Diary of Arthur Seaforth Blackburn, April 1942 - November 1944, Part 6 of 26

Second World War, 1939–45
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210:42 31062 47042 61042 Langs scall movement seem to be bing place in the san. at about 1200 les tortay Caup C t us that 10f3880 R8 from Aust &1 off 100 02 Anoicing (all of whom were detailed by name drect by the says) were to mave olt of ryp &c $600 lwve tomorraw permanently, At 1600 levs fany autha peeted us with a lix of 10 man & ivedus that every man oh t list m ioduse a speamenofhis faccoo for eoting by Ogoo lotone nature must given way to the orders of te gap exlit at 0300 lrson 31042 d roued s up with a lis ofa purtee 2 off 7918.28 Amona) also to move but at 0600 lits permangelty, sirpon plill continue to trogregs satisfactorily stal up resulting a coul did of uncertainty - t towse tan reove my name from the let of1600 names one chice w gartilr carres in eacl ge other whish cash man las to bign, dnly al anselled i cntracta & sent him out of camp with all our weeks onter indelivered thay will give us no definite upermasion aany movement but p certin that some move is in the ifind, pave consert tought with was very good & very well attended cwing to pojested move we closed down the Sweep we were veun traise funds for entertainment Cumittle drew same at cousert. no further word of any mave but we were ifuetat Entraster would 0 st ea to care int cp pr a pew days Have claned up conten as far ao prsible have repaid cunericans to 850 gulen wfuccl s An verd they advansed me some time canging about 1000 guedew wdt o sa will have to try to cell this t troo in oLer to have money it land to stare no canteer if new camp is extablished. Drokse a tootl of my plate today & as same cannot be serged in here lave applied to go to outside dentex fad first weal witl sie own apeoe to imet tomane, 44 comatge being shee itt t vegetied made incallent weal rinenful day. Persistent reiiers that about to0 of us whose names are not on as gots st to date are to be sent to gapan, Aptnites enquired last night as to How many of t Horpital pationts culd stand a sex trip Vary beavy rain in evering; the befiest shower we have and dare, many of the rogs of the Accts leateed oadly tise of names onsluding most of Ameras mos of balance of our men) rssued conight for recimens to be sulemitted by topperrow for tating is dysentery carniers. orders ta t 1500 Autraliang will move the early bun ofthe 8d to come inlancion Hestination lise have not yoe been eusplied by tas but soe have been informed that seeness we had uabille to stard & walk will not be to be also acceted as an excuse, no baggage to be taken encg whet an astuall be canil no is fo to enclude officer beading oolly valis etc.
7:10:6 8:10:43 81042 walsing all day on rowd rollicte t ne mave our. we have not seen given o septer bint as to where we are going but to they are dividing party up into greup of 109 P 620 fe8a Colss we a railue journiy. After lipich bnd full paraole of trops verg away in fall waring ofor gapo e bl a p & suy a lange qlantity of personal poro wor such as embaidi cup et as yell as camaras, vistoloct, Taly also seyzed togu nots sut subqurcely returned thi, also see intraces were trowy out by the Jesy. Partide to nove out has bee adtered 000 hro tomorron, Held auction sap o balane Mantleen strs9 soldfort ayth me to drangment with Entructor wher he took beck gods for bala of af 1500 officers & men marched out at p400 two this maning for an unknown destination. Iute a number ofthel were sicke, had fever it sut so convying them by made Arrangeents transpert. They say ld to march off with the rest of the tror, leeven men were are too ile to be moved at all (receuding Andrew Senpion)) were ranoved today to the olitside Hoopital INx 4484 t EEdwards (a singapre) died to daypt outrie Hospital from dycentary. As Lotl chaplaing bad lar with party were lest Derey law morning, paye so dele took burial service. He was seried wll at sene place as oters, Calanboeren Couenitoy de ar now 105 Aut, angrean& es in the ceuneters