Diary of Arthur Seaforth Blackburn, April 1942 - November 1944, Part 7of 26

Second World War, 1939–45
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N1042 at 2910:42 20:1042 31:1042 1-11:42 inead lytsonai t all flot of eert landed in to ap 48 ly 8900 bos tobargee for iespection by him, He and will nten they all after due inpotion. Jep Ditzis stergo a leav slaral eygagment gougon to weigbophoor ty exonon wad 1000 men moved out to lay including the angi marcied in on 25/10/62. Order the trules suitease at abandoned by outraing troop wist be landed over to gap authoritil & not semply saized by renderen woops. ottenine no a importance. Officer have started playeg volly bt erery astaron to exrcse camp coue lent so me this morning & instrictee we to pepars delame for night lgaly Groughut dpp o thet amor marty arouud ase dgat out old find their way about. To is raller & big of a rae are a lange newber of buts rother builings ote about the rny. File yeteroon o Couat Bt for me again had a long dessugion it genern convertion 1909, orlained tet abo re were same trorgew of came whin were, imprete for gapan t cerryout but tct in the man, she would resect te povsions oaig altls not bound thereby as not seiy a seatory ans mtly approached me in the lale of tenop wee for a discosion on medica matter and rote iat redising drugs itc Hoyld not be bought to cau trospital. The main shortage is pottollum gel popered vintrents ats fa matuent ey di sais werring at or lalfedt cugn witt regu piled to stand up & bow to a gyane adi w was walking along the road s9 -4d gds away the sactier therepon came into the confc& i front of rative twope, swadeed lii astoss te face I cobughently interveved to longe aou to walth pet be stated tt it was iuparative that all ofies a y ealute to all Jyaneae of ty piled ad saied st to do so they must tol be conquences tat by vanges ot 1500p t ly bt n aores t bt w sound resectfull a prestle latte arow at Deveill tey with &a lighter mining. They fet in a report to me d tok it a ance to be sonal. He cnducte an cediate enqury & later on in the d rettred to watch eigete to the owner togeth with be enjression of regret at went and happen 2 Ts is an illustrati of s care wa athe pap authorities to see that to pring prace projerty is respected & ctte aqnestr integrity of the autbritie in repea to steales Ed tho noming to tonae sent for meg direatel tha certain order to to smoling etc be aga tromulgated & that a duty officer & N90 Reapnte easer out submitted mjorals for impoved ligbling & to night lighting. ufortunately the switche go pesent pauded do not genit of one agar a on in te lict. Am poviding bespite turs a as well as ill dsenting pti sp 2. Worling party of 3 offices & t0 ORs required tody, ti wal first big sling party since our mea marched out, he prsemet of troop in the came since 29/10/424 rees drecument of onjoary balt in came.
2442 211:42 No 11:42 511:42 61:42 398 Dutch troogo who have marded in from Courabaga + are still in camp were patfunda b Antrol today & were moved in Ms Hut dre me Dutclman nan died in outcile Gospital It was and that a large Member of Dutdh with mied desenter were remaining in their lyets sick. It was there deided to tryto moner to sux of to Rorpilal & to bring to all sall we it sonly ga permission to ds to enelose castern sixe of Conital verandal & two ots of Momean east in o wire priice as to indel tle whole bossstal building self-contained: some to more patients were then oved in making a total swith stay) of about 200, in evening we had a woving pleture shew in our quantys with madions & filns & lenidy provided b te gays for uo. At about 2815 hro I was sont for t sonw in a) as tis re night lighting were not being cappied out n many cases, practically no lights were an. Butch of bange of grey wee aund ou & w was enlained to edem lost then wgue be severaly senisleed unless by too i to night lighting scheme was lapt paing popl sholl Righting system of cawp was cleed o t day& a sebae mactt coul an to. Soais requpeits fo night ligtting was edout. ate lights out we wnt proud check same & were stoped by te quants wes wformed no that thy had received ing order from se conde as to night lighting & thange origual order of all liets out as $200 a wagt