Letters between Malcolm William Keshan and Dorothy Williams, July-December 1944 - Part 11 of 14

Second World War, 1939–45
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HEESSIFTMSTHEHPPSI 37 ByreS Street. PRISONER OF WAR POSI. -HR MAIL BLXLEY NSH NX11067 AUSTRANR Sgr. Malcolm L. KESHAM, Bth November, 1944 Rostratian Prisoner of War 2768 (1747) STALAC 383. CERMANY My Deauat Mac, The fanily - Mum and Rad and hoama- are listening to the Lux shaw ent in the launge, recan. In deised to cath up on same letters hue and to ay big bucther your little busher, & Joalgar. Beiteuen you I Iel bee Fenly get as fands your letter, cause One been suimning all day & am feling pretty sleepy. Met to Casnulla haw -suaf was great and this time & Managed to collect a tan without the lusn Caning have - as usual- I hele a nere foe of the hlers yes I gal lanly for you all ever again. pisnan'd you think Ia fraw and of it, after all this time ho. tuil mayle ast. Is a nece way to be mising such a nece peason. Remenber your cil spainting you were sending heme to me I havens heard houghing about it ao yel, hud and leaking forward to receiving at See Lense whaher an saet In ging to kep it from other eyes, when I see it. Just an ald hess you are. Tull the peasen who task the snap of youthd your Rinme pal that youne much too me a subject to he taken from the wrong aoyle. Den' think Iin nas appreciating your sending time a srrap dasling: if it showed you upaide down Pa lave it yuss cause it was you Why? "Canse I lese ou! Logical don's you rechen? Especially caming frem such illogical peason as I am
Yee. Im feagetting to sedl you about another letter which, has asaied this weeks Olt is dated 1th July - and contained the snap of Yeu and the Kine ipae of Sulas. In paetly glad your taste still mas in quees disections: - juse as long as they keep night on coming my way, I can take it daaling. Ristor (ance again) Mac. I kas how haad it weee be few yeu, and Ius ges a faid idea of sane of the things which are happening, hu dan'd go saying huatful things sweetheans. Realiging haw much I am to blame fer putting such ideas into your mand I do feel mean, but pleasu forgie we sweet. I quess I am thoughthers, at that. Glad you liked my phetographs Mas, and In sending another are - a tene expesure which was taken a caupee of months ago at wesh. I only get the neg a couple of weeks back - hape you like i dear. Oh gause a deme so you dany think del be able to fight you cause youle be wanting to make up all the time. Might be nice as that -hey. what aa Iraying! How you do love to get in a dig about these Matches - I might be a paetly good causg though, just to taicky you Obdanling, waight inow, it all sounds weay wanderful, but hav much langer do I have to docasr? I want you hame again quickly as possible. Better waite by busther now - were tesacbly disappointed cause his leave was cancelleg after all. Shals life. Behave yousself now, and ns hease play. And when anyene asks you whom your give is, better play safe and say me. Cause I aight get to hear of it if you doan, and get paetly daw wrad. By Cheeais my darling, and, as always regards from the family & from me to you. All by Rave Deasthy
05 STONEY 4 15PN 15 NOV 1944 NXI1067 SOT. MALC9 AN P AUSTF STALAG-383, BWA 1aR 3768 (1747).
Kriegsgefangenenlager WIGHH 12 Datum: ear I have three letters to answer and only this card to annives her i Ill have to let them unately writing material is name n 12 it 2 form &2cer aliceen ill thrage may fick up agai dyeu 2a ME at the least. Haw is evenithing ave the se and slaw, remember Ima will every chance Iget Well I must say Pheri "for nav Aln
LUrtpO Kriegsgefangenenpost par Evioy Rostkarte 5 Ar2 Shi D. Willi 27 Bymne Caldeaten Absender: Eplanssort. Bereley Vor- und Luname: ha the Strake: N.S. Gelangenennummer: 3768. P.S. 30l. Lager-Bezeichnung: Land: Landesteil (Provinz usw.) Dentschland (Allemagne) A