tonige A recurvance of seati e to we had to send wordd to the Amp Comnentant, two mon ld to be trated in bospital, one having stited Tho Camp Commandent qually settled matler. the bting up cased Hille o all our dr t a meal of road chicker, roast ptabest Carrots a number of then returned from outsile Hospital odyforted that conditions generally are quit god although saveat ofour ive and i est of appos 500 were may t ou on 11-1042 issued tody, I am pot on same sistent reciur they a all being tn down to the doctory Enbared on steanes are carrct on & bing ospital suplies we find that eehs a far more than his share of Coplies with pin party H las talen all ttodermie exegtone, ready all reedless to te one all drugs. Hard tod tht ountosb ts sort of be so lave as t a so as to Engget remaral of beds from tye to cospital resual bill inspection of party moving out at 1329a much caed tis time. Procedue variesin a thee agte ispatto & whilst officers we ereou guarterogae our saggage. nothing found which we copednt oe d about 1400 orrers were inued that a pat 4, rncluding 2 Auct offers, at csbell a Atoa $15 Oke were to move out ge 1000 lrs for a cold nete It is clar from various courses that the ere told not try to to be then to Jajare Cam cm out will warm clothing, & asure us ae ret of the men were going to a lot climets. We apears tbe men wee bat iar clothing to gup is up to responce was wonderful, a ling file of warm ctting seing procured. I noped cary
11104 12:1042 13104o concondant wittee was set in givin bywarn clothing & was assured b le in that 3 Ggoing lot climats I teayon pseet overt my til wool senglet underpents & all other winter elguy wayl Iha the party Go & lorry at 1800 arp. lorallo et o5 Carateut ogoo & fart nort out at 0500 on ecmpa tolal of upon 200 Accto tal 4 auarie officer 17 Acct off is rlo in outere boyt 500 R5 Caut, at about 1500, 1000 puchre fr gads Ranleang maved into camp. They were itor otariated with the more from toctation as they has an yu to arry Obnoush toge not in avout o good condition no parter word about te pore o any ofter me of lo. an unconfertatl day He Detalmer who cane nito caup yesterday have not pised up the positing of te amp easilyo a nuumber of them have been rely beiten ip. &aco smalleings itt have seen going on all day dgal of these wesscicly &lo ve t 05 medical andlie 2 dost emongst them. Nineteen Autralians fotterned from the outside Hospital tday. Tey ngortscrectie good in circumstances pep authoritfes doing all they can to help His afternoon all officers were called into Ony Condls office & we were tole thet it had been decided to py all officers &owever out ofte pay to sum of certy two 165 Gneden per a would be tallen by the Gazan if to pay ony accouedation rood. We would a allowed to spend a thited amoust of the catance, as gaden to rank above Crig 20 for bny se ut 418 for all othery te balared wesll a returned by t Jaynare aubartee sauled for us b rate of ray under & saleme is 310 gres per worth receive 20, 62 gves to pay t hy heapit o to balance held to my gidit. The Cp Cundt rplained tat Ibeld mow I was a pease for 1 year it would be 2756 gulden He rates of ty ar as follows:- Orig) Coe 3 to guede per vantle &c 28 220, 6 At 122:50, peat 85, 2nd 4774:83, The rat to board (63) is a flat rate for al officers. Me each had to sign a receive in tryilicate for sometting but wobory is cear weat te recais wey merI anly receved to galden 2o for handed over t the rn Caand my granossone & records fo deliver to tae outside Cospital; also 125:50 Gulden for the purchase of extre food& comports for the yen in the outside Caspital Dublnan at int carp wsterday, ifee waned today that te would protly nov for the pay after tomorrow & that they must reduse thank to an adsolute minuman as they will probable lare to march all the vay to Prick- Bwill, sever then are in ungent need of deutal treatment & our dental officers all equisment sleave gone I made application to cam court to have them taken out to an outside Hospital for treatment but be stated it ned not be done 177645 et pcholls died in to outa rpital to day fron desentery & was buried in plambreren ceretiry rnes in given to be to deal in ay with Indian Contrster. Hrs atepion goct 1000 more Outclmen & 113 RA (English) parche int to camp having come from Carfeong, he
