Diary of Arthur Seaforth Blackburn, April 1942 - November 1944, Part 5 of 26

Second World War, 1939–45
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15942 5:9:42 7943 8943 9:942 sevies officer consoint were let aidd ae see aft i sentries today. At en set down & were laving our treal, tho gast Dutries came though the compound they hceted on us all standing up to attution whilst be wont leisurall teroliga the compound, feaving pur weal to get coed Orders issuel today the ever person in camp wext iumediated lave then & lead clifed & ber as psiible, the read prison clip Evenyone ed it a great johe ge lined up as te va o hair cutters to get done. songlt a party jroditedd a govenul medy caterely compsed in the camp to was an encallent perprivance paval officers we guestins todday as to the circumstances of caping opte arte Monal Sundy Dervices Drst day. Fiit pund match play for goef Ceauriautin. I let my wetch Istination the worning the gays have tale ou Btlicaup ttes supplies of wedicne dongo our supless will seae, in all cases a ven are sicle & we each the redieme they wll be remaied to gay Hoapital where the will be given the bt treatuent whiicl can be managge. Inttinatio resever that there is a sertage of meicin drgs. camp commandant sent for the aps nerin & infumed me that it lad beau deaidex & pay wrting parties as from 1902&c was pradce pi tate no pay of encot as wenter of g prti erious difficulty les ar in regard t r can cnnndant rferme nsai norning that everthing purcuased from autred must be paid prCasle Frtles that acestande awbe pilat esent peition (as agranget with contractor) that we leve stoce in bant stalling about 2500& & owe Eatractr abo 1550f Contractor assure us be is qut setisfied but cenen commudent will nor autge & thretten to close Canten. Andunt dee muse to said tomrraw at pet I levet the mone to mest te amount ble aele nenn members object to playing mrargthig as enane siving music, Habe arranged will Col seae to advance 850 & to assist in s aa af, we will then have to sell of stocks & roa enstead of carrying stooks in the Crap. Am going &t persuade Cant Commandant to allow us to mele steates to contractor, particalarly of goods which he brought in to u unordered. cane Comssident rejued to allow us to return ms from Cnteen scg some conds whi a rendered quite useless by his orddertat al t is to be crossed off sart However be fraitd us time to tay of bllance of Afe to contrapter. Ta afternoon we were ordered to poduy three ewil arliectial enparione to ascept te Jap in some cnstruction woree. We have iaddy in camp with experiend) but have done our best to sixply comebody. Jep Gup cmmandant has increased to cartence debande by court martial uon, Dvi Faster. Today we were iosued wich another varies officenal reca cards for every san to till b we were es that bey would be used to condin some t official aadise of our ibeecabouts & that we wan 1:0. Ws & also 20 that the Jass would lepten wolfere to send word in case any of us died Di Ds won the y canndi lfte a great mateh. Hc sep Willeg were all square qta thes by D on to 36 in 2 to len afsenent3
109:42 11:9:42 12942 13943 242 15:942 116:9:42 uneventful day. After evering weal last pigce slay became ery overcast. They were agd ke Lords & pade eer seen Horeever it only rfined for fow minutes scarced enough to by the Huse. Te whole camp can very caly do with a seally beavy rain to flush down the Arainage gutters ets n which we sere seeing in the Cusit call for our conserts at was remaied today lyte for no exlanator given& n suggestion of another one in its peace unportudatel mte bes occurred in ctbetbeten are & Australians &f the rebestin has sllt u out tw corcumslatle mys owing office & apror 60 were men artived tody from Timg. They were all men who had ben in acpte morely wald malarie to it prt for me to dayo intermed ne that he belleved thang will exe the camp He ordered us to mat ach ive hand over all conera by 1000 lstm tonight the concert connittee trees a rewseal a Asqr the manleeys pawd & was extremly will done + received tremenddys acause. received order hremorning that Capt Danolor & & nadieal ege & I bospill on lie are to leaves this 700 led ton eth or an reshrntion destrrat also stcdl tegrett 79 other oflis of ficar Asving t reat lere tho w te prcounel fhow amongse the bent be ought from caut fid out t dectiatio onan wed vey will w returnt i ca Disprove of apinion have come to a reapd in the besfite over the matter as Care. Dniots departure require apointment of neer CO vospital oo ol casie prpedto tak aver Curroughs (an quorisin our main surgeon objected as be Weadio ad not &t on afecuste finally settled by estan taing ove as &0 of