18th hev 1444 Hu That day ie with ueence more, and a very importend initie Oet far time we enid nnt onewil becure and everyining ejut the same, Sunnder what the nixt will lringuaaunt we have been waiting for or more waiting and wishing I wink it mud bring Aenbistin dedingnud. Neubler hn benever he wntiann osho sol and recived a furdays ape— afix reading it and considering I received a phate the day befin due duided bet it mynelf whe received the bet preunt for your Vindlay Oot dat beter one of the min I have recived derling, not chat yaur lettre are wer anythieg itre f Aneande you could iee hew S pounce on thim whin teyenie an bly here little tu ne. ma L Mlekanen if you could ne that deale ilest let m in Cnhe Sat litle yirl I lave as very much, tee eanly wne ting I like bitter then reciving a lester from you and thats gitting a phate with one darling, talking about phates have one here if you in your alacke, the belist; you luck livily wet, if Icould lave you would but hue readed my Limid; dealing, you have all my lave es it is, I dont know if te because is your Wistdley and yeu heve bemn in my minded rnet bet to day ebaut cause cheenly cure is over in Cluri I feelvery terely Le aildecling our daywill iome— Out nut enued that f Iean pendly git e map for yau 6 a say we ha mo teatten I must have enaugle to fillen altun may be I have but to me thy sum as very fuw Et¬ Well my darling the day when I take you in my ame adricu all that lenstiners away is not eevery far ewey, in the man time take cere uf yeurself ir me, and hup heeld aid, bestuales te all, all my hove to your dealing Clusie Irue fe
LIORKSNPENENON LUrEDOSt par avion so Muirs. D.A. Williams 27 Byrnis Struet Emplanssort. Benley Sydney 95 Strake:- Kreis: AUSTRALIA Land. Leadestoll (Provins nsw.) Cebitrertel (euteueyy) purpsine a8 hup T-DS TiremmnunenJueje 90251139te myupouy emeang pen -10 Isepuesgy
MISS D. WILIANS KRIEESCETANCENENPOSI 37 Bymes Street. ORISONER OF WAR POST. M Wat DEXLEY. N.S.N. AUSTRANR. NXIO67. 51 Sgt. Malcolm W. KESHAM. 19th November, 1944 Rostratian Prisoner of Mar 2768 (1747) STALRE 383. C1 CFRIAITT Hulls daaling Behald your wenran- with wash day hands! Thats hav they shauld be anyhaw. Hrade and I have been washing diches for the part three & a half houss how were rexting You see: last aught the gials at maah staged a suspaise party You my heathday. To day we had to dear up. Dasling you shalld have been here - it was sush a nice party. A nice bunthday all round in fact- except for a certain you being abuuut. Jugs lectureers fee, I, and a doyer cemsond, I nighty terede of having my berthdays wathent your. Hewever, cansidening all, I supposl Fm Muaky, because I got two cands from you bor my heeathday monning. They came earlier in the week, bud kn saved them for my hiathday The date was 18 th July ameet, and it means sush a las to me to hear from Ye Sweetheans. Even if you did go caech an me here and there Dame with your letter which anawed since waiting you lass. It was fated and July and ssapped me even the Buchles creasionally, I want keep talking ahow that though you know haw I feel about the Hear you liked the phats I sea you have mussed + all I send them whenever I can dear how I must tell you abov Sday night Mac- begen now, so dle have enough apare. Yous Maker acked me and to tea on Friday evening and after woak
have I tratted to find everyeve there peus hasm. He had pave cave. But when I wen into the bedsaso to leave my thinge I found a heap of ppresents for are, from all the faalily. May and trangases gave me a pin basoch, Tay same tall pauden and penfume and heam a lias of beautiful handheachelfs. Yee I did geta surpeie wains is sences of them to so that hrew. There was sameshing else too In stell patting it eash teme I pass it from you and you mather: a wall meanar. The faethess eng I have ever seen. Oh Moc, I wanted to have when I saw that there in the bed with its little nste. Its so beautiful and Ido many to thank you darling There wesn's angwhere to hang is in my bedacem, and I didn like the idea of putting Naway So I hang et in the launge nean, and gue it looks grear tral ukrad, when I fin saw the mosar, I phee with yaud Mather and said how Ill have to get drasned, wass f. She enly sauled & rxepeied qually that enterely hetwen the two of you. I lave your mashed because of so mraay thing Mar. She has heear do good to me always, and I always feel so anek at hame when In with her. thes lave for you binds us cleser, natually Busits more then that this such a good spead. Well my darling hear's the finish to another that o ouss Its been a bona week end (washing up and all J. Befere Igo hac. thanks for leving me, any dealing and f aight on doing so will y? Juskha I we lave you always. By Cheeaio & All My Love Doosthy


