board. Conditions have made it impossible to
enter this daily. Jap W.O. in charge of us has done
all in his power to make us comfortable & has got us up
on board deck for a period each day. We arrived at 
Singapore this afternoon but are spending tonight on board.
2.1.43 Taken ashore this morning & driven in lorries to No 1 POW Camp
at Changi. There found Kennedy, Grahaham, Haynes & all the officers &
men who left in the second party together with all the Americans.
Leggitt is also in this camp. Camp is beautifully situated
looking out over Johore Strait. Men are allowed
absolute liberty within the camp except that they must




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