bospital Gitrandidaly bow predica weg sem to find it so dispisult to befrain from guo Part sbe out oarly this wearing later on in the mrking, geps warned as the one meredica officer& 3 ddarlies were you required for another camp of Englishmen. s sacbledge beed been varned for the sob which will require bim to leave s in a day a two the bousing of the 6 wew from Iaer in big proveen. The Catte order from Day ts that, anerears in Hat w.3 must dequande thei buirrsd make room for tere men, as Iap csise on the being lepe together & umedtiatel abrsite te t have tr to get him to gree to brandah of tat 2or de enclose unoocuied shed in fo of ounds withn barbed wire circle t le reue ctley gep Commanade draslicall out down senten inford by wrte on ear of feter reducing then in some cases by mettan bellf He dlere iestead of giving them detaution to place the for a few day in a were cage dut in the sun Irai wichsut solter& feed ton are & wate, Have elained that thes is aolutel illegl by Aust Lew & Dannot & will yor oe & party & a sast right leavy rain fell - to p dbout 697 weeks to Rodie was taken get of smp pervanently too an nown desation toubleone day all day as to mave of auct into fut 3 Amicaus felt that it was very unfair, to wales san pomanite r uo. Iagree wi this tad sevralltors write gep cux sudt & finally got mattoy aqusted. Inspected today by another gap starf officer) He took more enteret in te camp than any everrous one. sopped & enquired ar me details of any now with bandage on a sich man in lines. Ixpored toda
17942 9:42 25942 tat 80 noe new will be coming yite Cles Caup sartly Gd knows where we can bet them. ver loary rain last night & a very cool night. And a thin blawlet aver me all hight. Have been feeling terribly depessed the last fe days camedt throw it of senevereful day. Our administeatioo offices leave las to the arst the barbers slopt a & paliool ps our former offices were required br a ro abranmont oas sleeping quarters of te staff a a lng talk with one of Dutth metfeal afficers to My who assured we beging doubt that there were no valarial mosquitios lre & that such case of malane as bave secun were brought in to lature foom eleali by t troops. He is alvolutely positue on this. unevertful day are trying te is of expliments will ground ricecale & paster fried or baked in the batiers over thhe byser psition is again becoming very serious, tte are enited to Aboue swall eas band ar of word b fotuigle. We have bad to cut out all tires anaye abbolute gontial prolibit hot woster at 1100 & 1520 bro Ie are told that us mere wo0 will came on until ag wet p. I am continuing to get mow & were then I dont seem able to stop it Even my iaws gen ar shrykng nowr my rattile and begoming qut sawsl weenever eat I have been too ill to make any entry if my dear sence the 18:9:00, I have bad dengie fave a have been ill there has seen a comlett change ave of the whole camp guards & staff ats encluding & commendant & thins have been very difficul men (& officer) have been beaton up by the hundred for veriou alleged offacce the whole famp is letter bewildered for edge the wuards themeve done sem very cllar welae they bloure do ta Beangle sait last but officers were taken off to the guanroom othing in their quarter emaling shorit after 0 The Dutch officers from the Derior officers conposnd wee santle maved down bare left paw witn destination at 0330 lps this mo gI ue an informed the a linge number of endquesionsare (to sme on instead. He new Commandent has edered several of our old rules. He will only allow misis for one hour dail 0930- 1020 exlaining be decent selive in m in warting. He has also cat down ourscanet to one per week, an Daturdry yigtts. As only has te caun can got int the concert aance tleaus t a ran will ont be 06x 1 corcat ser ortright. The new guands apeir t be a differnt thy type to the old ones & understand they are preans ff t slaclean left on eofys at mny srt notes for an nown destiration
26942 27.942 28942 2:9:63 20:9:42 110 Te Dutch officers moved out early this a number of native top moved th 2 c o insisted on then being billetd nt amanget to tth troop in portion of a bst occupted by the Averepary Altlough there was other conmodition avpilatle where they could lve had thir own estane accode o benter myself although still very peal. Qutel d a has put me off 190 & Dr wl cxamined I dont mind that ge to fin what fle can e wise atmortle of carre is on adge with t pe gurd is rat lveu t sup going on all days bost of te right! usual sunday services. ox caup conmander oeneda pound we let no pean wl conset lest night omind to see what he could do. Loday a fixns increase to the careg resived for us Dycetyion wl rend