Letters between Malcolm William Kesham and Dorothy Williams, July-December 1944 - Part 13 of 14

Second World War, 1939–45
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ABleSCCTMNSCTEYPORT 37 Oyrnes Street, PRISONER OF WRL POST Mr Math OEXLEY. N.S.H. XX11067 MSTRALA Sgt. Natcotm W. K3417. Hestratan Prisoner of War 276 (17) 3 December,1914 STHIAC 3S3. OCknaw 8 hy Davert hac, 18000 They say ther's no peare for the wecked! Well, Io not veay wiched dauling, but it seems as though Io to have ho peace. A here thinty this monning I was sound aslap (it being Sunday & my one day ito slep in late in the monning) when young Jack from aeases the read bouught a message to say I was to reng wosk immedigtely o I had to exawl out of hed and go acaess I aing up. trae the sun's so gleaceus to day and Ia planned a beautiful lagry day sun shing Instead of which I had to wenk on a plessed inport. I ppese Ill have the day off dusing the week, hut semehaw its inat the e langhow set, now that I have pound on to you all my ables lads hear some news of you for a change Have 's had aay ie letters, and gosh, cauld I do with sane. How are you keeping hell I hape- and are you keeping good? Better had - don get that Cussie gal of yours who's threaten to take you in hand you dan't behave. In sending you a scap wish this letter, and I do hape you like is daaling It was taken are day during the hundh hour, in the park. Put it in with your colledion - which must be graning, incidentally Keep them all mac. I want to see just hav many firaly reached you Mac, I hope the hail is seaching you
regularly dear. As precen it is not the hest even if I did have those thio cards from you on the 18th has hanever it may be that you have been and down on the number yeuse allowed waite In nat meaning to gauoble mac, hut, as In always telling you, sulda's be satisfied with ane a week even. The year is gradually among to a close hac -once again I can see you wen he have for it wtheant. It will be sonetime in 1945 of that much I am certain I anly wish I knew what month. All assund Chrestmas is ming in peopees thoughts again, its going to be a pretly laaely ave in this year ho yeu, and no Geenge. Oh will- were lushy ven so. At lease there is a you; some from falk have lost their ppeness allogether, nat merely persposing it as we tewo aoe toe my lettle causer here for tea mar. shis such a funry ked 18 months ald, and can she talk! Every now and then he will come out with a naughty wood as she says, and it takes me all my time to keep from reasing wich laughter Perhaps you have grtened daaling - these days I dan'd go places much, he it deesi't take uech to ameize me. Ruppering you find Ine gave into hibeanation when you gt hameI hisned you still lave me darling? Bry counbes you mighter's have a chance stopping. Teres that end again well I suppose we can take it huh Slep sailing hrac. Yesaugh my dailing I lave you Almayk Soaathy
3 116k Of 148 35 5. WIISI NX 1667 Dt Malilon Wl Kesham. Gustralian Presner of War 2768 (1747) Halar 382 feandny
For me this weet has been a very go sfive lett ottander bit Ien by youre littir yeu en having a bad bt should be all ile bigyer. I wish you would quit uamy al Eand iffa that withing effect wot plenty of time to b f my thoughts will still bealen. a place darlin allgse I am I have lets of thonge I wo Degir falline te 12t Junese le Imalgl Gest age hee Iwent hapn tobe eutafbise so you will have at be the firs frend the time in finee that we cast fut in puper ot the for we mut de erlypuablem Inew Clunie lave hrae
5 Centrei AegrgfaAREEMOS pirtpost Br evion ract fris Emplanssort:- Bexls Strabe: W. Kreis: RALIA A0G Landestell. (euboueyy) pupppsine F:SARTTy- 13887 TremmnuneneJurjeg 102.51) 89t ousweng pon 101 er Sepnesgy
WKCSOFTN CCNETPAI 37 Byrnes Street PRISONCR OF WAR POST M8 17at SEXLEY N.S.H. AOSTRANR NX 11067. Sgt. Natcotm W. KESHA 10 December, 1944 Hestratian Prisoner of War 3768 (1777) STALAC 383. OCKNATY luce halls there danling Yans everyhing mush you? I the weather legunning to than and semawhar I lave you stell shivening. Ye hoe, as I write this, its haad to realede your in the misble of wenter on the other sixe of the woald How was Chartings wich you dear did you have a gad time Did yu do anything special as a celibination? I don's know yot just what we are going to do at Chrisras Aane. Hum may go to Bevral over the handey. I want he alle to goaling wah them cause Ill the woshing all through- except Chaueras By itself That may seund strang to yeu, although I ded the same last year) when you renearted The sld days By haw revenber the hage hoae of Calfara Chacalates you gave me that first Chaistmas - I was so sucpaised and sodam waaned, fer Idian's know what hum. And weuld say about you giving me a passen Baaling - were you secious eved then you were always so goa to the has, sven in these days. Anue, this is eve Chrestaras I m not ueay interessed un I wish it was over and dave wih. Its too herely suchent Geage here as have, and even though I have neal acticly had you here at have for a Chaestmas
plice Ime been counting on this sae being shared with yeu, ever since last mas Oh well heaes to au next cre dauling, and in the meanture heris hoping this hew Year csuing wel beving you heve paply and sear Now about that! Day a lettle paayer for us hrac, and here to right, Iwill hane and pay also the held cun iphye concent on Friday night lass, and it was a hug success, hoe smet. One man lesisn on Tuesday night negt year. Its always good to have and then were frished for this a spell from it for a couple of genths lend to a tensis dance last night with Eelea and - las of the old tenais caau there too They had a gaod enchertes, bud it was tesaibly has for dancing, I was wishing Im have hee sucaning instead Phaling thats another thing for our lest high sucimnning. I have it, don't you? Lets do th shall we whas with all these places & pastines ao ann lst, we must he well into our secand year sh. Imimerting this letter to you under paetly seere handiaps. My young thiese sany, Imean causer- is pulling as many shea, demandiong that I read her a stary. lh wll I suppose it man huar sare to baush up an Jack & the Beanstrek. Ill he waiting to you twuce before Chaistaras, h daaling hrar - Ill he thinking aliaws you all the while remem beaing day known eyes that seemed to smle night into my heart. I meis you swetheand - and I lave you meay mauh Always - Hoaathy
23 SCFFMENENO L051 ER OF 4a 5701 810 000 1844 MSWAIET NX 1067 Sat Malelon W Keshan Australian Lnsoner of lar 376/(1714 Stalag 383 Yeamany
From. WisS D. Winsan 37 Byrae Steet E STRALIH

