Letters between Malcolm William Keshan and Dorothy Williams, January-June 1944 - Part 9 of 14

Second World War, 1939–45
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Reg. No. AXI1067. Rank L.C.T. Name of Dender MISSD. LLILLIAME Name KESHAM, M.Ll. Address S7 Bycaes Ofeet Prison N0 768(174ppmp STALAC 383 BXLE. F t he . Valay AUSTRALIA Country of Internment C.FRMAR 12t Apaili, 1944 Mey agrent tha, Dts Appil Seals Day bud I'm inot fellin your siees stoue and penest, I lave you still Sanve yoh been? Ane neve letter came from you this week - dated 1 fanr. 4t, Heny, y Your lettens agen's disappointing, so don't say such thing. I you saw haw egerly they were received haw offen they were read, yyand not ever think that way and you dear really think you'd dowe we caagy if you could waite man pages Cause dateing you juat couldnt as matter how hand you tried, swill new lets see what I have been doing with myself this ppass week. Lats of seing and knetting I know, Tuesday was Physical Cutterae wighy you hush, keeping ar mayhe I should cay making) the Ready beautiful. Ty give I friend Glona came down on led nighe and. I made an exhilitiion of myself by going fast ascap in the lage chair Lucky shis an old friend and unideastsed - Igess I was pretty slepy. Thunsday night we that is heamd & two other gills & myself were to the Gease for the first shall of (any season. Has a great Inight, with, sam it all, sue fall only, when a soldies tppled over and in doing so, swep my fer completel from under ime Qute painless the dasding. Yu hrae, the weather is gleaious. Coal in the shade bu qute has in the
sun. I always have to think - you'll he will into summer by the time you receive this letter, night? If only you weae "hlan Mac b coued do so many things liven suaming would & be good and yes Easter is only next week. Idon't know yet whas Il the daing. There was talk of us having enciday off but nething has been decided. Other from etc, well have the usual hedldays, I quess. From where Isit I can see the pash its night appesite here and gee but it lasks tempting Twen's be off uncl six o'clock to nigh and then Ile have to dash home & change in as hunry to he as the pectuves in trae. Genrsally as to night & hum, dad, + I gots a local show. Shalh what I was to do, when yuul come hame daaling. Have a date eveay Saturday, Weddesday, Sunday - say haw many nighte are there in d wuch any haw?Im talking abou when you fiase came heave, - later on I mear I man I wane to be able to go heme from woak, change and go aur to mee you lause the is what I have missed Lilly isn' is? sus a tamial thing but its cenough to sex ane caying if I think about is eneugh Sodo & lets think, hub? Kinda sad to- day sweetheand, so you mustnd pay any attention to me. One been thinking of my consin Jacks and how emlikely is is hill were be back. Ilk will dauling enough of my troubles Leak aftea yourself inow and the good. Hope youne as fit as a fiddle getting plenty of mue & are kaping the chin high until Cnexd week then Mac - hears that doggene gat paying cace mave Big Cheeais and all my Love- Aathy
m No Star PRISONER OF WAR POST Regria o 415 KRIEGSGEFANGH 13 40 1944 13 NSWA Rank of Name Nx 1106) Sgr. KESMa AUSTRALIAN PRISONER OF WAR, NO 3768 (1747. Camp DTALAG. 283 Country of Internment
From MISS S. WinhiAnS. 37 Bycnes Pheet OEXLEYN.S.W. AUSTRALIR
Kriegsgefangenenlager Datum: 4th April 1944 Dear Pot. Rece. stmuch get fam this time, the mail is litte fairly regular vure days. Thing baut the name weat present atill ne apent & is gitting letter an Kinge wt may but wickes to everyone ancomere went yau Hews bit ef coleur ap. yuve m lady plenty of dancing and shawe I suppere, new finis led, ill when you get this the mumming will be well en ay again I mac
Kriegsgelangenengo Postkarte 24. 3812p Oilift Cobittar Rest Absender: Vor- und Luname: a William Meshan Gelangenennummer; 2768 /17 Lager-Bezeichnung: M.Stammlager 383 Dentschland (Allemagne) Luftpost Dar avion I. Williams 37 Bymnes Street Emplanssort. Bexley Strake W 1051X Land: Landesteil (Provinz usw.) 12.444. 77 W 1
HIR MAIL Reg. No. AX11067 Rant Sgt. Name of SenderJ. S.S D Name KESHAM, M.M Address L7 Byrnes Sfiect Prison No. 3768 (1747/Camp S1AG Reor Country of Internment Co of St AUorRana 15th Apail, 1944. Fulls dayling Ansthea letter from me to you Now are you hav ? Beea deing anything exeiting lately, I such as receiving hundles of uail, luneding e rinho so ssothing? There was a baighs aped in my week with the assual of a letter dated 1th faw. It seems thas the majenity of my phates are getting through Mac Lately I havn's heer able to send any other than last weeks How- ener, Isend a few up fer George to see, with instanctions that he was to return then by nex mail, in ender that I may ferward them on to you. So dasling hanger, and they will asamne. I hat was a beautiful letter you waste me. It makes the waiting will month while dearess. I didn's change my mind about homing you tell we fom you felt, silly Salways lave you to magawing to me, since. Offeenae Ia nather have you heally tell me these things than merely waite but hhads haw things have to be feu dwhile. Its Saturday aftennooor at wank, as I write this and things ane very quiet. Kinda clandy autsie, but casy and wasm here beside my heater. A little thap. Teary who beaks here also is luzing ansund, wanting to know who I am pensing since wouss to Days he knows its someone special by the lath comy face- quesses it must be to tha P.O.W of wine Ther sull write me tlittle peration my bey in the Reich, theyne rather cute as tims. By the say Shrac in my las
letter from George he especially wished to be remembered to you. Said he dened like to waite to you, hus because its was such a long time new (+ for other ineasons) it would be very difficues I told heg you'd understand hac Lass night I saw the luchess film Ransom aaves. Yedaveing its hard to tell you about pitures and the like cause nostly the actons andnew I woulder's mean veay much to you. Day dadles do they ever show filis oven there You mentioned reading baska too live they lateeditions quite recendly written backs Lmean? I have been reading same good books of late Qne heer linging some too - to fit inso lay bosh case toh made for me lengage. Beshs Ieans seem to get enough of Baaling dailing this Oltten is becoming entretly differust To of the heyst ane dng s mon pugles and every so often they ash whatin woate for sut or auch? A guas heep ther ase! O ge Mac Iwish, I wish - hew I wish you were coming heme seer. It all he seon, someday, saes. Masday ison so far off when youce wake up and till yourself that today Ill neach home! That meaning Ill wakedup & wender as flast why the sun seems boighter than ever before - until Inemen bet, then Ill really be happy Mar. So much to say, so much to do + to see, hull be ever have enough time, dabling? You nechon maybe we will? le you - dearest you-heles (another end to another letter. May God bless and guide you daaling I being you have seas unte that time In waiting for your Pinder regards fom the family. Real's nothing new to send you sieet frm oned you hove my hove & hat fair diskums Cheeand, Heacthy
36 2 Stan PRISONER OF WAR POST atred KRIEGSGEFANGEI A1R M 1017 APR 1944 Cant Name A Mf Ce sar AUSTRALLAN PRISONRR OF WAR No 376S 1747) econmon CaD n in Country of Intemment. A Mrn n .
From. J..S.S hl S 37 Byme St cect an Ht tamfamt h D Ehang AUSTRARIA