be obeyed e tred t one or bon myati it onais order bad Deen Ot is ange all reot stated tat Euey in ht conai would itr upon bt retunt sp as he was about. Lodd was pans bufire day +all wriig pertie) were tredledy nost guards nardyd ou gra astained horgs catcague of Aending legales drey up list of books in English which dam ash Lo. Sonai Ballow to ge me camp t ud &pou we returned from outside lipital officers. WLorai inponed ne that lolfs manage no longer and anyone into an for bobty tee drror y bodler in that w usIn 466 thougcatn agepi treathort metter will be considered. to sonce issued iration ty the he woyld ne geral woud wret t cap on 7:11-1 sae yon -11-42, all nenlis to live up ylongin camp road. This afternon at Donci dene ofne: that evergone in camp must write a ipred we leter some & that letter must contain to wel sov rejects, to ability & caradingle of the & to en ove onaenor aout the war & our treatment by the Jajarre, Hc stated tht on day wele be theil on tese aeecto. Todey ale come from ohey plands Endo rain uped from copinents suc as Andon, sumaraote & were appraye relad as a goodwill geture on Japans apire a Tery moe patients sent to outails hapal (ruxated teere). Owing to moread in sidmees (deseptery) lad to apres for encresed accomodation for hespitie. ta
611- case 77142 8:11:42 9:11-43 101142 11:1142 121142 13:11:42 no I canded over to us as annice to hafte aplied to Le Donar for longlest of agrigus required for Coopital Engoined that li years otlig as drag nor avadate wu onds lame that he ent tor Genla and duggete bat seen of 200 gulden par oplen bad subscribed pretre proutat obtal soild be bl nedine our 20 itel g elgen refue but stall that ofher mey mught be puud. nearly all patints in or hospal are Dutch return alled 4 gvate owned ln every man setting out ideteertion setails of ane a sull painte of everbody bold tis metis reveral for spton Tuorroy max Iterectre. Dutch tre enoners gooe a corsert in vering weiish was nefica apesiated. Return of metches & a letter por man as t gax Dti eclravg u tay went preparati yor inspection by Pep major General Inspected by Mugrger of Dap any. An parcdg at 0830 &c anivedac as kne devised 1109 ar everything went well. Camp very clean. Edues woul to compans offie (cliding fal se very quest day ollwne. Resimed my Dutch lessons aft & an riteral o severe days through being lrept Occoy on alar things This mornin sone gave aver for an ptenite to be sudmitted to liel of number or tell ee required reair leaks in the lucts & buildings in samp also of number of bagsoy cenent rqred to repair Euent wirh wherever wegerary, & ee dinner with C ayiR gall pos sone aproved officers from compound o to our duct for James, retreation &t in the eveing of sred. 2 meshall officer in clarge of Autralanati of a moliing party was made to do namise wit by a Gapaner offices I lave wgde a pruel potec to to fone on res subject same cupply of redicine same into amp wettday, Dought & i own monet we repetuse fo tn E i of foo at in des debaue of fita fees at Dyple for officer properded by fay o offficel to us on &110:42 came to day 140 good aggctes por oficy, earge supl of tea, offee, sug ia garie ett& this evening a quantity of freate freat, no indication was given to us as to bow pany day or weeks eupply it repregguted one if is be a surlies Hate to Cool borefue fo ave 148 gieden to C.O. Nospitll, mn Con Ary be perchace of redicince sinceeniful day contractr has not called manday. Another tosoid cal in cmp hspite Col. Lansing banded me sirity gulder suserised by Dutch troop for purchase of medicues p bospital, Heard Elax CloLywhene & Duilon & me are down here somartiee in a cs all much cheered by the news of ae aflec & mrican awvouse in lylis Algerie ot