the staye of an epidenis cogn. We f the drun to uyeet but no Rypederius prerpe of es t to gep can candent prgnc assealing for recdler & for egringe & pointing out that epidencs weocur. s of drugh is secon acate. ill bove to cacual &n iber of Cases to be gapanbospitl for treatment tomorrgw. Andrew Simpon collessed a 1000 his tsin &was rushed to Hospitd will a sute pristure ueas. You operation however it is four tee las a ruptured gill oladder which is in te pett bat way. Poor clap is in considerable pairt toughe, Foutleen man sent out to Jep Hpital oday for treatment as we havent got t necasry dregs. sisteen more men had to be sent out toda o sep cspil for teatune.Andve sinion t trogning as well as can be expected but to very ill, sam afraid. H is in consideratle pain & Dr Buroughsteels me it will be sowe days I say wether be will recover at not before he arto crapts exbition opened tom at £1920 livs. It is really an amaying orhibillon & replen to enghest credic on the new camp count visited artscrpt Exlibtion this morning a onpissed hi vey pleaser t reall a wonderful show. Warned to say defive wal povide a semiconmnt ptigue or wtling p onet4 wgrs- 9 Eat 20 de 7100 10s re 050 mn all australiant but 0 pr anny, navy aair farce allowed. Party to be ready by tomrrow. surpen is pogering well steaeu to be pert to dengr pint. Dycetoy is still Bad & will have to be evacuated to bpital ctal in te rear fature Drcel of drugs r bapte arrived ooday but as all warked in Jafance hes not ye been erted out drays from Jess are sent in as two merths cutply but they are about monge so two ichs or &o is char aat be Jayard a sit stort of drugs but io all that are doing everythind possible withln reason to Cok after aedets of mahas tody they started on tesling every frow in camp to scaty dysenton carriers. they also startd on plague moculation of everyone to camp some trouble n occurred over the exetion of p I officers & thy were encluded from todays pay & made to reunburse amt. said but last time so faras & can understand dfffciety yor tupvarit & pay will continue on any inoreased seale
210:42 31062 47042 61042 Langs scall movement seem to be bing place in the san. at about 1200 les tortay Caup C t us that 10f3880 R8 from Aust &1 off 100 02 Anoicing (all of whom were detailed by name drect by the says) were to mave olt of ryp &c $600 lwve tomorraw permanently, At 1600 levs fany autha peeted us with a lix of 10 man & ivedus that every man oh t list m ioduse a speamenofhis faccoo for eoting by Ogoo lotone nature must given way to the orders of te gap exlit at 0300 lrson 31042 d roued s up with a lis ofa purtee 2 off 7918.28 Amona) also to move but at 0600 lits permangelty, sirpon plill continue to trogregs satisfactorily stal up resulting a coul did of uncertainty - t towse tan reove my name from the let of1600 names one chice w gartilr carres in eacl ge other whish cash man las to bign, dnly al anselled i cntracta & sent him out of camp with all our weeks onter indelivered thay will give us no definite upermasion aany movement but p certin that some move is in the ifind, pave consert tought with was very good & very well attended cwing to pojested move we closed down the Sweep we were veun traise funds for entertainment Cumittle drew same at cousert. no further word of any mave but we were ifuetat Entraster would 0 st ea to care int cp pr a pew days Have claned up conten as far ao prsible have repaid cunericans to 850 gulen wfuccl s An verd they advansed me some time canging about 1000 guedew wdt o sa will have to try to cell this t troo in oLer to have money it land to stare no canteer if new camp is extablished. Drokse a tootl of my plate today & as same cannot be serged in here lave applied to go to outside dentex fad first weal witl sie own apeoe to imet tomane, 44 comatge being shee itt t vegetied made incallent weal rinenful day. Persistent reiiers that about to0 of us whose names are not on as gots st to date are to be sent to gapan, Aptnites enquired last night as to How many of t Horpital pationts culd stand a sex trip Vary beavy rain in evering; the befiest shower we have and dare, many of the rogs of the Accts leateed oadly tise of names onsluding most of Ameras mos of balance of our men) rssued conight for recimens to be sulemitted by topperrow for tating is dysentery carniers. orders ta t 1500 Autraliang will move the early bun ofthe 8d to come inlancion Hestination lise have not yoe been eusplied by tas but soe have been informed that seeness we had uabille to stard & walk will not be to be also acceted as an excuse, no baggage to be taken encg whet an astuall be canil no is fo to enclude officer beading oolly valis etc.