Sgt. Malcolm W Kesham.
Australian Prisoner of War 3768 (1747),
37 Byrnes Street, 
3 December, 1944. 
My Dearest Mac,
They say there's no peace for the wicked! Well, Im' not very  
wicked darling, but it seems as though Im' to have no peace. At 
nine thirty this morning I was sound asleep (it being Sunday & my 
one day to sleep in late in the morning) when young Jack from across  
the road brought a message to say. I was to ring work immediately.  
So - I had to crawl out of bed and go across & ring up. Mac the 
sun's so glorious to-day and Id' planned a beautiful lazing day sunbaking. 
Instead of which I had to work on a blessed report! I  
suppose Ill' have the day off during the week, but somehow its not the  
same. Anyhow sweet, now that I have poured out to you all my  
troubles let's hear some news of you for a change. Haven't had any  
more letters, and gosh, could I do with some! How are you keeping  
Mac? Well, I hope - and are you keeping good? Better had - don't 
forget that Aussie gal o' yours who's threaten to take you in hand 
if you don't behave. Im' sending you a snap with this letter, and 
I do hope you like it darling. It was taken one day during the lunch  
hour, in the park. Put it in with your collection - which must be  
growing, incidentally. Keep them all Mac - I want to see just how  
many finally reached you. Mac, I hope the mail is reaching you


regularly dear. At present it is not the best - even if I did have  
those two cards from you on the 18th Nov, however it may be that  
you have been cut down on the number you're allowed write.  
Im' not meaning to grumble Mac, but, as Im' always telling you, I  
wouldn't be satisfied with one a week even. The year is gradually 
drawing to a close Mac - once again. I can see you won't be home for it
sweetheart. It will be sometime in 1945 - of that much I am certain 
but I only wish I knew what month. All around Christmas is  
growing in peoples' thoughts again, its going to be a pretty lonely one  
again this year. No you, and no George. Ah well - were' lucky  
even so. At least there is a you; some poor folk have lost their
happiness altogether, not merely postponing it as we two are. We  
had my little cousin here for tea, Mac. she's such a funny kid  
Only 18 months old, and can she talk! Every now and then  
she will come out with a "naughty word" as she says, and it  
takes me all my time to keep from roaring with laughter. Perhaps  
you have gathered darling - these days I don't go places much, but  
it doesn't take much to amuze me. Supposing you find Ive' gone 
into hibernation when you get home? Would you still love me  
darling? By crumbs: you mightn't have a chance of  
stopping! Here's that end again-- well I suppose we can take it
huh? Keep smiling Mac. Goodnight my darling - I love you
Always - Dorothy


Prisoner of war Post 

NX 11067
Sgt. Malcolm W. Kesham,
Australian Prisoner of War 3768 (1747)
Stalag 383,
3rd Dec 45 
Stalag 383 21 Geprűft 