14:10:42 15:10:42 1610 17:1042 English cousist of 13 Matieel officers dento office & ts bldnce madi eiet sly tive beew told they are to be taken fomoler to oou a cxpital. They regore that oalduce of or Australian trop who were lee at spuan Garest are still at Banleorg. An Coudt to dy odered that all doge mustte remaped from camp & so all pets lave bat to g. Another 1000 dilte troop moved in todlay, A 19112 c OADOFF died in oulospitel y from cove fire of Typles & was ourel& Celamboeren cematary. He bad been ell) in poopled about 10 doe but not unal lax negly did be condition thaw ave sign of begoning& age number of Dutth mould ig 5a bigno mover out. The nex moulg wes thet by nigh we had 4280 dutch in pany tion to Aust Amnisns & 113 CAAmati pronl awaoa his toolem& corter wood sire with oil drums over thm) are, iln 4 day about tudday lt Lone Aut trme & ted me thet Auct & Americn officers &oo none Britcale Officers in Denier Conjour shaves wnta leah to thei some, cmited to striat fer ree marey t of camp orgenization to Ircol R am ale and now offically on stregth gemp Conier Astol & Brittsh officers & fe five pusses Britesh offier below & ba of Col Are therefaire out to a general camp quarter. As a pperise prtesee on living with other Aratinlien & Amerfian offe ttime seing. He came around gupte ou guarter intyete co redsteds from 4 corop be bryugls throuh to our compend for use of seorle. I we badfue me in clange of weole tp with abeolut fowe administration rcounce over whole tetie in bere from time to tiue. About 1000 Rutsh nowed out in the earle lours o inforen more came in today but thee are mots glege nowite 1 t woow have troupre some of nedical staff & medical onterlies for eFpad at camp bospital until other orders an received cncorning them. Ax 15367 Dowe Bramle died today in outse Cospital & was beried in Pelandoeen tory euse of death decenterg. A largenenter of Dutele troop huarded Act to dtay, 6 officers of RAt medica uit inclading a dental officer more transfered to our camp Cospital to day from the group who came into camp upon 191a/42 n te emon I signed t usual oe ina Bramlay which indused snt of the efets of D 2 gold wrutle walthes. In the gevening the gx sge brought the list back to me toud a) naww gue tled out, exastly be same mege that it now sprre to 2 unellot watches & started to write the word gold in agts this line but was ondered not to do so & to sey is sexs & it was owen I lad done so te reg w ton up & taken away by the dex aglt Dined u b bnigt with aix Corned stelow cnpend
movement in out of Dutche troops contenues. no 18:10:62 e so sign of any in speting us have ostaned detil of the gep ay position Tbe deduation i weren wlich to made from our pay to 60 golly per month o pas follows Mersi 42, cll is apportuned by te 15 Miscollares 3. Butent to appracte com in the maker as an mry of the officers ard weefull that of clothing. aur reading b Didles Hstoy of Ca muyll enjoying same, Longe number of Ortck tooop noved in Flay Ot 19:10 oue with to rule that there are now ower 6000 Dutce troop in camp. AV h waltly aproada tt sone over general quester of wedin suplia at out did nor tee we a very dcuraging maly sele o cortain drugs appear to be sliartt the geat of the RAE natua personnel, as well as about 10 Dutce redi pomnel noved out today approstly 1or various other cants in & about Ratavie Hove Laded wen for tile gary good cne tde 5 of brolight En & Capite. Crant beds are painly pade with eaking & are unligginie.Nx 57645 et day diee at ausside hospital from Aqrenter) canloses cenate was busled in 20:104 unvereful day. Te posten of reqing the camp rembl clea of ca bfiene, i acate with this movement of trop. Tuee in flere to one day only are not valy ausious to will hard aver cuti at fal dp of lots of gear which up to now the wer have seen we an ne allawed