[*X*]  Senior officers compound were hit & kicked by 
Sentries today. At evening meal just after we had 
sat down & were having our meal, two Jap 
sentries came through the compound. They insisted 
on us all standing up to attention whilst they 
went leisurely through the compound, leaving our 
meal to get cold.

[*XX5.9.42.*]  Orders issued today that every person in camp must

immediately have their XXX head clipped as bare as 
possible, the real prison clip.  Everyone treated it as 
a great joke & lined up at the various hair 
cutters to get done.  Tonight a party produced a con
‘musical comedy’ entirely composed in the camp.  It was 
an excellent performance. Naval officers were 
questioned today as to the circumstances of the sinking 
of the Perth.

[*6.9.42*]  Usual Sunday services. Quiet day. First round of 
match play for golf championship. I lost my match.

[*7.9.42.*]  Intimation this morning that Japs have taken over 
Rathcamp & other suppliers of medicines & drugs &
our supplies will cease. In all cases where men 
are sick & we lack the medicines they will be 
removed to Jap hospital “where they will be given 
the best treatment which can be managed. Intimation 
however that there is a shortage of medicines &
drugs. Camp Commandant sent for me this morning 
& informed me that it had been decided to pay 
working parties as from 1-9-42. He was unable to 
specify rates. No pay for officers except as members 
of working parties. Serious difficulty has arisen in 
regard to Canteen. Camp Commandant informed 
us this morning that everything purchased from contractor
must be paid for in cash. Further that outstanding
a/c must be paid immediately. Present position is 
(as arranged with contractor) that we have stock 
in hand totalling about 2500f & owe contractor about 
1550f. Contractor assures us he is quite satisfied 
but Camp Commandant will not budge & threatens 
to close canteen. Amount due must be paid 
tomorrow & at present I haven’t the money to meet the 
amount. Trouble developed with camp orchestra 
as American members object to playing everything 
except swing music. Have arranged with Col. 
Searle to advance 850f to assist in settling canteen 
a/c. We will then have to sell off stocks & repay 
instead of carrying stocks in the shop. Am going to 
persuade Camp Commandant to allow us to make 
returns to contractor, particularly of goods which he 
brought in to us unordered.

[*8.9.42.*]  Camp Commandant refused to allow us to return goods 
from Canteen except for some combs that had been 
rendered quite useless by his order that all hair 
is to be cropped off short! However he granted us 
time to pay off balance of a/c to contractor. This 
afternoon we were ordered to produce three 
people with architectural experience to assist 
the Japs in some construction work. We have 
nobody in camp with experience (!) but have 
done our best to supply somebody. Jap Camp 
Commandant has increased the sentence  awarded
by Court Martial upon Priv. Foster.

