Letters between Malcolm William Kesham and Dorothy Williams, July-December 1944 - Part 8 of 14

Second World War, 1939–45
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KRIECSCEFANCENENPOSI. MISSD. WIAIANS, FBISENER OF WAR POST HIR MAIL 37 Byrnes Stret, AX11067. BEXLEY N.SN. SCT. MALCONN W.KESHAM. AUSTRANA. AUSTRALIAN PRISONER Of WAR 3768 () STALAG 383. 8th October, 19444 CTRMANY Sunday night] thy Peers hav Daying hells to your ence again sined haw are you this week mace? Sene? Well good or you Auswe- yal better be taking good case of yourself dauling, or else youne going to catching Tamble from iace paunds as if Im an awful bully deesa it In not really dasling, but it weedbe I will bull you into taking cary of yourself. Rause ddaling you know why Ye whey had heals another week give by aad still as letter ffusm yee. I mander if there are day coming through how Ven aur I meaely impltiens as usual? Anyhow Mraw- lets leak even the happening of the past weck, since last I write. Sonday night I were to the pictures with Mum- just a local show and only because it was a heliday Tuesday well I stell go to ippsical culture, and off I taatted. I rather a staugge getting have freo work (Idan knock off until 6pa) and rading dan to Hochdale, bus as the end of the evening when Ine had a has showe and Im all tucked up for bed I fee pretty good Wednesday night I wene to a show in town - The State theatse - with the grals from weak1. Haven & been to the pectunes in town veay much of late and actually I don's mers i much. After weak is done I Yur always glad to he ar any way here. Atill it was fem and, like it generally is wher a casued of us go any where, we did a las of langhing. I can remember the time we were to the State Theate haw can you? We were setting there when you told
me you weren going evensess awhile but were to attend a school iastead. Loskhing back - it seems so many years ago & yet I can remember it all so well. The every you pissed me a the side of the house and then bundled me indeeas, in case Gaddee would stop me favny going out with your the following night. Oh trac - Ididks knew thers, hus as time wens pol, I deaaned to love you for all those sixcer thoughtful things which are so much p pan of you. And when Iremember such evenings - is it gay wander Imiss you so very coe! Say mac you should be here to day, so we could have ant fin dify of the season. Lo, I didott go sumamning, bus it was certainly petenough for it. I prefered to be in bed awhele & then shor bake in the teach pad. Equedor stay out there weay long though because the sun was too ras. harar + my Gloaig came in during the afternoon & we had a yaar oor the lawn. how it is way past tear o'clock and as seen as I finish your letter Im going to waite any deings yr ay Maay and Grap into bed. Yes. Im back again keeping a drasy - ay mase from Angearca send it to med when shelwer back. This hiss Deaseas has are the same sahe promised me when she could she would send me one the same and she did! Its really, a pet, dailing lising in greet leather and with a lock and key! (so an bnather dand apy on me as he did whe we were kids) well Mrac sweethedar I did have mane talking to do, bu the end of this page is geing to finish that. Once again then, dearess you, Imust say Cheens and send you all b Love, Baachy
23 AMR TEGSGEFANGENENPOST SVANE 180 913007 1944 MSWAUST NXI1067, Set. Malcolm William KESHal, Australian Prisoner of War 3768 (1747), Stalag 383, 144 AERNANY
Froms MSS D. WILLLAMS, 37 Byrnes Street, BEXLEY. N.S.W., AUETRALIA.
wt Luintal will no 25
1891 40 WOTHEN 6 808 Fetdtnfar MOST par AViON LYENES SIREE Emplangsort: 200 walle: Kreis ARAL Land. Lendestell Prowas ar. (eubeieyy) purpsineg Sugrg-7 y cemenny pan -o NYOITT Hepuesgy
