Letters between Malcolm William Keshan and Dorothy Williams, January-June 1944 - Part 10 of 14

Second World War, 1939–45
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Mhli Se Se Ive had two mere letter ainceunting leat 16t. 38t. fen, one of Lim in a form, it dent¬ make much differmnce ae fax eetineis cencumed Ost Goumentioned aam aineua prablime Ddd Itih if yeuler wIfella bet of there problime would annuce them cluce sectial we cen do is wait, or mayle I would prace better for yeu if yen, unt forget all eau¬ me it might eave you a bet of ueraying bende yeu dont knew juat what Lwill be like whin Lect back de you you may wn find hat yeu prfer be ceompeny your enjaying now, thy sum to be giting mene passlar with every letter lency. I can nad tackover your litter new Det, netaence you heve intreduced all te denyatiff thet ty have teugl yeu svenyene auma to been ridng anumming ir aimiting lee with the crawde from work, in tells what e nici¬ Denen fohn yne iwo amstiglle de. Ooad Bould du Lenges derlay becane. Hlavn. be way things ar at prund I feel tes I en teing anleet den yau and yaur suling o cemcone elee, and I unect der Ot, I may be wring deding I hape to fee tem, mayle iteerly beceure dem mising you semuch I clnt know but I preant will kiene thing his tu to eeberd t gi wndt be gitingent of my rac and teenly pinon wle can dange Hat fut¬ darling. I hape I levent made youused blue Drt and Sent min understand me I leve you desling and yan alone, but well let the Lepe you mention, will thy have mone memerie then I have and Iquen Mjeslain, where they trid and anccuded I trisand failed and whe I slik sau it wil darling you must bnow low it is I must cang the rule jesterlerd know Lew Illfinish up. Litace naw, afort his sarlisonce agains I had three games affecte her week, and Iuegat ahin of bath knew and allows, a swollen nere and I Vaue to be very crreful whin hes down, We lnt alinsdie to my weight a Setentt say lack of it still it belfate pare the time, and taken my mind effehen thinige thet rum to be getting me down lately. Well sedling one again it blune I itild lave you very much rwuther; and went yeu to many me mine Hewer. All bry lave mac
A0 CbSSSNEN X WESFMNN OUST par svien D. Williame. 27 Bymee ptret Emplanssort:- Benley Sydney Strabe: Kreis: AUSARALIA Land: Lardedell Klreren vow. (SUSEMEIIV) PUSIISSISG OS PS Byr-7 TRTRSRS wo Mpoyen pen so JpG
t letter a be2 lyl Hime ad by Air tail fee ing with new Pot but then te for myself at present im in the fir I may be able to git e tr betes 26 seli Aril 1944. Dot after my lart sl eme B E e law liter Sum -lenger to read you sedent forget. interrutoyan Co withe but flrnk Daye prerens weare. u Dot. I mus be getting als. tell you what yau did that I remumber. galna Ver Shene for new All my lave tnee.
38 er Kriegsgelangenenpost LuftDOEt par avion Mis D A0- STalaS 333 Enplanssort: Gevratt Strabe:- Xe1 AUSFPALIA Land: EMSII leadeste Provins vw SUSEUISIV) PUSIISSIIS S8e BSe geg t Sepuesgy
Reg. No. NXIOb7 Rank SCT. Name of Sender MI.S.S.D. HILLIARL Name KESHAMM.M. Address 37 Byrres Street Prison No 3768 (1747 pamp Siniae Sa2. BEXLE & N.S.V Country of Internment CFRNANT AUsTRALIR AIR MAIL Q3ad April, 1944 My dearest Man, Nuell, gua hay has heen geting into the nemepapers even heace. Myrmys new do yeu do it. An's stand frowning- as may be you know ahous is. On Friday at lunch time I came and fav, work to find your mother and may waiting for me, with this weeks hespaper- Smith's weekly. Your mather pointed to a casicature sketch + asked me if I kol who it was well of couase, it just had to be you. I was an anticle headed "Australians th Geanran by S. A. Hallimone. Beneath the sketches it says Sgt Mal Hleshan toby) She was taken at Flanna, on the Jugo. Greca franties He comes from Ashfield, oW. He's a cear for the Rustaalian i-hackey team in the first and las intennational sxies to begin in the near future. There are five other men also Pte Brean Andearon (inns he in kome of there phates you have sens ime) Gur Hanay Asquith, Yus Taanks Anelgaah, Gno. Gahage Clarke, & Gro. Rey. Dean. I am keeping the cutting for your to see for yourself. Baaling it was the inceisfuling to hee this piece of inews in the lpaper Jhas a little thing may be, hut is helps to being ome that much clase to you. It's Sunday aftenason as I wade this Istaated out with My God child seatell ancay hace, busa wasn's way successful. She is jus at the walking & grabt ing stage, and would much mnather be pulling all the back afrem their shelues It's getting kindl cold how thoe; hus whenever I think of your over there + the minteas you have to endure, then
MT EprOH I wonder what I have to complain alions I jus such the time would came when you and I can go places of a Sunday - or stay at home if we ffeel like it just so long as we can be together. To you realuse Ill pashably fight anr awful lot with you + all the ress of things women ane blamed for nagging, hasping and soon Deesnt that sease you any On second thoughts the I den's think well nag you much Just an occasional fighs eh Remember fights anns so had, Couse making up i ponice will dareing as least we are one week neaver to the end of this bnsiness ane week toward yos heneconing There man's her much longer to wait sweetheans Enclosed you will find a anapt of heaard, George and myself; taken daw in Kanganes Walley when we were dosn there in Pleauasy lass. Praid were no glames gals these, line we had been emmoning all menning & hadn tooubled abou our haid Mad; be nor and tell ne whas phates you receive I like to know. Im going and to tea as your place head Wednesday might & ten may I am going to see a forture telles I think hrayfe shill tell me when yahe coming heare and be nifs. Bay, when I showed them at wash whas you laaked like the lis in the newspaper - they doubled them efferts to make we hidg, saying all things abew other gials getting you on your way hose I pelitely told them that you have b taste for Aunie gials That righ is's it, dabling? Yosh dear, hears the dash end of another letter sems to came up so quickly heres where I have to say Cheesis my swee& and please, lasks after youaseff. Regards franl all the family and farm me to you All my duce, Heaathy
2 PRISONER OF WAR POST RRIEGSGEFANOR 924 1944 INSWANE NSOR 14t 108 Pnt & Name A J Ser s AUSTRALLAN PRISONER OF WAR No 3768 (1747. CAD D Tke Cn Knn D Doking mondand Country of Internment oncmemnheen
Aprnil ygue Hule Benling I received three mere of here very niece letters of yours lor wich Det 21st. fan 10h Feb. I believe I have teld you before what e min beable peren yeuare, one ef thies Rehials ing bat of e dever mmy Ser till me what teay tagisl when yeu fud te Sery shes ae begeg ge and if I waited until lgot bock you wantd s anyhing bud dheis from me like yau did once before, I pert en Do she Ieuemy segan dalled heve it pain hoor wait I think anlymutr osherrwaen you t se aumed temable tired darling fe tant we Lgme Ktfing aCugedyan b Seny Runile Date weatter ddat hall eut and aur apacte wirce flep. I suppose I han yeu guining at times and yaudent benun what h think not that Imean to Oat dill yeu shaulbut wory daaling Vendes yen dadl daae bad yeurelf at times Thercere two Lhinge theush¬ het I dont. think you have consideed awaut not judginaly yeue letters anyhawe, att ie nathing to wrny alout Yau wanted me to tellyain whal it was yan did badt I remunder¬ eaplainly will mext tim yau deit M tellyeand before I went forged, for althange¬ maybe because when you Kealingane Menter Gan t git you didnt knew iud haw I fell; I dont know ite gie ill dailing give my best wistee to every one, dend for ged I hav Imonly waiting for We day whenyan duide to p.
Gebtibrentreil wiwn Stalag 8613 Kriegsgelangenenpost Luftpost r par avion £ Emplanssort: Strade: Kreis:- Land: Landestell PProvins vaw.) (eutemeyy) purppsineg Janaguorg 19827 32504 SSMGSu comenny pan-1o ssepuesgy