37 Byrnes Street,


Darling,                    4th Dec 1944 
For me this week has been so very good I received five letters altogether 18th June, 10 Sept 
1st, 8th and 21st Oct I see by yours letters you are having a bad trot as for mail, still darling, your 
next bunch should be all the bigger. I wish you would quit worrying about me Dot Im alright
and the only time Im likely to be otherwise is if your mail should suddenly stop, it would just 
about stop me I think to have that happen darling, they are few enough as it is. Your being a little  
hard on me Dot don't you reckon, telling me I had better keep away from you, haven't I been 
kept away from you long enough as it is, how about if I just sit and look at you, I wont  
even talk, until you have finished your sewing, will that be alright, if I should happen to have  
that soothing effect well, then we can talk too. In all your letters darling you say when  
will I be coming home, try and hurry etc, I don't think I can make Christmas sweet  
heart; as much as I want to and unfortunately its not in my power to even hasten, but  
believe me you won't go short of mail or cables when I get out of here so you will have  
plenty of time to calm down, my biggest regret is that you won't be the first person I  
meet, they will be exciting days Dot, and Im afraid I wont give anyone in England a very  
good impression of Australians for although I may be with them at the time in person  
my thoughts will still be a long way away, with you.  There are still no change's in  
this place darling, I'm in the best of health etc, missing you sweet more than ever 
and loving you more each day, but I will always be doing that Dot no matter where 
I am. I have lots of things I want to talk to you about, things that we cant put on paper 
like your problems, because my main talking will be about them, for we must do 
away with these darling, they are holding up my answer which is my only problem 
still we will soon straighten them all out, Well my darling once again I must end, 
 give my best wishes to everyone, how many matches have I now Cheerio Love Mac


An: Miss D Williams 
37 Byrnes Street 
Empfangsort: Bexley 
StraBe: Sydney 
Kreis: N.S.W. 
Landesteil: AUSTRALIA 
Luftpost par avion 
Stalag 383 7 Gepruft 
Vor-und Zuname: Malcom William Kesham
Gefangenennummer: 3768 (F.S. 306)
Lager-Bezeichnung: Stalag 383
Deutschland (Allemagne)


37 Byrnes Street,

NX 11067,
Sgt. Malcolm W. KESHAM,
Australian Prisoner of War 3768 (1747),
STALAG 383, 
10 December, 1944. 

Well hullo there darling,
Hows' everything with you? Is the weather beginning to
thaw out somewhat? Or are you still shivering. Gee Mac, as I
write this, its hard to realize youre' in the middle of winter on
the other side of the world. How was Christmas with you dear -
did you have a good time? Did you do anything special as a
celebration? I don't know yet just what we are going to do
at Christmas. Daddie & Mum may go to Bowral over the holidays.
I won't be able to go along with them 'cause Ill' be working
all through - except Christmas Day itself. That may sound strange
to you, (although I did the same last year) when you remember
the old days. Say Mac - remember the huge box of California
chocolates you gave me that first Christmas - I was so surprised
and so darn worried, for I didn't know what Mum & Dad
would say about you giving me a present. Darling - were
you serious even then? You were always so good to me Mac,
even in those days. Well, this is one Christmas Im' not very
interested in - I wish it was over and done with.. Its' too
lonely without George here at home, and even though I have
never actually had you here at home for a Christmas -


still Ive' been counting on this one being shared with you, ever
since last Xmas. Oh well - here’s to our next one darling, and in  
the meantime here’s  hoping this New Year coming  will bring  you
home safely and soon! How about that! Say a little prayer for
us Mac, and here to-night, I will kneel and pray also.
We held our physi concert on Friday night last, and it was a
huge success, Mac sweet. One more lesson on Tuesday night next
and then were' finished for this year. It's always good to have 
a spell from it for a couple of months. Went to a tennis dance 
last night with Elva and Sam - lot of the old tennis crowd
there too. They had a good orchestra, but it was terribly hot for
dancing, I was wishing I could have been swimming instead. 
Darling - that's another thing for our list. Night swimming.
I love it, don't you? Let's do that shall we? What with all
these places & pastimes on our list, we must be well into
our second year - eh? Im' writing this letter to you under pretty
severe handicaps. My young niece - sorry, I mean cousin- is
pulling at my shirt, demanding that I read her a story. Ah
well I suppose it won't hurt me to brush up on 'Jack & the
Beanstalk'. Ill' be writing to you twice before Christmas, but
darling Mac - Ill' be thinking about you all the while -
remembering deep brown eyes that seemed to smile right into
my heart. I miss you sweetheart - and I love you very much.
Always - Dorothy


NX 11067,
Sgt. Malcolm W. Kesham,
Australian Prisoner of War 3768(1747)
Stalag 383,
3 Opened by Censor 


37 Byrnes Street,  
3 Opened by Censor

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