Letters between Malcolm William Keshan and Dorothy Williams, 1942 - Part 15

Second World War, 1939–45
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MCO DMMANS. cwen 37 Cyrnes Street. 29.867 P N91L SEXLEY NSN. SOT KESHAM M.W. AUSTRALIA AUSTRALAN PRISONER OF WAR 1747. OFLAE 3C. OERMANY Da November, 19431. My Deased Mac, 100 Me again - haw are you pal, Mull and happy? Catainly nal up to any mischiefieh? I hope you'ne as lucky as dve been sweet. Lase Wednesday along came another letter ghan you, with a phets attached dated August 27th The nicess hixthday paesen I deerewed gost I was thailled har, its so good to ane hart you lash, after over twelve months and the photo was grand Baaling thats a beautiful crease you had in your tacuress, how long did is take you to acquire it Evnyone thinks you lash well; I task it and to show your mother and she was very excited. We had it under a magnifying glass and examined it fou houss. Lell your give friend we all think she is neay lovely. I me definitely falous Mar. has she the Mess XVIIS I couldn's imagine here being a levelye give. Sancy you receiving four letters as once you fargot to tell me the dates though You should have received some phales by this because quite a few have been sent. Thene is ane enclosed un this letter mos ase the best, hiu it was pretty sunny when Grange tock it. I had it enlanged off a smallen one, as you can see. Mas I waste to Mc Casken the other week, I was's sune of his address, but am poping for a reply from him soon- I'll ask him if he remembers the pups ame. You centaily will have to behave when you git back Gash I have some beaut tales of youn daings hear. hoame had me in fets when he was taking me home last night. Noar old thing basugh me all
the way hame and then had to gall the way back again I had a lavely evening sweet. Met Tay and your Fathen, and Mays husbend Jur. Lashel as phates and talked and altogether fill as if I had been there always and whasdious think? They had, all three, Mas. Keshan, Tay and ha bought a gift fow me ham said tha he disn's cane, has wasns here to Avy Oas something and he would instead. Ysune got a nue buother sweet. Of chusse- he had a paetly mre brather too bus we wons go nto that just na. Eevenythings fine here hac - were all very well sha lasking fouward to the day. George is heave to day. He and heama have gave racund to hounds peoples place yus inow One of the gials from the tennis club is having a Has beithday party to nigh and hum is already calling ime to geents my bath before itea. You know the usual Samadty night inush for the bath. hum has threatered that from now on she is going to take me in hand and teach me more about coshing whether its because I'm now at the old age of do an whecher its due to mmy whipping cream the other day) so much that it turaed to butter, & dont know Anyhaw youll pichably pear some busiing tales in the may nean future, if han holds to here word. Besides, you never know I may surpaise evenysue with a talen for cashing (Wiseenacks from you, my friend, are not called for ill has danling heres where I finish up this week Hope I hear from you sean, again; and that maie your side is asswing hegularly Hlindess inegands from all here as hove, lask after yourself and no please play my sweet Mutie next week they All my have Ssaathy
MOSSANESS a a Josue 19 pouedg & 3 Oppe Cr 37
Kressselangenentafer Datum: 27th Nevember 1914. Dear Pot Hello thereowet ito theI penny once mere, how is the mailquetion a its sleived down at this end ence more dam it, however dent werry young lady nat so very far away now Sefar there hs not been much maw but the cold it certainly her again every thing is all proyen up and mert of the day is parred beside te fire or under a blanket thinking of times to come. Gark= find il hard to get started on these cards there is so very lttle that Ican till you a letters much better I haps Ident bere you to much Pat: Fave trac.
57 UBEX NORD.AMERIKA KriessfelangenenpsSONEY P4 MITWFTI 25 MCH Bostherte 1943 I JDH N. SMAUST) Aa Mis D. Wllane 29.487 Gebuhrentreil Absender. Eopleassor 27 Byrnee L1. Bexley Vor. and Luname: Willia Strabe. Sydne Gelangenennummer: 1747 Lager-Bezeichnung: Custrali Land: OO IIC Landesteil (Provins now.) Dentschland (Allemagne)
MS DISASAM ARIECSSEEANEENENPASI 37 Eyrnes Straet AIR MAIL NX1067 SEXLET NFN SCT.KESHAN M.W. AVETRRLA AUSTRAHAN PRISONER OFWAR 1747. OLAG SC. GERMANY & & Sunday houem bex 29th 1942 6 Hulls mran deasest, Same mon sems from Auswe for your Aa jual hanc after suimoing all day practically and as usual tiaed out and paetty sunbusns. Only my second dip this reason and Dee neven leasn to take things un small doses. However, ese this asswes even with you, dee pashably he brewer as a beany and well able to take it How are you har sweet- keeping well? Haven's had mail since your last of the O7th Ang, bus can't expect too much of a good thing. There is a hote enclssed with this letter shees Oal of the meading phatss taken cutside the church before hama was mained Hope you like it. As you can tell I was paedy neswens his before we entered the chusch - and showed it. To mansow I an taking over Bessies pil in the Bodors wasmo secutary Iis only fon a fortough, to enable Bess to have a honday and I had to get leave of absence, from any lisss, lind Im losking forward to the change. Sameone said that a change was as good as a haliday so mare dee pul sor same weight M basthen would have anemand to fixun here, but I tell him he can's talk. He was home ysterday hav and, as always, asking after you Remember haw keen her used to be - so heer in fait that he hept you talking uunal 2do in the imonning (when your time cauld have been much better occupied) of anything he is
even keenes hrar, and he has ime feeling as he does now You know we often asuse on Gradge for that night, and tharter him if he deeae do as we say In future Moana has everything assanged for the night you came home Ahe's definitely on my hide. Man I wonder haw much langer is will be before youre heve. Have you any thesmies daaling ? If it gad on for much larger I may even cullinate a few Qney hais and what a calastaophe that would be youd have to beame loneliness Anechar. Only aboue another foun weeks to Chaisinas heavens haw time flies das Xmas I though youd be hame for this one, didn's you will have its say the next one daaling Isit a date, huh Its close at 11.30 as I write this and hermas us already in bed. Shissumburn tos, ao I can see will have same fren to night Mas she's teasefil as a bed mate; she weans these beg dips in her hain and then, toward manning she seems to develsp a sydden affection for me and suuggles into my neek. I don's mend the srugding pans, if only phed take aue those fruis! She moke I tay to disentangee imyself the hander she sauggles and I'm beginnig to aread the eaming of morning be gen pretly well to gither and it seems as if hoama has always lived with us. Well har dear there's nomore na so Lmust close youl. Rots of good wishes forsm all the family sweet dash after yourself well you Rechan guy - jus remember youse mighly prenss to me. Chenis then - all my Hove. Boacthy
1283 P. MIMane Byrnes St. Bexley N.S.W. Australia 20 Josuo L9 peudo S oeer A. 2