18th April 1944.
My Dearest Dot,
Ive had two more letters since writing last 16th 30th Jan, one of them on a form, it dont
make much difference as far as time is concerned Dot You mentioned some serious problems
Dot I think if you knew exactly how I felt a lot of those problems would answer themselves
as it is all we can do is wait, or maybe it would prove better for you if you just forgot all about
me, it might save you a lot of worrying, besides you don't know just what I will be like when I get
back do you. you may even find that you prefer the company your enjoying now, they seem
to getting more popular with every letter honey. I cant read back over your letters now Dot,
not since you have introduced all this honey stuff that they have taught you, every one seems
to have riding swimming or something else with the crowds from work, or tells what a nice
person John Wayne is or something like that. Don't think Ive changed darling because I havent
but the way things are at present I feel that I am being asked to share you and your feelings
with someone else, and I cant do that Dot, I may be wrong darling I hope to God I am, maybe its
only because I am missing you so much I dont know, but at present well  the one thing Ive been
trying so hard to get seems to be getting out of my reach, and the only person who can change
that feel-ing is you darling. I hope I havent made you feel blue Dot and dont missunderstand me I
love you darling and you alone, but well Dot those chaps you mention, well they have more
memories than I have and I guess Im jealous, where they tried and succeeded I tried and failed
and when I think about it well darling you must know how it is. I must change the sub-ject or Lord
knows how Ill finish up. Lets see now, sport has started once again.  I had three
games of foot[[ie]] last week, and I've got skin off both knees and elbows, a swollen nose
and I have to be very careful when I sit down, the lost skin is due to my weight or I should
say lack of it, still it helps to pass the time, and takes my mind off other things that seem
to be getting me down lately. Well darling once again its Cheerio I still love you very much
sweetheart, and want you to marry me, more than ever. All My Love Mac.