Busiig around wilh bay is sixe to burn this gear& to pubbic cart to b can and make I trip a day which gno erough. The proolem is becaunzacuty I t watend f me to sre t more carts & all visit pen pant carto no moveniont by toop day 31:104 00 atre moved out torlay min pen in civilion clothes moved in from Duitengar all cante i of iupeatent bres bt sutee. A number of new retere you ownide Hospital Report that treatment nessing officer was sent for today to g & there intobbieved by a cevllign wh stated maction wil t that he was there in officers, Jap. Authrittes were going to sad tha Dum of 42 gild as month on oficers peep sired Giildance as to te liffes or food o quartities to which we wee dccussoned & had a list of foodstupp et witl am, ic t beld a meating your officer & Teleg to werat a lix Houg ratior erale to suthrities as a guide for to wek you nine men who came in yosterday from Cuitagery 22:10 red out today. no other maney a otig t guffi an osoldie died ly in ti hospital & was buried in Claiboured cameting Drs as outsde Cospital told Cl ar tc the were 40 cases of typpoed in te lppital paid from Glodoc & Priot Cortractr reorted today that war condused mill & no more cigarattes are available, will being finly pipihed & Agarotte merch bard to get. Position ove will is Prious as it is requied to dyatr co in bospital. I inmediatel interveded to sone &acked for agrangements to be made for freol milk to be brought in which I would by
a 2110:42 241042 3510:42 161042 27:1042 21:10:4 He said he would have to get prmane fr this but anticipated us troutle r whale let me know tomorrow In the meantine I snnel througout ryp to appea at all per give in all tino of condensed w aeld them Commended lessons in Outch Aday unevertful day. b sone sent me down a present of nine cigars today. small iope & pie tobuces (Cyster) 2oys par man sne today to disoune corlong rocqnod cont ewt bo wat further irovirion would have & be gade of to bases of the camn remaining it asoue aor ta voring to be eatisfactory & d him that two more leitolous with same capacity as pesent oner would have to be te to make the prition really satisflory e npte dipt occured in can Tare of yeort tc came today a E hn ot that naw conared (a Dutcluan) weet bave got the wiection on tawe nor b np nouertholess have ordered a close er an general bygeene, mey nedical & you have been coming bade frent outside vossital eatal& we now only have po tere sabe seen eldeping badly again lately a large number of Dutclidan moved dt ear this sorning in pouring rain. b the gternorn a number came in & included dingiges tom were appor. 100 Americays being t Aitta & w americen antillery. They laave ben in Pop p at coumbage wit about 20:30 pacts my tree) I lhe rese mainly Engliche, they report awnaase Gorereatnent on the to rone consideable tie jast Tay bad a two day rl tip coming here. to sone is ned incoe this morning that we should le a plian ntellioe hre setingout day hasing events recbmie it to be, Iorlay is I diterells aad dinner with bi sutday Americans from Dounya rept that they wa not given facilities for Ebuying there butt othrwiie ndion were muh the same On te occe duch de were pried to visit Orayi fruit at. I appracked to sope7 reugted farnissish to a special buying of Doap ot from unten contragte for the Awdricntroop agreea indly cmmunicated wtt contaile ae got in tarticle imediatel condensed wille is cunpocurable & eo at my requast toutract drought in quaraty of powdered mille which and over to be s as a rever eply sall quantity of drugs at were delivered to bespital a ay Dep. at 100 lisd to sne sact for meordered & a perade of every reson in his fast of the meting trancee troop) at 13301 p a roll ad te sar done & very man was raou for dery haavy rain this afternoon toe whole paece bing absolutely apash with wate an hick or th deep. Another case of typesed in too hospital (a Dutclwen from outs savid case aspa to be reaoveig te seve men trom outside bospital returned to the Cunt to day Annian who marced t op o 15 692 tody reconed notice to be ready to movey Order