14-11:63 15.1143 164162 17102 Inlimitted written request for perminsion to buy some slanry to give a small elorry past, Duor to soneof on my bvitlday & be bed no power to give me pernission) but would pas my request on to lghe autterity) played bridge touoranent is 40 nd tolee ever one played 29 eet bands. Searlerd played Have got as together & same wach rdirites in to old place, my capt ce cashder. avent eadan attach gince clife cllaned in the last one four fer firo year 1ag0. On only me aspiring to try to get rid of it snpleasent icident tday when Lt Leavett 5 nvy)a red direct to &tp to the return ofa typawriter which t lead 16ora from the Angicans some time ago. When tedu a ould cm through Carp HQ. be cae accitieg e whole insident has o a obsho noty Gote. Sunday. Having no Proteetnt Redoe, o Coolding boled Sigt senvice this evening & we a goi Carrance for a service conducted ay ai on a good insatin of ca thi nave Sunday found it made enproved. Reclive complaint Dutch that ande in Preise is lang Down to mee real a bespital accause thin doues ate out of wax a ague Out in to Arepitel in addition t their are adinary lere. an enquiry found aot Cistenti so was ed to mae sued weak can for the dyconten Ceaeo beng to recover, ras very agerito, gee is a Dutshiney, all Audr Amorgo, laving pravere) te Culain to & vem wre soere Bakes green concered ieites on the company alldough Bepaintef out that they wanted to berale eali I of curce refase & acter to crecon poceure but well look ag Du e, den a sore of the own pople, will not Sut day Things sem to be sealing beofe nitsa regularrouture py Cooks you dulside bobe not yet anid treal sate sure no running clart. I vn pdue angnts preased yon bark alowrd pt a nender of wechonl searg ayan whe thas op en casterds sunk by Baal of Afres bsue hew see furtys arest spital cred aaEi eo tea a pra sie all neafor dii sere saild by the raidor Today to lone gave permision for me to be Dougiy to as tolgable we shiea Wirthday party on te 85 t. I have afferdea temmen to tee step of Col. lanlin (0.0 nttrop so as to asist him i his variu s odytsi saree asteo yo y rewing & rraiiggllo eleano ug fittimety thrnfor camp. Contrnat to day berwat in 3 booe out of my list as ordered (New opes) says he will bring in more ofae batancd James gear tomorrow. Ete. recoctie an Auctoslian died at ofteids hospitae today & was buriel in usual cem
181124 ards ther lopping tachaf tree must come set so no aa ote Cl waitet nat via te & fo muen is com difpend Ealry aclongat 80 ofpeet Cry slawe aw 20 orderly to sone that all officle &otters should bill irequire tonigat rtroalle bodies at oefers wom ad ago tomrrow Heause of tly bellig & estimates at over 301000 plic Citled & posded Nrot to Cuptnn His craslip to Ridion o 1911:42 atarce (RO requesting be to prce uo a paye pooe & a bible & a beganal & requste dmp Commudent to deluar saue, had asne the Biig on grandlan dun lamets, e g a an aavan Chipfe ptatoe & gren pas, te fe icadgga the wes waste down with a ss of saay, wa eon discussion afterwards as to paitn of cor in diew of repart En, Asia Kayg that Darlan s over tealle& joi with Amanan at o1 20 hro this woing was awalent £206 2011:63 venze you to sone that Misate t ae in cmp was requin & far cll aft Defactore but we did not set dat &a oe an acamprice tody le lone foe we ing gourall& patig in over thet be popsed the whole cleatris sige satere of the camp, Recpd o Carmeniinn & a ntember of Cpott Cur stame boons in Dutch from Cidor p me with 5 voitles of bear as a tertd weext pe unevertful day. to sore 455 21-11:42 &C in C & attend my part on 25th Another quiet day eat is helfing 22.142 fine but. I aect the rain wiel set in ths &r reoly son A.V in las drawn, up long list read of geneva convention& submtted a to me, seril if orders from te sonl today eturn must be submitted tomorrow betting our e cthing ed u in camp & as t clearly stiew strluses of a arfic held this must be done mny by vl the whole outer fance of the cmp me be wordd up with a woder sar ae cmleteh enclose it tis pulest be aa done and n 28a per the general remmanding all sau will pet the cmpdee be te same as for last insfection but tu will e votged later Entractor called to b & stated the Por uneveling to all ten ligrary bools for 1quet but be Contracterdudmitled a liet of books whih he had for sale on to day it sone int c si bes 25:11:42 u a recturnor of th is in rerfect of ware an his order have seen otoased th Amboruce 2o result he bes potubited all ganes of my eady all masie, card gaies, cusits has bed every soul in ch shall sur anau carys every day from 0920 -11.20 7 1404-1700, ofi ment wak in gtenig, t cttg & repairing amp & siced generally. Mkiy throughet cuse continced y I pa 24:11:42 satiftorily flus Afternin Yol David feigh