[STAMPED purple]
par avion 
[STAMPED black]
21.4.44 -11
[STAMPED purple]


An    Miss. D. Williams
37 Byrnes Street
Empfangsort:  Bexley
StraBe: Sydney
Kreis: N S W
Landestsil (Provinz usw.)
Vor- und Zuname:  Malcolm William Kesham
Gefangenennummer: 3768 (1747)
Lager-Bezeichunug: M. - Stammlager 383
Deutschland (Allemagne)


20th April 1944.
Dearest Dot,
I suppose you are wondering what Im going to say this time Dot after my last 
letter at the same time I wonder what you will say when you get it, there is only one 
thing I really want to hear you say and its not in answer to that letter, still I dont mind
waiting as long as its yes when I get it. Getting back to those problems you mentioned sweet 
if you think back over some of the things Ive told you you may find the answers to a 
few I only wish I could put your mind at ease by answering the lot Im sure I 
could I think I know a quite a few of those problems still they will keep and in the mean 
time dont worry about them, you know how I feel and you can rest assured that I wont 
change, no matter how long I have to wait and I can take these bumps you were 
talking about, the only ones that get under the skin are the ones you dish out darling 
how about the mail Dot Ive been informed that this maybe the last letter I can 
send by Air mail if so my mail will take a lot longer to reach you. so dont forget 
what I have told you before will you darling. These letters of mine are not exactly 
overflowing with news Dot but then there is nothing here that interests you. As 
for myself at present Im in the pink as far as health goes, and with a bit of luck 
I may be able to get a tan up. We are preparing for Anzac Day at present we are 
having a whole day of sport, and providing the weather holds out it should well 
I havent entered in any races myself Im to slow for that Dot. I must be getting old 
do you reckon that's what it is? Sorry darling but I cant tell you what you did that I remember
so distinctly not just yet, Ill tell you later maybe. Well my darling its almost here 
once again, give my best wishes to everyone, and once more in case the old mail 
should get all muddled up remember I love you darling you and you only and 
I always will, remember that wont you. "Cheerio" for now All my Love Mac.


[STAMPED purple]

[STAMPED purple]
par avion
[STAMPED black]
Stalag 383

An Miss D. Williams
37 Byrnes Street
Empfangsort: Bexley
StraBe: Sydney
Kreis: N.S.W
Land: Australia
Landesteif (Provinx usw.)
Vor-und Zuname : Malcolm William Kesham
Gefangenennummer: 3768 (1747)
Lager-Bezeichnung: M.-Stammlager 383
Deutschland (Allemange)


Reg. No. NX11067  Rank SGT
Name KESHAM, M.W.,
Prison No. 3768(1747) Camp STALAG 383,
Country of Internment  GERMANY
Name of Sender MISS D. WILLIAMS,
Address     37 Byrnes Street,
23rd April, 1944
My dearest Mac,
Well, our boy has been getting into the newspapers over here.
My, my, how do you do it. Don't start frowning - or may be you 
know about it. On Friday at lunchtime I came out from work 
to find your Mother and May waiting for me, with this week's 
newspaper - Smith's weekly. Your Mother pointed to a caricature 
sketch & asked me if I knew who it was. Well of course, it just 
had to be you. It was an article headed "Australians in Germany
by Sgt. A. Dallimore. Beneath the sketches it says "Sgt Mac Kesham
(NX11067). He was taken at Florina, on the Jugo-Greeco frontier. He
comes from Ashfield, NSW. He' s a "cert" for the Australian ice-hockey 
team in the first and last international series to begin in the near 
future." There are five other men also - Pte. Brian Anderson (isn't he in 
some of those photos you have sent me?) Gnr. Harry Asquith, Gnr. Frank 
Anelzark, Gnr. George Clark, & Gnr. Reg. Dean. I am keeping the cutting 
for you to see for yourself. Darling, it was the nicest feeling to see 
this piece of news in the paper Just a little thing maybe, but it helps 
to bring me that much closer to you. It's Sunday afternoon as I 
write this. I started out with my God-child seated on my knee, 
but it wasn't very successful. She is just at the walking & grabbing 
stage, and would much rather be pulling all the books from 
their shelves. It's getting kinda cold now Mac; but whenever I 
think of you over there & the winters you have to endure, then