Kriegsgefangenenlager Datum: 4 Dear Dat. Hawins the mo y ale thape Idn. kinaw haw yeu find my litters Oct: but when I read demeve re alwaye nime to be amaking min¬ ing I hepe tey dent rem to bac to you So far I have not had any July mail S teels as though it mys have Sialiagddyuc never till may be to menow. B. he time you receive this it wil just about be Annee nemy ore and a Heffy aew penee hew Year for me went you, exfer yourself neud I say it Oct or dto you alrealy knaws, he 2 Bhene Heffy ere Oet, and the next will
Kriessselangenenpost LTEDOSt Postkarte Oer awien Yurs (40 7 Bymnes Street CCDiEMIen Sender EMplanssort. Bexlei Vor- and Kname: William Kishs 12 Strabe: Gelangenennummer: 2762 (174. Lager-Bezeichnung: AUSARI Land: M.Stammlager 383 Landesteil (Provinz usw. Dentschland (Allemagne) 11
KRIEESCEFANGENENPOST. Miss D. WILLIAMS. PRISANER OF WAR POST. 37 Byrnes Street, -444 Pe OFXLEY. N.SN. XX11067. AUSTRALIA. SCT. Malcolm W. KESHAM. o5 Hestratan Prisoner of War 3768 (1717). xan 15th October, 1944. STRLAG 383. OtK TANT Hulls daaling It's jus 430 Sunday afteanoon & the baeze was beginning to get chilly so I left myping or the back lawn where I was seen laking and came in here to put asare yuare clothes onr and waite to you. Yee it was nice setting and there hac. Reading some of any aloflachs, feeling the sun had on my base back and now and thenr taking another lask at your letter. Yes - Ive actually had a letter daaling and excited wasn the bod for me when hum handed it to me last Mednesday night. You write it 14th fuly so that isnt too bad, is it Mac I didn Caugh when I read your letter sincer, hur I had to smile; for it was so good to redd, that your face was peeling as it did in the old days, Then that but alions the stuff that makes people measy the feast time I read it I thought the ward was imassy and must admis I was nather confuse. However, light finally dawned. Inang you hathes to let her know In received a letter from you dear, but she wasn't al hame so may came in to pay hells instead. She was rather disappointed that a letter had came, begause, as time, was gaing by and no mail asswed from you, they were all hoping that soon wed he hearing from you, somewhere aes of Geaman But as I said, - a let could have hhappened since you wrrte this letter, so were still hoping hand. Only this eek Iread semewhere in the newspaper that paisoness of was i Geomany would soan he released but it didn give any detaild.
and we muat wait parieotly for the good news. The pasy week has been meay quiet Mas, with fuly weak to occupy my houss Catainly there is plenty to do here as home when wesk is finished; I think if I had a whole two weeks here at houe I still wouldn get eveaything dane that I'de like to You know - dresses to see & kaitting to do, and fancywask - letters to waite - backs to head pholdgraphs to sead aud and stick in my allem A hundayd + one things to do. Waling you have a busy give here ar Aussie. There are lets of srape Year send you sencer, so In keeping every sue until youre hame & well little down on the flear one eaching and go Inighs through them & piill hear all the stances conrected wich them. Youk, its going to he wonderful sweetheans having yeu night there thude me sbeing able to tell you eveaything instead of nearly waiting it down. has I wish you caned know how much I do value your lave - its always been there; everyteme whenever I feel bad its always you you love that hxis me. And a letter from you well thas has he feeling hundred per cen Hunay have will you hae? Ham sacy I wander, after this Chaistarag, before youll be hame Lats a question Imy always asking & anyhody who well listen to me. Well hoe I can see teama coming in the gate, so its yuss as well Ive almoss finished weiting heam. I letter writing just don't nix. So -I'm love, here come all my usual waanings - take good case of yeurself and keep your thir sky high. Luis regards from all We famlly + senember - were weaking qreatione hoping + praying for your safe and quish return. Cheesis dauling & all ay Love, Seacty