[*28.10.42 (cont)*] issued Lt Sonai that all photos of any sort be 

handed in to Jap H.Q by 0900 hrs tomorrow for 

inspection by him. He and will return them all 

after due inspection. Jap. sentries etc report a heavy 

naval engagement going on in neighbourhood of 

Solomon Islands.

[*29.10.42.*]  1000 men moved out today including the Americans

who marched in on 25/10/42. Orders that all trunks, 

suitcases etc abandoned by outgoing troops must 

be handed over to Jap. authorities & not simply seized 

by remaining troops. Otherwise no event of 

importance. Officers have started playing volley-ball 

every afternoon for exercise.

[*30.10.42.*]Camp Comdt sent for me this morning & instructed me 

to prepare scheme for "night lights" throughout 

camp so that anyone moving around after lights out 

could find their way about. It is rather a big 

job as there are a large number of huts & other 

buildings etc about the camp. This afternoon Jap 

Comdt. sent for me again & had a long discussion 

about Geneva Convention 1909. He explained that 

there were some provisions of same which were 

impossible for Japan to carry out but that in the 

main, she would respect the provisions of same altho’
not bound thereby as not being a signatory. AVM

Maltby approached me in the late afternoon with for a 

discussion on medical matters and as to whether 

medicines, drugs etc should not be bought for camp 

hospital. The main shortage is petroleum jelly &

prepared ointments etc for treatment of skin diseases. 

This aft morning at breakfast Ensign Levitt (US navy) 

failed to stand up & bow to a Japanese soldier who 

was walking along the road 30-40 yds away. 

The soldier thereupon came into the compound & in 

front of native troops, smacked him across the face.

I subsequently interviewed Lt. Sonai about the matter but 

he stated that it was imperative that all officers 

should stand & bow or salute to all Japanese & if they failed 

to do so they must take the consequences.

[*31.10.42*]  Last night Early this morning at about 0500 hrs two Jap 

sentries went through the huts ^ on inspection & when Sgt, Bowman & Sgt 

Lette arose at Reveille they found respectively a wristlet 

watch & a lighter missing. They put in a report to me 

& I took it at once to Lt. Sonai. He conducted an 

immediate enquiry & later on in the day returned 

the watch & lighter to the owners together with 

his expression of regret at what had happened. 

This is an illustration of the care which is taken 

by the Jap. authorities to see that the prisoners' are 

private property is respected & of the honesty & 

integrity of the authorities in respect to stealing. 

?? In the morning Lt Sonai sent for me & directed that 

certain orders as to smoking etc be again 

promulgated & that a duty officer or N.C.O. be appointed 

for each hut. 

[*1-11-42.*] Submitted proposals for improved lighting & for 

night lighting. Unfortunately the switches at present 

provided do not permit of one light being left

on in the hut. Am providing hospital was additional 

sugar as well as milk for dysentery patients in 

hospital. Working party of 3 officers & 50 O.Rs 

required today. This was first big working party 

since our men marched out. No movement

of troops in the camp since 29/10/42 & rumors 

are current of temporary halt in the same.