Reg. No. NX11067    Rank: SGT.                                    Name of Sender MISS D. WILLIAMS,

Name KESHAM, M.W.,                                                  Address 37 Byrnes Street,

Prison No. 3768(1747) Camp STALAG 383.,                               BEXLEY, N.S.W.,

Country of Internment GERMANY.                                            AUSTRALIA.

                                                                                                            1st April , 1944.

My dearest Mac, 

It's April Fools' Day but I'm not foolin' you sweet -

 true and honest, I love you still. How've you been? One 

more letter came from you this week - dated 1 Jan 44. - Honey ,

honey, honey - your letters aren't disappointing, so don't say 

such things. If you saw how eagerly they were received & 

how often they were read, you'd not ever think that way

 And you don't really think you'd drive me crazy if you could

 write more pages. Cause darling - you just couldn't, no

 matter how hard you tried. Well now, let's see what I 

have been doing with myself this past week. Lots of sewing 

and knitting I know; Tuesday was Physical Culture night

 - you know, keeping (or maybe I should say making) the

 body beautiful.  My girl friend Gloria came down on Wed 

night and I made an exhibition of myself by going fast

 asleep in the lounge chair. Lucky she's an old friend and

 understood - I guess I was pretty sleepy. Thursday night we,

 that is, [[Leanna ?]] & two other girls & myself went to the

 Glace for the first skate of (our) season Had a great

 night, with, damn it all, one fall only, when a soldier

 toppled over and in doing so, swept my feet completely

 from under me Quite painless tho', darling  Gee Mac, 

the weather is glorious! Cool in the shade but quite hot in the




 sun. I always have to think - you'll be well into summer

 by the time you receive this letter, right? If only you were

 hear Mac - we could do so many things. Even swimming would

 be good and yet Easter is only next week. I don't know yet

what I'll be doing. There was talk of us having one day off

but nothing has been decided. Other firms etc.,  will have the

usual holidays, I guess. From when I sit I can see the park,

its right opposite here and gee but it looks tempting. I won't

be off until six o'clock to-night and then I'll have to dash

home & change in a hurry to be at the pictures in time. Generally,

as tonight. Mum, Dad, & I go to a local show. That's what

I want to do, when you come home, darling. Have a date

every Saturday, Wednesday, Sunday - say how many nights

are there in a week any how? I'm not talking about when you

first come home - later on I mean Mac. I want to be able to

go home from work, change and go out to meet you 'Cause that

is what I have missed. Silly isn't it? Such a trivial

thing but its enough to set me crying if I think about

it enough. So don't let's think, huh? Kinda sad to-day

sweetheart, so you mustn't pay any attention to . Ive been

thinking of my cousin Jack and how unlikely it is he'll ever be

back. Oh well darling, enough of my troubles. Look after

yourself now and be good. Hope you're as fit as a fiddle -

getting plenty of mail & are keeping the chin high. Until

next week then Mac - here's that doggone gal saying once

more - Big Cheerio and all my Love - Dorothy-




PRISONER OF WAR POST                     AIR MAIL



[*3 Opened by Censor*]


Rank & Name  NX11067, Sgt. KESHAM, M.W.,


Camp   STALAG 383,

Country of Internment   GERMANY, 198





                37 Byrnes Street,

                 BEXLEY N.S.W.