Sgt. Malcolm W. KESHAM,
Australian Prisoner of War 3768 (1747),
Stalag 383 
37 Byrnes Street, 
Bexley N.S.W. 
12th November, 1944 
My Dearest Mac,
The family - Mum and Dad and Norma - are listening to the Lux show 
out in the lounge-room. I've decided to catch up on some letters. Must write 
to my big brothers, your little brother, & Jocelyn. Between you & I - I’ll bet
I only get as far as your letter, ‘cause I’ve been swimming all day & am feeling 
pretty sleepy. Went to Cronulla Mac - surf was great and this time I 
managed to collect a tan without the burn. Coming home - as usual - 
I had a violent fit of the blues. Yes, I got lonely for you all over 
again. Wouldn’t you think I’d grow out of it, after all this time. No? 
Well maybe not.  It’s a nice way to be, missing such a nice person. 
Remember your oil painting you were sending home to me? I haven’t 
heard anything about it as yet, but am looking forward to receiving 
it. I’ll decide whether or not I’m going to keep it from other eyes, when 
I see it. Just an old boss you are! Tell the person who took the snap 
of you and your Kiwi pal that you’re much too nice a subject to 
be taken from the wrong angle. Don’t think I’m not appreciating your 
sending me a snap darling: if it showed you upside down I’d love 
it just ‘cause it was you. Why? ‘Cause I love you! Logical don't 
you reckon? Especially coming from such an illogical person as I am.


Gee, I’m forgetting to tell you about another letter which has arrived 
this week. It is dated 11th July - and contained the snap of 
you and the Kiwi pal of yours. I’m pretty glad your taste still 
runs in queer directions: - just as long as they keep right on 
coming my way, I can take it darling. Listen (once again) 
Mac. I know how hard it must be for you, and I’ve got a fair 
idea of some of the things which are happening, but don’t go saying 
hurtful things sweetheart. Realizing how much I am to blame 
for putting such ideas into your mind I do feel mean, but please 
forgive me sweet. I guess I am thoughtless , at that. Glad you liked 
my photographs Mac, and I’m sending another one - a time exposure 
which was taken a couple of months ago at work. I only got the neg. 
a couple of weeks back - hope you like it dear. Oh you’re a 
devil - so you don’t think I’ll be able to fight you ‘cause you’ll 
be wanting to make up all the time. Might be nice at that - hey, 
what am I saying! How you do love to get in a dig about those 
matches - I might be a pretty good count though, just to trick you. 
Oh darling, right now, it all sounds very wonderful, but how 
much longer do I have to dream? I want you home again - 
quickly as possible. Better write big brother now - we’re terribly 
disappointed ‘cause his leave was cancelled after all. That’s 
life. Behave yourself now, and no horse play! And when 
anyone asks you whom your girl is, better play safe and 
say me. ‘Cause I might get to hear of it if you don’t , and 
get pretty darn mad! Big Cheerio my darling, and, as always 
regards from the family & from me to you: All my Love,


4 15PM 
8 15 NOV 8 

STALAG 383, 
3 Opened by 

[[12th April Nov 44?]] 
Stalag 383 


37 Byrnes Street,
3 Opened by Censor


Kriegsgefangenenlager    Datum: 12th Nov. 1944 
Dear Dot,  I have three letters to answer and only this card to answer them with 
so Ill have to let them go until I get a form, unfortunately writing material is scarce 
still things may pick up again soon and you can always expect 2 form & 2 cards a month 
at the least. How is everything over your way Dot, things back to normal after all 
those wedding, give my best wishes to everyone, and dont worry if the mail is a bit 
slow, remember Im still the same in all ways that is, havent changed a bit, and I 
write every chance I get  Well I must say "Cheerio" for now AML. Dot. Mac 


par avion 

An: Miss D. Williams 
37 Byrnes Street. 
Empfangsort: Bexley 
Straße: N.S.W. 
Landesteil (Provinz usw.)
Vor- und Zuname: 
Malcolm William Keshan 
Gefangenennummer: 3768 F.S. 306 
Lager-Bezeichnung: Stalag 383 
Deutschland (Allemagne)