[*2-11-42.*] 398 Dutch troops who have marched in from

Sourabaya & are still in camp were put under my

direct control today & were moved in No 3 Hut.

One Dutchman man died in outside hospital.

It was found that a large number of Dutch

with mild dysentery were remaining in their huts

sick. It was therefore decided to try to increase

the size of the hospital & to bring in all sick men

Lt Sonai gave permission to us to enclose eastern

side of hospital verandah & two sets of rooms on

east in a wire fence so as to make the whole

hospital building self-contained. Some 50 more

patients were then moved in making a total

(with Staff) of about 200. In evening we had

a moving picture show in our quarters with

a machine of films g kindly provided by the Japs

for us. At about 2315 hrs I was now sent for

by Lt Sonai (I was in bed asleep) as my instructions

re night lighting were not being carried out.

In many cases, practically no lights were on.

Dutch officers in charge of groups were turned

out & it was explained to them they they would

be severely punished unless by tomorrow night

the night lighting scheme was kept going properly.

[*3-11-42.*] Whole lighting system of camp was checked over

during the day & a scheme exactly complying with

Lt. Sonai's requirements for night lighting was

worked out. After lights out we went around to

check same & were stopped by the guards who 

informed us that they had received no orders

from Lt. Sonai as to night lighting & therefore

original orders of all lights out at 2200 hrs

must be obeyed. We tried to point out how

emphatic Lt. Sonai's orders had been but guard

stated that they would accept all responsibility &

would inform Lt Sonai of the position upon his

return to camp as he was absent. Today was

Japan's Empire day & all working parties were

cancelled & most guards marched out of camp.

Obtained Korf’s catalogue of lending books & drew

up list of books in English which I am going to

ask Lt. Sonai to allow ?? me to get into camp for use of 

officers. A few men returned from outside hospital.

[*4-11-42.*] Lt. Sonai informed me that Kolff's manager no

longer sends anyone into camp for books & so

I cannot get books in that way. Intend to try

through canteen. Applied for outside dental

treatment. Matter will be considered.

[*5.11.42.*] Lt. Sonai issued instrons today that he would inspect

the camp on 7-11-42 & a Major General would inspect

same upon 9-11-42, all ranks to line up along main

camp road. This afternoon Lt. Sonai sent for me & 

informed me that everyone in camp must write a

letter home & that the letter must contain reference to

the following subjects, the ability & characteristic of the

Japanese soldier, our longing for leave  our aversion

about the war & our treatment by the Japanese. He

stated that we every man can say what he thinks on

these subjects. Today 15 Indo-nesians were released

from confinements - they all come from other islands
such as Ambon, Sumatra etc & were apparently released
as a goodwill gesture on Japan's Empire Day.

[*6.11.42.*] Two more patients sent to outside hospital (suspected

typhoid). Owing to increase in sickness (dysentery) had

to apply for increased accommodation for hospital. Hut


[*6-11-42 (contd)*] no 9 handed over to us as annexe to hospital.

Applied to Lt. Sonai for long list of drugs urgently

required for hospital. Informed that he feared he

could do nothing as drugs not available. Subsequently

learnt that he sent for Gen, Eng Elgin (Dutch) &

said suggested that sum of 300 gulden which Bg compound

officers had subscribed for extras for outside

hospital should be used to buy medicines for our

hospital. Gen Elgin refused but stated that other

money might be found. Nearly all the patients in our

hospital are Dutch. Return called for of watches

owned by every man setting out identification 

details of same.

[*7-11-42.*] Full parade of everybody held this morning as

rehersal for inspection by Major Gen. tomorrow. Matter

went satisfactorily. Dutch troops & Indonesians gave a

concert in evening which was much 

[*8-11-42.*] Return of watches & a letter per man as per Jap Instructions

went in today. Commenced cleaning up of camp in

preparation for inspection by Jap Major General.