                                                                                       Datum: 4th April 1944


Dear Dot. Received another very nice letter last week 9th Jan this time, the mail is

fairly regular here these days. Things are just about the same here at present, still no sport, but

the weather is getting better so things will start to move a bit soon I hope, and I may be

able to get a bit of colour up. Give my best wishes to everyone once more wont you. How

is this funny old world treating you young lady plenty of dancing and shows I suppose, now

that the swimming has finished, still when you get this the swimming will be well on its way again. Well its here once again. Cheerio for the time being A M L Mac.






             An                                      Miss. D. Williams

                                                         37 Byrnes Street




Vor- und Zuname                                        Empfangsort:      Bexley

Malcolm Wiliam Keshan                               StraBe:                 N.S.W

Gefangenenumer: 3768 (1747)                     Land:                  AUSTRALIA

Lager- Bezeichnung                                       Landesteil (Provinz usw.)

                        M- Stamlager 383

        Deutschland ( Allemagne)






Reg. No NX11067   Rank Sgt                                                                      Name of Sender MISS D. WILLIAMS,

Name KESHAM, M.W.,                                                                                 Address 37 Byrnes Street,

Prison No. 3768 (1747) Camp STALAG 383,                                                              BEXLEY.     N.S.W.,

Country of Internment GERMANY                                                                              AUSTRALIA

                                                                                                                                              15th April, 1944


Hello darling,

           Another letter - from me to you, How are you Mac? Been

doing anything exciting lately, such as receiving bundles of mail,

building ice rinks or something? There was a bright spot in

my week with the arrival of a letter dated 12th Jan. It seems that

the majority of my photos are getting through Mac. Lately

I haven't been able to send any - other than last weeks'. How-
ever, I sent a few up for George to see, with instructions that

he was to return them by next mail, in order that I may

forward them on to you. So darling - hang on, and they will

arrive. That was a beautiful letter you wrote me. It makes

the waiting well worth while dearest. I didn't change my mind

about having you tel me how you felt, silly! I always love you

to mag away to me, sweet. Of course- I'd rather have you really

tell me things than merely write - but that's how things

have to be for awhile. It's Saturday afternoon at work, as I

write this and things are very quiet. Kinda cloudy outside, but 

cosy and warm here beside my heater.  A little chap Terry who

works here also - is buzzing around, wanting to know who I am

penning sweet words to. Says he knows its someone special by

the look on my face- guesses it must be to that POW of mine.

They still write me little poems about "my boy in the Reich",

they're rather cute at times. By the way Mac - in my last


letter from George he especially wished to be remembered to you. Said

 he would like to write to you, but because it was such a long

 time now (& for other reasons) it would be very difficult. I told

 him you'd understand Mac. Last night I saw the loveliest film

"Random Harvest". Gee darling its hard to tell you about pictures

and the like 'cause mostly the actors are new & wouldn't mean 

very much to you. Say darlin do they ever show films over there?

You mentioned reading books too. Are they late editions - quite

recently written books I mean? I have been reading some good

books of late - I've been buying some too - to fit into my  book-
case Pop made for me long ago. Books I can't seem to get enough 

of. Darling, writing this letter is becoming extremely difficult.

Two of the boys are doing cross-word puzzles and every so often

they ask, "what's a word for such & such?" A great help they

are! Oh gee Mac - I wish, I wish - how I wish you were

coming home soon. It will be soon, someday, sweet. That day

isn't so far off when you'll wake up and tell yourself that "today

I'll reach home!" That morning I'll wake up & wonder at first

why the sun seems brighter than ever before - until I remember,

then I'll really be happy Mac. So much to say, so much to do &

to see. Will we ever have enough time, darling ? you reckon

maybe we will ? Well you - dearest you - here's another end

 to another letter. May God bless and guide you darling & bring

you home soon. Until that time - I'm waiting for you. Kindest

regards from the family. There's nothing new to send you sweet

from me - you have my Love & that's "fair dinkum".   Cheerio,








                                                                4 15 AM                         AIR MAIL

                                                                 17 APR


                                                                 N.S.W. AUST


Rank & Name       NX11067 SGT. KESHAM, M.W.,


Camp   STALAG    383,    15th April 44

Country of Internment   GERMANY           198


[*3 Opened by Censor*]






37 Byrnes Street,




[*Opened by Censor*]



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