[*9.9.42.*]  Today we were issued with another variety of personal 
record cards for every man to fill in. We were 
told that they would be used for sending home the 
official advise of our whereabouts & that we were 
P.O.W.s & also so that the Japs would know where 
to send word in case any of us died. Driv. Dickson
won the Golf Championship after a great match. He 
& Sapr. Wilkes were all square after the 35th and Dickson 
won the 36th in 2 to his opponents 3.


[*10.9.42.*]  Uneventful day. After evening meal last night sky 
became very black & overcast. They were about the darkest 
clouds I have ever seen. However it only rained for a 
few minutes, scarcely enough to lay the dust. The 
whole camp can very easily do with a really heavy 
rain to flush down the drainage gutters etc.

[*11.9.42*]  Piano which we were using in the concert hall for 
our concerts etc was removed today by the Japs.
No explanation given & no suggestion of another 
one in its place. Unfortunately trouble has 
occurred in the camp orchestra between the Americans 
& Australians & the orchestra has split up into 
two irreconcilable groups - Swing v Straight.

[*12.9.42.*]  1 officer & approx 60 more men arrived today from 
Timor. They were all men who had been in hospital 
mostly with malaria. Jap Commandant sent for me 
today & informed me that he believed there were still 
cameras in the camp. He ordered us to make a search 
& produce & hand over all cameras by 1000 tomorrow. 
Tonight the concert committee tried a new scheme with 
a play “The Monkey’s Paw”. It was extremely well done, 
& received tremendous applause.

[*13.9.42.*]  Received orders this morning that Capt. Daniel’s & X the 
Medical Sgt. & 3 hospital orderlies are to leave this camp at 
0700 hrs tomorrow permanently for an unknown destination, 
also Lt Col Leggett & 9 other of his officers (leaving the rest 
here) & the W.A. personnel from amongst the men he 
brought from Timor. Cannot find out their destination 
but am told they will not return to this camp. 
Differences of opinion have come to a head in the 
hospital over the matter as Capt. Daniel’s departure 
requires appointment of new C.O. Hospitals. Lt Col Eadie 
proposed to take over. Burroughs (an American) our 
main surgeon objected as he & Eadie do not get on. 
Difficulty finally settled by Epstein taking over 
as C.O. of hospital. Extraordinary how medical men 
seem to find it so difficult to refrain from quarrels.

[*14.9.42.*]  Party moved out early this morning. Later on in the 
morning, Japs warned us that one more medical 
officer & 3 orderlies were now required for another 
camp of Englishmen. F/lt. Blackledge has been 
warned for the job which will require him to leave 
us in a day or two. The housing of the 60 men 
from Timor is a big problem. The latest order from Japs 
is that ^60 Americans in Hut No.3 must dismantle their 
bunks & make room for these men as Japs insist on 
them being kept together & immediately alongside the 
Austs. We have tried to get him to agree to verandah 
of Hut 2 or else enclose unoccupied shed in corner 
of grounds within barbed-wire circle but he refuses. 
Today Jap Commandant drastically cut down 
sentences imposed by Crt-Martial on some offenders 
reducing them in some cases by more than half. 
He desires instead of giving them detention to place 
them for a few days in a wire cage out in the 
sun & rain without shelter & feed them on bread 
& water. Have explained that this is absolutely illegal 
by Aust. law & I cannot & will not be a party to it. 
Last night heavy rain fell - the 1st for about 
6 or 7 weeks.

[*15.9.42.*]  Lt.Rodie was taken out of camp permanently today 
for an unknown destination. Troublesome day all 
day as to move of Austs into Hut 3. Americans felt 
that it was very unfair to make them dismantle their 
bunks. I agree with this. Had several interviews 
with Jap Camp Comdt & finally got matter adjusted.

[*16.9.42.*]  Inspected today by another Jap staff officer. He took 
more interest in the camp than any previous one. Stopped 
and enquired an into details of any man with 
bandage on or a sick man in lines. Informed today


[*tha*] that 80 more men will be coming into this camp 
shortly. God knows where we can put them. Very 
heavy rain last night & a very cool night. Had 
a thin blanket over me all night. Have been 
feeling terribly depressed the last few days & 
cannot throw it off.