[*2.10.42*] Large scale movements seem to be taking place in the

camp. At about 1200 hrs today Camp commandant informed 

us that 1 off & 88 O.R.S from Aust. & 1 off 100 O.R.S from 

Americans ( all of whom were detailed by name 

direct by the Japs) were to move out of camp at 0600 hrs tomorrow permanently, At 1600 hrs camp authorities

presented us with a list of 1600 names & ordered us

that every man the on that list must produce

a specimen of his faeces for testing by 0800 hrs tomorrow

nature must give way to the orders of the Jap. Authorities

at 0300 hrs on 3.10.42, Japs roused us up with a list

of a further 2 off & 91 O.RS (American) also to move

out at 0600 hrs permanently, Simpson still continues

to progress satisfactorily.

[*3.10.42.*]  A general upheaval today resulting in a complete

day of uncertainty. Late tonight they removed

my name from the list of 1600 names but issued

special "particular" cards for each of the others  

which each man had to sign. They also

cancelled the contractor & sent him out of

camp with all our weeks order undelivered.

They will give us no definite information

as to any movement but it appears pretty

certain that some move is in the wind. Usual

concert tonight with was very good & very

well attended . owing to projected move

we closed down the sweep we were running

to raise funds for entertainment committee &

drew same at concert.

[*4.10.42 *]  no further word of any move but we were

informed that, contractors would not be

permitted to come into camp for a few days.

Have cleaned up canteen as far as possible &

have repaid Americans the 850 gulden which

they advanced me some time ago. Am now

carrying about 1000 gulden worth of stock &

will have to try to sell this to troops in order

to have money in hand to start new canteen

if new camp is established.  Broke a tooth off

my plate today & as same cannot be fixed

in here have applied to go to outside dentist.

Had first meal with our own grown tomatoes

in it tonight, 44 tomatoes being fried into the

vegetables, made excellent meal.

[*5.10.42*] Uneventful day. Persistent rumors that about 100

of us whose names are not on the "lists" etc.                

to date are to be sent to Japan. Authorities

enquired last night as to how many of the

Hospital patients could stand a sea trip.

Very heavy rain in evening; the heaviest

shower we have had here. many of the 

roofs of the huts leaked badly. List of

names (including most of Americans & most

of balance of our men) issued tonight for 

"specimens" to be submitted by tomorrow for      

testing re dysentery carriers.

[*6.10.42.*] Orders today that 1500 Australians will move in the

early hours of the 8th to some unknown destination.

Lists have not yet been supplied by Japs but we

have been informed that sickness unless certified 

to be absolute inability to stand & walk will not be

accepted as an excuse. no baggage to be taken

except what can actually be carried which is going 

to include officers bedding rolls, valises etc.          


[*7.10.42.*] Working all day on nominal rolls etc of men to

move out. We have not been given the slightest

hint as to where we are going but as they are   

dividing party up into groups of 1 off & 62 O Rs, it

looks like a railway journey. After lunch had

full parade of troops going away in full

marching order. Japs then held a kit inspection

& seized a large quantity of personal possessions,     

such as embroidery, cups etc as well as  

cameras, pistols etc. They also seized mosquito  

nets but subsequently returned these, also all

matresses were thrown out by the Japs. Parade

to move out has been order for 0800

hrs tomorrow. Held auction sale of

balance of canteen stocks & sold out everything.

Came to arrangement with contractor whereby

he took back goods for balance of apc.

[*8.10.42.*] 1500 officers & men marched out at 0400 hrs

this morning for an unknown destination. Quite a

number of them were sick, had fever etc but no

arrangements were made for conveying them by

transport. They just had to march off with the

rest of the troops. Eleven men were are too ill to be

moved at all (including Andrew Simpson) were

removed today to the outside Hospital. NX 4434

Pte E. Edwards (ex Singapore) died today at outside

Hospital from dysentry. As both chaplains had left

with party who left early this morning, Capt Gooding

took burial service. He was buried with at same

place as others, Pelamboeren Cemetery. There are now

103 Aust, American & English graves in the cemetery. Tonight

a recurrence of  beating up occurred & became so bad

that we had to send word to the Camp Commandant. Two

men had to be treated in hospital, one having stitches inserted.

The Camp Commandant quickly settled matters down &

the beating up ceased. Killed off all our chickens today

& had a meal of roast chicken, roast potatoes & carrots.         

[*9.10.42.*] A number of men returned from outside Hospital

today & reported that conditions generally are

quite good although several of our men are very

ill. List of approx 500 more men to move

out on 11.10.42 issued today. I am not on 

same. Persistent rumours that they are all

being taken down to the docks & embarked on

steamers are current. On checking over

Hospital supplies we find that Col Eadie has

taken far more than his share of supplies

with first party. He has taken all hypodermics

except one, nearly all needles & 20 in some

cases all drugs. Heard today that outside Hospital

is short of beds so have asked to see Camp Comdt

so as to suggest removal of beds from here 

to hospital.