[*9-11-42. *]Inspected by Major Gen of Jap Army.. On parade at

0830. He arrived at 1000 hrs. Parade dismissed 1100 hrs.

Everything went well. Camp very clean. Issue of

wine to A compound officers (including Searle & myself).

Very quiet day otherwise.

[*10-11-42.*] Resumed my Dutch lessons after an interval of several

days through being kept busy on other things.

This morning Lt Sone gave orders for an estimate to

be submitted to him of number of tiles etc required

to repair leaks in the huts & buildings in camp

& also of numbers of bags of cement required to

repair cement work wherever necessary. Had

dinner with Coggle & Ridgeway in the A Compound. Lt

Sone approved officers from A  Compound coming

to our hut for games, recreation etc in the evening if

so desired.

[*11-11-42.*] Today  Yesterday Lt Marshall, officer in charge of Australian section of a working party was made to do manual 

work by a Japanese officer. I have made a formal

protest to Lt. Sone on the subject. Large supply

of medicines came into camp yesterday, bought by

us out of our own money. Two men returned from

outside hospital. 
[*12.11.42.*] First supplies of food etc under scheme of extra feed etc

for officers propounded by Jap oofie official to us
on 21-10.42 came today. 140 good cigarettes per
officer, large supply of tea, coffee, sugar, margarine

etc & this evening a quantity of fresh fruit. No

indication was given to us as to how many days

or weeks supply it represented but it is beginning

to look hopeful for further supplies. Handed

over 148 gulden to C.O. Hospital, Wing Com. Cummings

for purchase of medicines.

[*13.11.42.*]Uneventful day. Contractor has not called for  since

Monday. Another typhoid case in camp hospital.

Col. Lansing handed me sixty gulden subscribed

by Dutch troops for purchase of medicines for

hospital. Heard that Cols Lyneham & Dunlop & their

men are down here somewhere in a camp.

All much cheered by the news of the Allied &

American advances in Lybia & Algeria etc.


[*14-11-42.*] Submitted written request for permission to

buy some sherry to give a small sherry party

on my birthday, 25th Nov. Lt Sone explained

he had no power to give me permission but would

pass my request on to higher authority. Played in

bridge tournament in A compound today wherein

everyone played 20 set hands. Searle & I played

together & came 2nd. Have got an attack of

neuritis in the old place, my left side of neck & shoulder.

Haven't had an attack since Clifford cleaned

up the last one four or f??  five years ago. Can

only use aspirins to try to get rid of it.

Unpleasant incident today when Lt. Leavitt

(U.S. navy) applied direct to Jap H.Q. for the

return of a typewriter which they had borrowed

from the Americans some time ago. When I

pointed out that these applications should come

through Camp H.Q. he became assertive & 
objectionable & whole incident has left a nasty taste.

[*15.11.42.*] Sunday. Having no Protestant Padre, Capt Godding 

took a short service this evening & we are going

to arrange for a service conducted by him every

Sunday. Had a good inspection of camp this morning &

found it much improved. Received complaint from  for Dutch

that undue preference is being shown to men sick in

hospital because shin bones are cut off meat & the bones

are then sent to hospital in addition to their

ordinary share. An enquiry found that this extra (shin

bones) was used to make special weak soup for the

dysentery cases being to recover, & as every dysentery case

is a Dutchman, (all Austs, Amerns having recovered)

the complaint is just very usual. However Dutch

officers concerned insisted on the complaint although

I pointed out that they wanted to penalise their

own sick. I of course refuse to alter the present

procedure but will look after the Dutch sick, even

if the some of their own people will not.