[*17.9.42*]  Uneventful day. Our administrative officers have 
had to take over the barber’s shop & art school as 
our former offices were required for a 
re-arrangement of the sleeping quarters of the staff. 
Had a long talk with one of the Dutch medical 
officers today who assured me beyond doubt that 
there were no malarial mosquitos here & that 
such cases of malaria as have occurred were 
brought in to Batavia from elsewhere by the 
troops. He is absolutely positive on this.

[*18.9.42.*]  Uneventful day. We are trying a series of 
experiments with ground rice cakes & pasties 
fried or baked in the baker’s oven. The fire wood 
position is again becoming very serious. We are 
limited to about 1 small car hand cart of wood 
per fortnight. We have had to cut out all fires 
except for absolute essentials & prohibit hot water 
at 1100 & 1530 hours. We are told that no more wood 
will come in until after the wet season. I am 
continuing to get more & more thin & don’t seem 
able to stop it. Even my jaws & gums are 
shrinking now & my dentures are becoming quite 
painful whenever I eat.

[*25.9.42.*]  I have been too ill to make any entry in my diary 
since the 18.9.42. I have had Dengie fever. Whilst 
I have been ill there has been a complete change over 
of the whole camp guards + staff  etc including a new 
commandant & things have been very difficult. Men 
(& officers) have been beaten up by the hundred 
for various alleged offences & the whole camp is utterly 
bewildered & on edge. The guards themselves don’t 
seem very clear what they should do. For example last 
last four officers were taken off to the guardroom 
for sitting in their quarters smoking shortly after 2200hrs. 
The Dutch officers from the Senior Officers compound 
who recently moved down here left for an unknown 
destination at 0330 hrs this morning & we are informed 
that a large number of Indonesians are to come in

The new Commandant has altered several of our old 
rules. He will only allow music for one hour daily 
0930 - 1030, explaining that he doesn’t believe in music 
in war time. He has also cut down on concerts to 
one per week on Saturday nights. As only half the 
camp can get into the concert hall at once, this means 
that a man will only be able to see 1 concert per 
fortnight. The new guards appear to be a different physical 
type to the old ones. I understand they are Koreans. F/lt 
Blackledge left on 25/9/42 at very short notice for an 
unknown destination.


[*26.9.42*]  The Dutch officers moved out early this morning & 
a number of Native troops moved in. The Camp Comdt 
insisted on them being billeted right amongst the other 
troops, in portion of a hut occupied by the Americans 
although there was other accommodation available where 
they could have had their own latrine access etc.

Feeling better myself although still very weak. Dutch

Dr who examined me has put me off rice completely.

I don't mind that except to find what else I can eat.

Whole atmosphere of camp is on edge with the present 
guard. It is nerve-racking to have shouts & yells & beatings

up going on all day & most of the night!

[*27.9.42*] Usual Sunday services. Jap Camp Commandant attended our

concert last night & when he found we had no piano

promised to see what he could do. Today a piano

arrived for us. Dysentery is on the increase in the camp &

will reach the stages of an epidemic soon. We have

the serum to inject but no hypodermic syringes or

needles. Wrote to Jap Camp Commandant urgently

appealing for needles & for syringes & pointing out that

epidemic will occur. Shortage of drugs is becoming

acute. Will have to evacuate a number of cases to the

Japanese hospital for treatment tomorrow.

[*28.9.42*] Andrew Simpson collapsed at 1000 hrs this morning

& was rushed to Hospital with a suspected ruptured

ulcer. Upon operation however it is found that he

has a ruptured gall bladder which is in a pretty bad

way. Poor chap is in considerable pain tonight.

Fourteen men sent out to Jap Hospital today for

treatments as we haven't got the necessary drugs.

[*29.9.42*] Sixteen more men had to be sent out today to

Jap hospital for treatment. Andrew Simpson is

progressing as well as can be expected but is

very ill, I'm afraid. He is in considerable pain

& Dr. Burroughs tells me it will be some days

before he can say whether he will will recover or not.