STALAG 383, 
- AIR MAIL. - 

37 Byrnes Street,
8th October, 1944. (Sunday night.)

My Dearest Mac,
Saying 'hello' to you once again sweet - how are you 
this week Mac? Fine? Well good on you Aussie - you'd better 
be taking good care of yourself darling; or else you're going to
catching trouble from me! Sounds as if I'm an awful bully, 
doesn't it - I'm not really darling; but if need be I will bully 
you into taking care of yourself. 'Cause darling - you know why. 
Gee whiz Mac - here's another week gone by and still no 
letter from you. I wonder if there are any coming through 
now - or am I merely impatient - as usual? Anyhow Mac - let's 
look over the happenings of the past week, since last I wrote. 
Monday night I went to the pictures with Mum - just a local show 
and only because it was a holiday. Tuesday - well I still go to 
physical culture, and off I trotted. It's rather a struggle getting 
home from work (I don't knock off until 6pm) and racing down to 
Rockdale, but at the end of the evening when I've had a hot shower 
and I'm all tucked up in bed I feel pretty good. Wednesday 
night I went to a show in town - the State theatre - with the
girls from work. Haven't been to the pictures in town very much 
of late and actually I don't miss it much. After work is done I 
am always glad to be on my way home. Still it was fun - and, 
like it generally is when a crowd of us go anywhere, we did a lot of 
laughing. I can remember the time we went to the State 
Theatre Mac - can you? We were sitting there when you told


me you weren't going overseas awhile but were to attend a school 
instead. Looking back - it seems so many years ago & yet 
I can remember it all so well. The way you kissed me at the 
side of the house and then bundled me indoors, in case 
Daddie would stop me from going out with you the following 
night. Oh Mac - I didn't know then, but as time went on, I 
learned to love you for all those sweet thoughtful things 
which are so much a part of you. And when I remember such 
evenings - is it any wonder I miss you so very much! Say 
Mac, you should be here to-day, so we could have our first 
dip of the season. No, I didn't go swimming, but it was certainly 
hot enough for it. I prefered to lie in bed awhile & then sun- 
bake in the back-yard. Couldn't stay out there very long though 
because the sun was too hot. Norma & my Gloria came in 
during the afternoon and we had a yarn on the lawn. Now 
it is way past ten o'clock and as soon as I finish your letter 
I'm going to write my "doings" in my Diary and pop into 
bed. Yes, I'm back again keeping a diary - a nurse from 
America sent it to me when she went back. This Miss Forrest 
has one the same & she promised me when she could she would 
send me one the same - and she did! It's really a pet, darling, 
bound in green leather and with a lock and key! (So my 
brother can't spy on me - as he did when we were kids.) Well 
Mac sweetheart I did have more talking to do, but the end 
of this page is going to finish that. Once again then, dearest
you, I must say 'Cheerio' and send you All My Love, 



11 AM 
9 13 OCT 9 


Stalag 383 

Sgt. Malcolm William KESHAM, 
Australian Prisoner of War 3768 (1747), 
Stalag 383, 
198 8th Oct '44 

3 Opened by Censor 



37 Byrnes Street, 

3 Opened by Censor 


Hullo Dot,                              10th Oct 1944. 
Received two letters yesterday. Dot the first for about six weeks 3rd - 20th Aug
they were darling. I felt pretty rotten when I read the second one Dot for even though you
didn't say so I know by your letter, I have done the one thing I didn't want to, you know
I wouldn't hurt you intentionally darling forgive me for being so stupid, thats just a
bit more I have to make up for, I dont know what I would do without you Dot honest
Remember what I said about "Rose Marie" well darling as I have said before thats putting
it mild. I cant put it on paper sweet honest. I just dont know how to start, there is so
much to tell you, but never mind darling it will all come out on our night; I couldn't
stop it if I wanted to, can you wait until then, or maybe you dont have to be told how
much I love you. Dot; Sorry I can't tell you what it is I remember so well, it's really very
simple, you would probably burst out laughing if I told you what it was, however, its
a long time since Ive got as big a kick out of anything as I did out of that; its not much
good trying to guess darling. As for "beginning to wonder what to wear" Dot it doesn't
matter what you wear on that night, Ill love you just as much if you were in rags so
to speak, Ive gone over that night time and time again, as to what I will do and say
but somehow I can only get to the front door, and when you open that; well darling I
guess things will take there own course. I couldn't garantee anything except that I
will be hard to get rid of, and another thing young lady, if your not quick opening the door
your liable to have a nervous reack on the step when you do, all jokes aside Dot
there is nothing I have ever looked forward to more I only wish it would hurry up
and come darling I do love you so, although you may find it hard to believe at times
but whatever I may have written, in that Ive never changed for a moment and never
will, now Ive finished and I still havent said what I want to "Cheerio". All my love Mac




par avion 
Empfangsort: BEXLEY 
Strasse: SYDNEY 
Kreis: N.S.W. 
Landesteil (Previnz usw.) 
Gefangenennummer: 3768 (1747) 
Deutschland (Allemagne)