[*10.10.42.*] Usual list inspection of party moving out at 1330 hrs

nothing much seized this time. Procedure varied in

that after inspection & whilst officers were at evening

meal, Japs raided our quarters & re-examined our

baggage. Nothing found which we shouldn't have

had.  About 1400 orders were issued that a party

of 84, including 2 Aust officers, capt Campbell &Sub/G Towles

& 15 ORs were to move out at 1800 hrs "for a cold 

climate". It is clear from various sources that they are

to be taken to Japan. Camp Comdt told us to try to fit

them out with warm clothing & assured us that rest

of the men were going to a hot climate. We appealed

to the men who had warm clothing to give it up &

the response was wonderful, a huge pile of

warm clothing being procured. I asked Camp


Commandant whether I was safe in giving up my warm

clothing & was assured by him that I was going to a 

hot climate. I therefore passed over to my thick woollen

singlet & underpants & all other winter clothing which I had

the party left for lorry at 1800 hrs.

[*11.10.42.*] Reveille at 0415 Parade at 0500 & party moved out at 0530.

Total of approx 300 Austs & Americans now left in camp or

in outside Hospital, 4 Americ officers, 17 Aust Officers ([[3 in ?]])

& about 150 O.RS (Aust), at about 1500, 1000 Dutchmen from

Bandeang moved into camp. They were utterly exhausted

with the move from the station as they had an immense

amount of luggage to carry & obviously were not in

good condition no further word about the move

of any of the rest of us.

[*12.10.42.*] An uncomfortable day. The Dutchmen who came into 

camp yesterday have not picked up the routine of the

camp easily & have a number of them have been

severely beaten up. Face smackings etc have been

going on all day. Several of them were sick & so

we got 4 or 5 medical orderlies & 2 more doctors from 

amongst them. Nineteen Australians returned from

the outside Hospital today. They report treatment

good in circumstances & Jap authorities doing all

they can to help. This afternoon all officers were

called into camp Comdts office & we were told that

it had been decided to all pay officers. However

out of the pay the sum of sixty two (62) gulden per

month would be taken by the Japanese to pay for

our accommodation & food. We would only be

allowed to spend a limited amount of the balance,

30 gulden for ranks above Brig. 20 for Brig, col & Lt Col

& 10 for all others & the balance would be retained

by the Japanese authorities & banked for us. My rate

of pay under the scheme is 310 gulden per month, of which

I receive 20, 62 goes to pay for my "keep" etc & the balance

is held to my credit. The Camp Comdt. explained that

 if I was a prisoner for 1 year, the amount held to my credit

would be 2736 gulden. The rates of pay are

as follows :- Brig & Col 310 Gulden per month, Lt Col 220,

major 166, Capt 122.50, Lieut 85, 2nd Lt 74.83.  The

rate for board (62) is a flat for all officers.

We each had to sign a receipt in triplicate for 

something but nobody is clear what the receipt was

for.  However I only received 20 gulden.  Today I

handed over to the camp Commdant Comdt. g  

my gramophone & records for delivery to the

outside hospital; also 125.50 gulden for the

purchase of extra food & comforts for the men

in the outside hospital.

[*13.10.42.*] Dutchmen at present who came into camp yesterday, were  warned

today that they would probably move on the day

after tomorrow & that they must reduce their baggage

to an absolute minimum as they will probably, have

to march all the way to Prish - 12 miles. several of

them are in urgent need of dental treatment

& our dental officers & all equipment have gone.

I made application to Camp Comdt to have them

taken out to an outside Hospital for treatment.

but he stated it could not be done. WX7645

Pte J.W. Nicholls died in the outside Hospital

today from dysentery & was buried in Pelamboeren

cemetery.  Permission given to us to deal in limited

way with Indian Contractor.  This afternoon about 

1000 more Dutchmen & 113 RAF (English) marched into

the camp having come from Bandeong.  The


[*13.10.42 (cont)*] English consisted of 13 Medical officers, 1 dental

officer & the balance medical orderlies etc. They

have been told they are to be taken somewhere

to open a Hospital.  They report that balance of our

Australian troops who were left at Bandeong &

Gareot are still at Bandeong. Camp Comdt

today ordered that all dogs must be removed.

from camp & so all pets have had to go!