Arts & Crafts exhibition opened tonight at xx 1930

hrs. It is really and amazing exhibition & reflects

the highest credit on the men.

[*30.9.42*] Camp Comdt visited arts & crafts Exhibition this

morning & impressed him very pleased. It really is

a wonderful show. Warned today that we must

provide a semi-permanent fatigue or working party

one Lt Col - 4 majors - 9 Capts. 30 Lt & 100 W.OS & Senior

NCO & 850 men all Australians but no permanent

army, navy or air force allowed. Party to be ready

by tomorrow. Simpson is progressing well & seems to be

past the danger point. Dysentery is still bad & more

men will have to be evacuated to hospital outside

in the near future. Parcel of drugs for camp hospital

arrived today but as all marked in Japanese same

has not yet been sorted out.

[*1.10.42*] Drugs from Japs are sent in two months supply

but they are about enough for two weeks only.

It is clear that the Japs are a bit short of drugs

but for all that are doing everything possible

within reason to look after health of prisoners.

Today they started on testing every person in

camp to locate dysentery carriers. They also started 

on plague inoculation of everyone in camp.

Some trouble has occurred over the question of pay

of officers & they were excluded from today's

Pay & made to re-imburse amt. paid out last

time. So far as I can understand difficulty is only

temporarily & pay will continue on an increased



[*2.10.42*] Large scale movements seem to be taking place in the

camp. At about 1200 hrs today Camp Commandant informed

us that 1 off & 88 O.Rs from Aust. & 1 off & 100 O.Rs from

Americans (all of whom were detailed by name

direct by the Japs) were to move out of camp at 0600

hrs tomorrow permanently. At 1600 hrs Camp authorities

presented us with a list of 1600 names & ordered us

that every man sho on that list must produce

a specimen of his faeces for testing by 0800 hrs tomorrow

Nature must given way to the order of the Jap authorities

At 0300 hrs on 3.10.42. Japs roused us up with a list

of a further 2 off & 91 O.Rs (American) also to move

out at 0600 hrs permanently. Simpson still continues 

to progress satisfactorily.

[*3.10.42.*] A general upheaval today resulting in a complete

day of uncertainty. Late tonight they removed

my name from the list of 1600 name but issued

special "particular" cards for each of the others

which each man had to sign. They also

cancelled the Contractor & sent him out of 

camp with all our weeks order undelivered.

They will give us no definite information

as to any movement but it appears pretty

certain that some move in in the wind. Usual

concert tonight with was very good & very

well attended. Owing to projected move

we closed down the sweep we were running

to raise funds for entertainment committee &

drew same at concert.

[*4.10.42*] No further word of any move but we were

informed that Contractor would not be

permitted to come into camp for a few days.

Have cleaned up canteen as far as possible &

have repaid Americans to 850 gulden which

they advanced me some time ago. Am now

carrying about 1000 gulden worth of stock &

will have to try to sell this to troops in order

to have money in hand to start new canteen

if new camp is established. Broke a tooth off

my plate today & as same cannot be fixed

in here have applied to go to outside dentist.

Had first meal with our own grown tomatoes

in it tonight, 44 tomatoes being fried into the

vegetable. made excellent meal.

[*5.10.42*] Uneventful day. Persistent rumors that about 100

of use whose names are not on the "lists" etc.

to date to be sent to Japan. Authorities

enquired last night as to how many of the

Hospital patients could stand a sea trip.

Very heavy rain in evening; the heaviest

shower we have had here. Many of the 

roofs of the huts leaked badly. List of

names (including most of Americans & most

of balance of our men) issued tonight for

"specimens" to be submitted by tomorrow for

testing re dysentery carriers.

[*6.10.42*] Orders today that 1500 Australians will move in the

early hours of the 8th to some unknown destination.

Lists have not yet been supplied by Japs but we

have been informed that sickness unless certified

to be absolute inability to stand & walk will not be

accepted as an excuse. No baggage to be taken

except what can actually be carried which is going

to exclude officers bedding rolls, valises etc.




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