37 Byrnes Street,

21st November, 1942.

My Dearest Mac, 
Me again - how are you pal? Well and happy? Certainly 
not up to any mischief eh? I hope you're as lucky as Ive' been 
sweet. Last Wednesday along came another letter from you, with 
a photo attached - dated August 27th. The nicest birthday present 
I received - gosh I was thrilled Mac, its' so good to see how you 
look, after over twelve months. And the photo was grand. Darling 
that's a beautiful crease you had in your trousers , how long 
did it take you to acquire it. Everyone thinks you look well; 
I took it out to show your Mother and she was very excited. We 
had it under a magnifying glass and examined it for hours. 
Tell your "girl friend" we all think she is very lovely. Im' 
definitely jealous Mac. Was "she" the Miss XVIIIB? I couldn't imagine 
there being a lovelier "girl". Fancy you receiving four letters 
at once - you forgot to tell me the dates though. You should 
have received some photos by this, because quite a few have 
been sent. There is one enclosed in this letter Mac - not the 
best, but it was pretty sunny when George took it. I had 
it enlarged off a smaller one, as you can see. Mac I wrote to 
Mc Casken the other week, I wasn't sure of his address, but 
am hoping for a reply from him soon - I'll ask him if he 
remembers the pup's name. You certainly will have to 
behave when you get back. Gosh I have some beaut. tales 
of your doings Mac. Norm had me in fits when he was 
taking me home last night. Poor old thing brought me all


the way home and then had to go all the way back again. I had a 
lovely evening sweet. Met Fay and your Father, and Mays' husband 
Jim. Looked at photos and talked and altogether felt as if I 
had been there always. And whatd'you think ? They had, all three, 
Mrs. Keshan, Fay and Norm. bought a gift for me. Norm said that 
he didn't care, Mac wasn't here to buy that something and he 
would instead. You've got a nice brother sweet. Of course - he has 
a pretty nice brother too but we won't go into that just now. 
Everything's fine' here Mac - we're all very well and looking 
forward to the day. George is home to-day. He and Norma have 
gone round to Normas' peoples' place just now. One of the girls 
from the tennis club is having a 21st birthday party to-night 
and Mum is already calling me to get into my bath before 
tea. You know the usual Saturday night rush for the bath. 
Mum has threatened that from now on she is going to take me 
in hand and teach me more about cooking. Whether its' because 
Im' now at the old age of 20 or whether its due to my whipping 
cream (the other day ) so much that it turned to butter, I don't 
know. Anyhow you'll probably hear some 'burning' tales in 
the very near future, if Mum holds to her word. Besides, you 
never know, I may surprise everyone with a talent for cooking. 
(wisecracks from you, my friend, are not called for) Well Mac 
darling here's where I finish up this week. Hope I hear from 
you soon, again ; and that mail your side is arriving regularly. 
Kindest regards from all here at home, look after yourself 
and no horse play my sweet. Until next week then. All my Love 