[*14.10.42.*] Another 1000 Dutch troops moved in today. QX

19112 Capt D.A.M. DUFF died in our hospital 

today from some form of Typhus & was buried in

Pelamboeren Cemetery.  He had been ill in hospital

here for about 10 days but not until last night

did his condition show any sign of becoming serious.

[*15.10.42.*] Very large number of Dutch moved in early today

& a big no. moved out.  The nett result was that

by night we had 4280 men Dutch in camp in

addition to Aust, Americans & 113 RAAF medical

personnel.  Feeding was a big problem & cookers & 

wood fire with oil drums over them are going

24 hrs a day.  About midday Lt Sone sent for me

& told me that Aust & American officers & the nine

British officers in senior compound could write a

letter each to their homes, limited to strictly

personal matters.

[*16.10.42.*] Re-arrangements of camp organization today. I & Col

Searle and now officially on strength of "A camp" - the

senior Dutch & British officers & five  five Dutch & 1

British officer below the rank of Col are transferred

out to our general camp quarters. As a special

concession camp comdt. has permitted Searle & I to go

on living with other Australian & American officers

for the time being. He came around & inspected our 

quarters & immediately, ordered that two iron

bedsteads from A camp be brought through to our 

compound for use of Searle & I. He has put me in 

charge of whole camp with absolute power of

administration & control over whole of the troops

in here from time to time. About 1000 Dutch 

moved out in the early hours of the morning & no

more came in today but there are reports of large

movements for tomorrow. Have transferred some

of medical staff & medical orderlies from RAF personnel 

into camp hospital until other orders are received

concerning them.

[*17.10.42.*] QX15367 Driver Bramley died today in

outside hospital & was buried in Pelamboeren

cemetery. cause of death dysentery. A large number 

of Dutch troops marched out today. 6 officers of 

RAF medical unit including a dental officer

were transferred to our camp hospital today

from the group who came into camp upon 13/10/42. 

In the afternoon I signed the usual acknowledge-

ment of the effects of Driver Bramley which included

2 gold wristlet watches.  In the after evening the Jap.

Sgt brought the list back to me with a new one 

typed out exactly the same except that it now

referred to "2 wristlet watches" I started to write

the word "gold" in after this line but was

ordered not to do so & to sign it just as it

was.  When I had done so the original was

torn up & taken away by the Jap. Sgt. Dined

tonight with Air Commod. Statow & Group Capt Bishop

in A compound.


[*18.10.42*]. Movement in & out Dutch troops continues. No

sign of any move affecting us. Have obtained details

of the Jap. pay position. The deduction for messing etc,

which is made from our pay is 60 gulden per month. This

is apportioned by the Japs, as follows messing 42, clothing

15, miscellaneous 3. I intend to approach the Camp Comdt

on the matter as aim many of the officers are woefully short

of clothing.  Am reading Prof Fishers "History of Europe" & 

thoroughly enjoying same.

[*19.10.42.*] Large numbers of Dutch troops moved in today but none

out with the result that there are now over 4000

Dutch troops in camp. A.V.M Waltly approached Lt

Sone over general question of medical supplies etc. but

did not receive a very encouraging reply. Supplies

of certain drugs appear to be short! The rest of the

RAF medical personnel, as well as about 12 Dutch

medical personnel moved out today, apparently for

various other camps in & about Batavia. Have decided

to offer 1/2 gulden per stretcher, for any good camp stretchers

 brought in to hospital. Present beds are mainly

made with sacking & are unhygienic.  NX51665 Pte. S

Joy died at outside hospital from dysentery &

was buried in Pelamboeren cemetery.

[*20.10.42.*] Uneventful day. The problem of keeping the camp

reasonably clean & of camp hygiene is very acute

with movement of troops. men in here for one

day only are not very anxious to work hard over

camp cleanliness. This is also the final dumping ground

of lots of gear which up to now the men have been

carrying around with them. We are not allowed

to light fires to burn this gear & the rubbish carts

can only make 2 trips a day which is not

enough.  The problem is becoming acute & I today asked

Lt Sone for more carts or alternatively for more

visits from present carts. No movement of troops


[*21.10.42.*] 1000 Dutchmen moved out today & nine men

in civilian clothes moved in from Buitengang, all 

undergoing sentences of imprisonment imposed by the

 Dutch Japs. A number of men returned from outside 

Hospital. Report that treatment generally is good.                        

