Letters between Malcolm William Keshan and Dorothy Williams, 1941 - Part 16

Second World War, 1939–45
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a Cca e Ror MIBD D WAyS AIR MRIL No NX11067 37 EYRNES UTREET. SCT MW KESAAN. AUSTRALIAN PRISONER of WAR, No 3768 OELLET NSN AUSTE STALAE XVIIID OEANANY 10th November, 1941 Hullo Mae Deareal Once again Stake up my few, to write you this funeyold ae way telephone of auco Hew are you send Bary theusards of mles away from us, sene times at night as Tlay in bed Iwase what is he dang wo, haw is he, dee bethis thinking ofme now perhaps we dering exactly the save things Ca Isay sentires al right. In always thinking of yyou day and night and living for the day wher you will cane back to us, and Sanday Hello hevers fee you day Kelle back busy right to ne is juis the firish of another day, bennging the sday neaser whats your favonte coluur dasten tell ine, and then the day your beassving inbeuse He whef you s walk out for tha clau you wll la its ine buld b musary for e tovearaes w a well you renet me after all this time He sseen to be wasting spaie this subjct Lay dariing, but thats all Leaee think about there days. A few weeks bat I red you sene gaves, and two basks they are fron David pres so waik out for is has and youll a whoses is litle Gea Ben and Casles hails are the titles of two, and of renembes righlly there is another ae, a pack of cards, a gave of minitate, and a gare of Cartack of thee wanding in particular that you wans sent please sent fail to mention i when you write to ne swet As yt& have not seceived ward from you, but I sll watch the port fo day to days haping form Today especially, I held ny breathe aked althe swhen my nal is per ene b thasdate deiling? Lismy bullday to day, and beause I believe in meracles happliing, I thought it quite pessible that your letter
e From M135 D Williams SCT KESHAN, MN 27 Oyrnes Sract NO NX11067, OCXLET NSM AUETRN AUSTRALIAN PRISONER’ OF WAA. No. 3768, STRLAC 306, (XVIII0) 13262 25th December 1941 Ccanan Desed hrac Thulls there my swel, haw are you? of you wre here now, enslead of saying Hills I would posbally say Menry Chaumnas. Already Chuistmas is round again, only the year it doesil seen like Chust as somehaw Of cousel we had the usual things, including good old Panta Claus, but this so the first in sue years that I have been away for the Valley and Truppose is o he west yous have tat all the Valley and Danta Clauses cauld stay away and Tweulsil ase are bet if only you were here ysusay I had the lambest prese I could ack for, seretting I prayed for, to make it seally Churstnas- wad from you. It was crarge to see your writing after se long I was so teasebly glad that I sumply hauled just like a gale though Your mother hase fowarded ne a letter from you and a posteand. Tean these I have gueased that you are unable tosite to be diect and of causse & was very disapproed to fins ther, but neverthelise, to ruen t you are well is are condlation a least bgs every

No. NX11067,  

18th November, 1941
Hello Mac Dearest, - Once again I take up
my pen, to write you - this funny old one way telephone of ours.
How are you sweet? So many of thousands of miles away from us, some -
times at night as I lay in bed, I wonder - "What is he doing now, how
is he, I'll bet he's thinking of me now, perhaps wondering exactly the
same things. "Did I say "sometimes at night." I'm always thinking of you,
day and night and living for the day when you will come back to
us, and I can say "Hello Mac" and hear you say "Hello" back. Every night 
to me, is just the finish of another day, bringing that day nearer. What's 
your favorite colour darlin'? Tell me, and then the day your boat swings
in beside the wharf you can watch out for that colour & you will know
it's me. Will it be necessary for me to wear a red rose, or will you remember
me after all this time? Do I seem to be wasting space on this subject? Ronny
darling, but that's all I can even think about these days. A few weeks
back I sent you some games, and two books - they are from David
Jones, so watch out for it Mac, and you'll know who sent it. "Little 
Gra Ben" and "Cooked snails" are the titles of two, and if I remember
rightly there is another one, a pack of cards, a game of minitote, and
a game of "Cantack". If there is anything in particular that you want sent,
please don't fail to mention it when you write to me sweet. as yet, I 
have not received word from you, but I still watch the post from
day to day, hoping for one. To-day especially, I held my breath as
I looked at the spot where my mail is put. Remember that date,  
darling? It's my birthday to-day, and because I believe in 
miracles happening, I thought it quite possible that your letter