Aust. - U.S.A. - Portugal 

Sgt. M. W. Kesham 
Australian Prisoner of War No. 1747 in Germany 
OFLAG 111 C 

21 Nov 42 


Mrs. D, Williams, 37 Byrnes St., Bexley, N.S.W. Australia 

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Kriegsgefangenenlager Datum: 27th November 1942. 

Dear Dot, Hello there sweet it's that penny once more, how is the mail question 
ok, it's slowed down at this end and once more darn it; however don't worry young lady 
our day is not so very far away now, So far there has not been much snow but the 
cold is certainly here again everything is all frozen up and most of the day is 
passed beside the fire or under a blanket thinking of times to come. Gosh I 
find it hard to get started on these cards, there is so very little that I can tell 
you a letters much better I hope I don't bore you to much Dot Love Mac.


PAR AVION Postkarte 


Miss. D. Williams 

Vor- und Zuname: 
Malcolm Williams Kesham 
Gefangenennummer: 1747 
Deutschland (Allemagne)

Empfangsort: 37 Byrnes St. Bexley. 
StraBe: Sydney 
Land: Australia. 
Landesteil (Provinz usw.)




37 Byrnes Street, 

Sunday November 29th 1942 

Hullo Mac dearest, 
Some more news from Aussie for you, I'm just home 
after swimming all day practically and as usual tired out 
and pretty sunburnt. Only my second dip this season and 
Ill' never learn to take things in small doses. However, 
ere this arrives over with you, I'll probably be brown 
as a penny and well able "to take it". How are you Mac 
sweet - keeping well? Haven't had mail since your 
last of the 27th Aug, but can't expect too much of a good 
thing. There is a photo enclosed with this letter sweet. 
One of the wedding photos - taken outside the church 
before Norma was married. Hope you like it. As 
you can tell, I was pretty nervous just before we 
entered the church - and showed it. To-morrow I am 
taking over Bessie's job in the Doctors' rooms - secretary 
It's only for a fortnight, to enable Bess to have a 
holiday and I had to get leave of absence from 
my boss , but I'm looking forward to the change. 
Someone said that a change was as good as a holiday 
so maybe Ill' put on some weight. My brother would 
have a remark to fit in here, but I tell him he 
can't talk. He was home yesterday Mac and as 
always, asking after you. Remember how keen he 
used to be - so keen in fact that he kept you talking 
until 2.30 in the morning, (when your time could
have been much better occupied) If anything he is


even keener Mac, and he has me feeling as he does now. 
You know - we often rouse on George for that night, 
and threaten him if he doesn't do as we say in future. 
Norma has everything arranged for the night you come 
home. She's definitely on my side. Mac I wonder how 
much longer it will be before youre' home. Have you 
any theories darling? If it goes on for much longer I 
may even cultivate a few grey hairs and what a 
catastrophe that would be. Youd' have to blame 
loneliness I reckon. Only about another four weeks to 
Christmas, heavens how time flies. Last Xmas I thought 
youd' be home for this one, didn't you. Well' have 
to say - the next one darling. Is it a date, huh? 
Its' close on 11.30 as I write this and Norma is already 
in bed. She's sunburnt too, so I can see we'll have 
some fun to-night. Mac she's terrific as a bed mate; 
she wears those big clips in her hair and then, toward 
morning she seems to develop a sudden affection for 
me and snuggles into my neck. I don't mind this 
snuggling part, if only she'd take out those pins! 
The more I try to disentangle myself the harder she 
snuggles and I'm beginning to dread the coming of 
morning. We get on pretty well to-gether and it seems 
as if Norma has always lived with us. Well Mac 
dear there's no more room so I must close now. Lots of 
good wishes from all the family sweet. Look after 
yourself will you Kesham guy - just remember you're 
mighty precious to me. Cheerio then - all my Love. 


Aust. - U.S.A. - Portugal 

Sgt. M. W. Kesham 
Australian Prisoner of War No. 1747 in Germany 
OFLAG 111 C 

Nov 29 42 


Miss D. Williams 37 Byrnes St. Bexley N.S.W. Australia 

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