Messing officer was sent for today to Jap H. Q

& there interviewed by a civilian who stated

that he was there in connection with feeding of

officers, Jap. authorities were going to spend the

sum of 42 gulden per month on officers keep

& food & desired guidance as to the types of food

& quantities to which we were accustomed.

He had a list of food-stuffs etc with him. We

suggested held a meeting of our officers &

decided to submit a list of our ration scale

to authorities as a guide for them to work upon.

[*22.10.42.*] Nine men who came in yesterday from Buitengang

moved out today. No other movement of troops.

Pte Griffin (an American soldier) died today in outside

hospital & was buried in Pelamboeren cemetery.

Drs. at outside hospital told Col Searle that there

were 40 cases of typhoid in the hospital mainly

from Glodock & Prisk. Contractor reported today

that no more condensed milk & no more

cigarettes are available, milk being finally finished

& cigarettes merely hard to get. Position over milk 

is serious as it is required for dysentery cases

in hospital.  I immediately interviewed Lt Sone

& asked for arrangements to be made for fresh

milk to be brought in which I would buy


[*22.10.42. (cont)*] He said he would have to get permission of  

H.Q for this but anticipated no trouble & would

let me know tomorrow. In the meantime I

appealed to all personnel throughout camp to

give in all tins of condensed milk held by

them.  Commenced lessons in Dutch today.

[*23.10.42.*] Uneventful day. Lt Sone sent me down a        

present of nine cigars today. Small issue of

pipe tobacco (Capstan) 2ozs per man. Lt Sone

sent for me today to discuss cooking accommodation

of the camp. I of He wished to know what

 further provision would have to be made on

 its basis of the camp remaining at about 4000

for cooking to be satisfactory. I told him that

two more kitchens with same capacity as

present ones would have to be b installed

to make the position really satisfactory.  Case

of suspected diphtheria occurred in camp today.

With milk supplies started today am purchasing 10 litres per day.

[*24.10.42*] Case of typhoid in came today. medical officers

report that man concerned (a Dutchman) must

have got the infection outside not here in 

camp, nevertheless have ordered a close check 

by medical staff on general hygiene. More

men have been coming back from outside

hospital lately & we now only have 28 there .

Have been sleeping badly again lately.

[*25.10.42.*] A large number of Dutchmen moved out early

this morning in pouring rain. In the afternoon

a number came in & included amongst them

were approx, 100 Americans being E Battery of the

American artillery.  They have been in a P.O.W

camp at Sourabaya with about 00 20 - 30 Austs, (none

of my force) & the rest were mainly English. They report

good treatment on the whole but no tea or coffee

for some considerable time past.  They had a two

day rail trip coming here.  Lt Sone issued instructions

this morning that we should keep a diary on

"Intelligence report" setting out each days happenings

& events & submit it to him. Today is Gen Sitwell's

birthday & I had dinner with him.

[*26.10.42.*] Americans from Sourabaya report that they were

not given facilities for buying there but otherwise

conditions were much the same. On two occasions

Dutch ladies were permitted to visit their camp &

bring in fruit etc. I approached Lt Sone & requested

permission for a special buying of soap etc from

canteen contractor for these American troops. He

agreed & kindly communicated with contractor by

phone & got in the articles immediately. Condensed

milk is unprocurable & so at my request contractor

brought in quantity of powdered milk which I

passed over to the hospital as a reserve supply. Small 

quantity of drugs etc were delivered to hospital

today by Japs.

[*27.10.42.*] At 1300 hrs Lt Sone sent for me & ordered me to

call a parade of every person in his part of the

camp (i.e. excepting transit troops) at 1330 for a roll

call.  This was done & every man was accounted

for. Very heavy rain this afternoon the whole

place being absolutely awash with water an

inch or two deep. Another case of typhoid in

the hospital (a Dutchman from outside)

[*28.10.42.*] Typhoid case appears to be recovering. Six or seven

men from outside hospital returned to this camp

today.  Americans who marched in a of on 25.10.42

today received notice to be ready to move, Order



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