Hullo Darling   18th Nov 1944
That day is with us once more, and a very important one it is Dot, last time we said next 
one will be ours and everything is just the same, I wonder what the next will bring us sweet 
the happiness we have been waiting for, or more waiting and wishing. I think it must bring 
us each other this time darling, must. I have a letter here to answer Dot written on my birthday 
and received a few days ago. after reading it and considering I received a photo the day before 
Ive decided that its myself who received the best present for your birthday Dot that letter 
was one of the nicest I have received darling, not that your letters are ever anything else, if 
you could see how I pounce on them when they arrive and read them over and over 
especially those little bits and pieces about us, which I like to see and never tire of reading 
if you could see that darling you wouldnt say your letters must seem very much the same 
to me, your not forgetting that these letters are the only thing I have to keep me in touch 
with that little girl I love so very much. there is only one thing I like better than receiving 
a letter from you and thats getting a photo with one darling. talking about photos 
I have one here of you in your slacks, the latest, you look lovely sweet. if I could love you 
any more I would but Ive reached my limit; darling, you have all my love as it is, I dont know 
if its because its your birthday and you have been in my mind all day, or not but to-day 
I feel very lonely, the worst of it is I cant do a thing about cause the only cure is over in Aussie 
still darling our day will come. Dot rest assured that if I can possibly get a snap for you I 
will, no one knows more than I how good they are to get. As for your photos, you say 
I must have enough to fill an album, maybe I have but to me they seem so very few Dot 
Well my darling the day when I take you in my arms & drive all that loneliness away is 
not so very far away, in the mean time take care of yourself for me, and keep the old 
fingers crossed, best wishes to all, all my love to you darling, "Cheerio"  Mac.


par avion 

An Miss. D. A. Williams
37 Byrnes Street
Empfangsort: Bexley
Straße: Sydney
Kreis: N. S. W.
Landesteil (Provinz usw.) 
Vor- und Zuname: Malcolm William Keshan 
Gefangenennummer: 3768 F.S. 306 
Lager-Bezeichnung: Stalag 383 
Deutschland (Allemagne)



Sgt. Malcolm W. KESHAM, 
Australian Prisoner of War 3768 (1747) 
Stalag 383 


37 Byrnes Street. 
19th November, 1944.

Hullo darling 
Behold your woman - with wash-day hands! That's 
how they should be anyhow. Daddie and I have been washing 
dishes for the past three & a half hours. Now we're resting. 
You see: last night the girls at work staged a surprise party 
for my birthday. To-day we had to clean up. Darling you should 
have been here - it was such a nice party. A nice birthday all 
round in fact - except for a certain you being absent. Just 
between you and I, and a dozen censors, I'm mighty tired of having 
my birthdays without you! However, considering all, I suppose 
I'm lucky, because I got two cards from you on my birthday 
morning. They came earlier in the week, but Mum saved them 
for my birthday. The date was 18th July, sweet, and - it meant 
such a lot to me to hear from you sweetheart. Even if you 
did go crook on me here and there. Same with your letter 
which arrived since writing you last. It was dated 2nd July 
and rapped me over the knuckles occasionally. I won't keep 
talking about that though. You know how I feel about that. 
Glad you liked the photo I sent you - hair mussed & all - 
I send them whenever I can dear. Now, I must tell you about 
Friday night Mac - begin now, so I'll have enough space. Your 
mother asked me out to tea on Friday evening and after work  


home I trotted to find everyone there - plus Norm! He had some 
leave. But - when I went into the bedroom to leave my things 
I found a heap of presents for me, from all the family. May 
and Margaret gave me a pink brooch, Fay some talc powder and 
perfume, and Norm a box of beautiful handkerchiefs. Gee I 
did get a surprise. Wasn't it sweet of them to do that Mac? There 
was something else too - I'm still patting it each time I pass it - 
from you and your Mother: a wall-mirror. The prettiest one 
I have ever seen. Oh Mac, I wanted to howl when I saw that 
there on the bed with its little note. It's so beautiful - and 
I do want to thank you darling. There wasn't anywhere to hang it 
in my bedroom, and I didn't like the idea of putting it away 
so I hung it in the lounge-room and gee it looks great Mac. 
You know, when I first saw the mirror, I joked with your 
Mother and said "now I'll have to get married, won't I?" 
She only smiled  & replied quietly "that's entirely between the two 
of you." I love your Mother because of so many things Mac. 
She has been so good to me always, and I always feel so much 
at home when I'm with her. Our love for you binds us 
closer, naturally. But it's more than that. She's such a 
good sport. Well my darling here's the finish to another 
chat of ours. It's been a bonza week-end (washing up and 
all). Before I go Mac: thanks for loving me, my 
darling - and go right on doing so will you? Just as I 
will love you always. Big Cheerio and All My Love  

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