Stalag 383
I wonder what I have to complain about. I just wish the time 
would come when you and I can go places of a Sunday - or stay 
at home if we feel like it. Just so long as we can be to-gether. 
Do you realise I'll probably fight an awful lot with you & 
all the rest of things women are blamed for - nagging, harping 
and so on? Doesn't that scare you any? On second thoughts tho' 
I don't think will nag you much. Just an occasional fight eh? 
Remember - fights aren't so bad, 'cause making up is so nice. 
Well darling at least we are one week nearer to the end of this 
business - one week toward your homecoming. There won't be 
much longer to wait sweetheart. Enclosed you will find a snap 
of Laura, George and myself, taken down in Kangaroo Valley when 
we were down there in February last. 'Fraid we're no glamor gals 
these, but we had been swimming all morning & hadn't troubled about 
our hair. Mac, be sure and tell me what photos you receive. I like to 
know. I'm going out to tea at your place next Wednesday night 
& then May & I are going to see a fortune teller I think. Maybe 
she'll tell me when you're coming home and be right. Boy, when 
I showed them at work what you looked like & the bit in the 
newspaper - they doubled their efforts to make me bite, saying 
all things about other girls getting you on your way home. I 
politely told them that you had a taste for Aussie girls. 
That's right isn't it, darling? Gosh dear, here's the dash end of 
another letter. Seems to come up so quickly. Here's where I have 
to say 'Cheerio' my sweet and please, look after yourself. Regards 
from all the family and from me to you. All my Love, Dorothy.


3 Opened by Censor
[STAMPED purple]

[STAMPED black]
9  24 APR  9
[STAMPED purple]
Stalag 383
Rank & Name NX11067, SGT. KESHAM, M.W.,
Camp STALAG 383
Country of Internment GERMANY
23rd April 44


From Miss D. WILLIAMS,
37 Byrnes Street,
3 Opened by Censor


27th April 1944
Hullo Darling,
I received three more of those very nice letters of yours last week Dot 21st Jan 10th
20th Feb. I believe I have told you before what a nice lovable person you are, one of these days I will
really tell you what I think darling thats if I can find enough words to express myself, maybe you could
tell me what to say to a girl when you feel the way I do, or dont you know how I feel. I know you
don't worry about me buying you a birthday present Dot, but I get as much pleasure out of it as you
do you know, and if I waited until I got back you would probably refuse anything but choc's
from me like you did once before, I just cant seem to do anything right these days no matter
what I do or say, its you shouldnt have done that, or said that or just plain no or wait I think
I had better cut out saying and doing things or you will drive me nuts. I see by your letter
you had another week of weeks. was it better than [[?]], it sounded as though it was you
seemed terrible tired darling. You dont want to let them teach you to play cards out home
Dot, or I will go crook besides if anyone asks me to play cards once I get out of here Ill go mad.
thats one thing we wont be doing. Remember I was telling you about Anzac day well the
weather didn't hold out and our sports were a flop. I suppose I have you guessing at
times, and you don't know what to think, not that I mean to Dot still you shouldnt
worry darling, besides you dont do so bad yourself at times. There are two things though
that I dont think you have considered sweet not judging by your letters anyhow, still
its nothing to worry about You wanted me to tell you what it was you did that I remember
so plainly well next time you do it Ill tell you not before, I wont forget, for although
its nothing great Ill remember it for a long long time, maybe because when you did it
you didnt know just how I felt, I dont know its just one of those things you dont forget.
Well darling give my best wishes to everyone, dont forget I love you sweet and
Im only waiting for the day when you decide to give me my answer "Cheerio" Mac.


[STAMPED purple]

par avion
[STAMPED purple]
Stalag 383
[STAMPED black]
4.5.44. 11
4.4.44. 11
An Miss D Williams
37 Byrnes Street
Empfangsort: Bexley
StraBe: Sydney
Kreis: N.S.W.
Landesteil (Provinz usw.)
Absender: Vor-und Zuname : Malcolm William Kesham
Gefangenennummer: 3768 (1747)
Lager-Bezeichnung: STALAG 383
Deutschland (Allemange)

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