Datum: 10th Oct 1944. 
Dear Dot, How is the mail going these days, arriving ok I hope I dont know how you
find my letters Dot but when I read them over there always seems to be something miss- 
ing I hope they dont seem to bad to you. So far I have not had any July mail and only 2 June it
looks as though it might have gone astray, still you can never tell maybe tomorrow. By
the time you receive this it will just about be Xmas wish everyone a merry one and a Happy
new Year for me wont you, as for yourself, need I say it Dot or do you already know, have
a very Merry and Happy one Dot, and the next will be ours, I'm sure "Cheerio" Mac.


par avion 

An Miss D Williams 
37 Byrnes Street. 
Empfangsort: Bexley. 
StraBe: N.S.W. 
Landesteil (Provinz usw. 


Vor- und Zuname: 
Malcolm William Kesham 
Gefangenennummer: 3768 (1747) 
M.-Stammlager 383 
Deutschland (Allemagne)




37 Byrnes Street, 

Stalag 383 

NX 11067, 
SGT. Malcolm W. KESHAM, 
Australian Prisoner of War 3768 (1747), 
STALAG 383, 

15th October, 1944. 

Hullo darling - 
It's just 4.30 Sunday afternoon & the breeze was beginning to
get chilly so I left my rug on the back lawn where I was sun-
baking and came in here to put some more clothes on - and write
to you. Gee it was nice sitting out there Mac. Reading some of my
old books, feeling the sun hot on my bare back and now and
then taking another look at your letter. Yes - I've actually had
a letter darling and excited wasn't the word for me when Mum
handed it to me last Wednesday night. You wrote it 14th July
so that isn't too bad, is it? Mac I didn't laugh when I read your
letter sweet, but I had to smile; for it was so good to read that
your face was peeling as it did in the old days. Then that
bit about "the stuff that makes people merry" - the first time I
read it I thought the word was "marry" and must admit I was
rather confused. However, light finally dawned. I rang your Mother
to let her know I'd received a letter from you dear, but she
wasn't at home so May came in to say hello instead. She was
rather disappointed that a letter had come, because, as time was
going by and no mail arrived from you, they were all hoping
that soon we'd be hearing from you, somewhere out of Germany.
But as I said; - a lot could have happened since you wrote this
letter, so we're still hoping hard. Only this week I read
somewhere in the newspaper that prisoners of war in Germany
would soon be released - but it didn't give any details.


and we must wait patiently for the good news. The past week has 
been very quiet Mac, with only work to occupy my hours. Certainly 
there is plenty to do here at home when work is finished; I 
think if I had a whole two weeks here at home I still wouldn't 
get everything done that I'd like to. You know - dresses to sew 
& knitting to do, and fancywork - letters to write - books to read 
- photographs to sort out and stick in my album. A hundred & 
one things to do. Darling you have a busy girl here in 'Aussie'. There are 
lots of snaps I can't send you sweet, so I'm keeping every one until 
you're home & we'll settle down on the floor one evening and go 
right though them & you'll hear all the stories connected with 
them. Gosh, it's going to be wonderful sweetheart having you right 
here beside me & being able to tell you everything instead of merely 
writing it down. Mac I wish you could know how much I 
do value your love - its always been there; everytime whenever 
I feel bad its always you & your love that fixes me. And a 
letter from you - well that has me feeling hundred-per-cent! 
Hurry home will you Mac? How soon, I wonder, after 
this Christmas, before you'll be home. That's a question I'm 
always asking - anybody who will listen to me. Well Mac 
I can see Norma coming in the gate, so its just as well I've 
almost finished writing. Norm. v letter writing just don't mix. 
So - - m'love, here come all my usual warnings - take good care 
of yourself and keep your chin sky-high. Kindest regards from all 
the family & remember - we're working overtime hoping & praying 
for your safe and quick return. Cheerio darling & all my Love, 

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