may chance to reach me to-day. No such luck! Poor old Betty is down with the 
mumps, so couldn't come & see me to-night. Can't you imagine noisy Bett with mumps.
It's disastrous to laugh isn't it Mac? Dad has threatened he will pay a visit to
Betty's place, with intentions of teasing her until she does laugh. It has just
occurred to me sweet; do you wonder because I don't say much about tennis or
dancing or the theatre? (Especially after my saying its not what I tell you about, 
but what I don't tell you about that should worry you.) You see, it takes up so
much space Mac dear, writing about all those silly unimportant things. There - 
fore because I cannot waste space, set your mind at rest. Those things I still do,
but to me the best times, are those which are to come. When you are back again,
and we can dance, swim, skate, or walk - to-gether. On our last night to-gether
Mac, you said, would I still want to go out with you when you returned?
The answer was then, and is now, tenfold 'Yes'. So pray with me darling
Mac that it won't be very far off. and look forward to those talks we 
shall have, and the hours we will spend lazing on the beach & yelling to one
another in the water. Mum & Dad and George, in fact everyone here at home
and all your friends at work send their very kindest regards and say
that they hope to have you back amongst them very soon. Hardly a day 
passes without somebody enquiring after you. How do you become so popular
darl? I could fill pages telling you my version, but maybe the censors would
become bored. and above all we must never bore our old pal the censor.
There are six letter awaiting your return Mac. They were written by yours
truly, to you, before we had word of your being posted missing. I have put
them by for your sweet. It does seem strange reading my letters over. Little
did I dream as I wrote those, that I would be writing to you in a prisoner 
of war's camp. Strangely enough, in one, I asked you for your mother's address,
in case of anything unforseen happening. Often I wondered why you failed to
send it. You never received my letter. and now, the more I know of the
Keshan family, the more I like - the Keshan family, with perhaps the slighter
emphasis on the young, red-haired son Malcolm William. (no teasing sweet) 
How is  "Star Dust" in your memory - and "Rose Marie"? Incidentally, does that 
still stand? - the latter I mean. It does scare me Mac, to think that perhaps you 
might change. Don't change darling - ever. I like you too well. Until next week 
I fear I must say "so long" to you. "So long" but never "goodbye" and even if you 
may be so many thousands of miles away, in my thoughts, I'm holding out my 
hand to take yours tightly & I whisper "Hurry Home my Mac." always my Love 


Dearest Dot,                                                                 14 - 12 - 41 
How is my little girlfriend getting on these days still in the best of  
health and enjoying life regained all your old enthusiasm for skating and 
dancing ok. I suppose you are busy getting ready for Xmas If when you receive  
this sweet both Xmas and new year will be over and you'll be back at work 
however I hope you had a very Merry Xmas and a Happy new Year. 
my one and only wish is that we can spend the next one together nothing  
would please me more its also the one thing I really look forward to. I often 
just lay back and think of our next meeting darling my idea is to send your 
Mum and Dad also George to a show then we can have the place all to 
ourselves and have a nice long talk most of all I can have you all to 
myself it sounds very greedy but I dont want to share the pleasure of our 
first night together with anyone Mail is coming in fairly regular now 
and Im looking forward to receiving a few more of your letters I only wish 
I could get one a day Ive just about worn the writing of your first one I read 
it that much By the way you can send photos so Ill be looking forward to 
a few darl also if they return any of your letters posted before I was missing 
please keep them for me if its not to late I do hope you get all my letters ok 
when I say all I only mean one of those per month and one card it's not  
much is it but still its something Well darling Im still in the best of health 
and doing well though I hate the cold and its certainly getting cold over 
here now Dont  forget to wish your Mum and Dad George and  
everyone all the best for me and take care of yourself I want to see 
you looking as nice as ever [[?]] Lots of love  Mac


Airmail from Baghdad. 
An Miss D Williams 
Stamp [[?]] 
Emfangwort: 37 Byrnes St Boxley 
Strafle: Sydney N. S. W 
Land: Australia. 
Vor und Zaname: Malcolm William Kesham 
[[Gefangenennummer?]]: 3968 
Lager-[[Bexeichneg?]]: M.Stammlager 396: (XVIII D)/132 EW 
Deutschland (Allemagne) 


SGT. KESHAN, M.W.                                       
NO NX11067,                                                                                      
STALAG 306, (XVIIID), 132GW                 
37 Byrnes Street, 
25th December, 1941
Dearest Mac,
Hullo there my sweet, how are you? If you 
were home now, instead of saying "Hullo", I would 
probably say "Merry Christmas". already Christmas 
is round again, only this year it  doesn't seem 
like Christmas somehow. Of course we had the  
usual things, including good old Santa Claus, 
but this is the first in nine years that I have 
been away from the Valley, and I suppose it 
grows on one. How I wish you were home Mac, 
all the Valleys and Santa Clauses could stay 
away, and I wouldn't care one bit if only you 
were here. Yesterday I had the loveliest present I  
could ask for, something I prayed for, to make 
it really Christmas - word from you. It was 
strange to see your writing after so long. I was so 
terribly glad that I simply howled. Just like a 
girl though. Your mother had forwarded me 
a letter from you and a postcard. From those  
I have guessed that you are unable to write to me 
direct, and of course I was very disappointed to 
find this, but nevertheless, to know that you are 
well is one consolation at least. Perhaps you 


could send me a word in Mrs. Keshan's letter. Thank you for remembering 
me in your first letter darling. I felt as if I hadn't been altogether left out 
when I read that portion. Everyone here at home sends their best wishes 
to you, Mac. and I hope it won't be long now before you are home with 
us again. and don't worry sweet, our chins are up a mile into the air. Coming 
home from work, as I was coming out of the building I had to smile a little, 
because I was remembering how you waited the year before. Remember darl, 
the enormous box of chocolates you gave me, I can still see you laughing 
when I protested I would be sick for weeks. I used to love your laugh 
Mac, even when it was getting me mad. But then, I love you, so 
maybe it isn't so strange. Gloria and I are going to see each other one 
night soon. I hope she is like you Mac, to tell you the truth I 
am just a bit scared. Just as I was scared that time you asked me 
to go home to the party. [?] week was pretty lovely wasn't it Mac? The 
nicest week I ever had. Thinking of that week, and remembering your 
laugh and the rows we had, only made me miss you a hundred times 
more. But some Saturday I will come home and find an urgent telegram waiting 
for me, telling me to meet you at so and so. Darling I won't wait, I will 
fly to meet you. Do be prepared, because in the rush I will most 
likely knock you over. Until that day sweet, Lots of Love and great big 
Cheers. Dorothy.

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