[*16.11.42.*] Quiet day. Things seem to be settling back into a

regular routine. My books from outside

have not yet arrived & reading matter is

once more returning short. 1 man returned

from hospital (outside) yesterday & reports presence of

a number of merchant seamen injured when their 

ships were captured & sunk by a raider operating off

coast of Africa. Injured have been put into outside

hospital & uninjured are in P.O.W. camp at Prisk.

Report that as far as possible all men on captured

ships were saved by the raider.

[*17.11.42*] Today Lt. Sone gave permission for me to buy

some sherry & gin so as to enable me to give a

birthday party on the 25th. I have attached Capt

Hammard to the staff of Col. Lansing (C.O.

Dutch troops) so as to assist him in his

various problems. Today outside electricians

started on the job of rewiring & repairing all the

electric light fitting etc throughout the

camp. Contractor today brought in 3 books

out of my list as ordered (new ones). Says

he will bring in more of the balance

tomorrow. Pte. James George

Moodie, an Australian died at outside

hospital today & was buried in usual cemetery


[*18.11.42.*]  Orders that lopping back of trees must commence tomorrow

but as no saws or other tools available matter will be

difficult. Extra food for Officers is coming forward

very slowly - 6 paw-paws amongst 80 officers today.

Order by Lt. Sone that all officers & others should kill

mosquitoes tonight & produce "bodies" at orderly room

tomorrow. Result of fly killing a few days ago

estimated at over 20, 000 flies killed & produced!

[*19.11.42*] Wrote to camp comma His Lordship the Bishop of

Batavia (R.C.) requesting him to procure for us

a prayer book & a bible & a hymnal & requested

Camp Commandant to deliver same. Had dinner

with Brig. Pearson (marvellous dinner, savouries eggs,

asparagus, savoury tomatoes, ham etc, then grilled bacon

chipped potatoes & green peas, then fruit salad & cream

the whole washed down with a glass of beer. Had

long discussion afterwards as to position of war

in view of report in Asia Raya that Darlan

has crossed over to the Allied side & joined in

with Americans.

[*20-11-42.*] At 0130 hrs this morning was awakened by a

message from Lt Sone that immediate parade & roll-

call of everyone in camp was required. It passed

off satisfactorily but we did not get back to bed until

0430 hrs. At a conference today Lt. Some told me

that he proposed repairing generally & putting in order

the whole electric light system of the camp. Received

a harmonium & a number of R.C. & Protestant Church

books in Dutch from Bishop Batavia. Lt. Sone presented

me with 5 bottles of beer as a birthday present. 

[*21-11-42.*] Uneventful day. Lt Sone gave permission for G.G & C in C to attend my party on the 25th.

[*22.11.42.*] Another quiet day. Weather is keeping fine &

hot. I expect the rain will set in with a rush 

soon.  A.V.M. has drawn up a long list of

breaches of Geneva Convention & submitted same to

me. Series of orders from Lt. Sone today

(1) Return must be submitted tomorrow setting out

the clothing possessed by each man in camp

so as to clearly show surpluses of each article

held. This must be done rank by rank.

(2) The whole outer fence of the camp must be

boarded up with a wooden fence so

as to completely enclose it. This must be

done by 28th Nov.

(3) On 28th Nov. the General Commanding all Java

will inspect the camp. Parade will be the

same as for last inspection but time will

be notified later.

Contractor called today & stated that Korff's

unwilling to sell their library books for 1 gulden

but he (contractor) submitted a list of books

which he had for sale.

[*23-11-42.*] Everything has gone wrong today. Lt Sone inspected camp

& found a number of things in respect of which ???? his

orders have been disobeyed by the Ambonese. As a

result he has prohibited all games of any sort, all

music, card games, chess etc & has ordered that

every soul in camp shall work around the

camp every day from 0930 - 11.30 & 1400 - 1700. Officers

must organise the work in gardening, tree cutting,

 & repairing camp & fences generally.

[*24-11.42.*] Working throughout camp commenced today & proceeded

satisfactorily. This afternoon Cpl David Leith



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