Letters between Malcolm William Keshan and Dorothy Williams, 1941 - Part 15

Second World War, 1939–45
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oeneo nsoe BACDAO E. Marte taperc 0r0 sy hr S. Willins SMaKa Absendor Ve and Laname Eoteon 27 Bynce L. Bexley Malcolm William Kisha Stado. Sydney Cctaagencono 2768 Eenen rod Australia States Ses KVIIID/1326 eeo Dentrchland (Allemagne)
MISSO. WILLIANS. KAIEGSGEFANGENENPOST 37 GRNES SIRCET NO NX11067. SCxLET NSH AUSTRALA SCT MWHESHAN. AUSTRALIAN PRISONER of WAR. STRIRE IVMD. GERNANY B3rd September 1941 Dacd Mee by thousand Killes, to you, and a by bug to netoyp savall tlose ye to bllong tine pasd its ard o merses It has ben and a to rave agzens of letters to calch up as as but waite as yace, but yt to ibl Alawt ase yewey me than it all in suet disy same an antted, b each ught prewr & may be amgrchs before my the very reas w will be Ipaay that you ha sleafext Teprs to getter anr again & thit somebsly starl a rolie and cut and were mising rapl as least it fell like thal who speaid de wes,it ws so emply and megutel we secd news of you didn't you realisd you were so purposant, deiling will ight eand no, to the plcas at least, is ine resully wipo ast, so and faget it then ip has the clade will reas ps every and our sunt is sel way up thee beinen as hras asit can lizy read my waiting alogh da& that ges th all the cce see yamyt the letter went tink &would to Mrs Feebyr said stypest wiften to you, and stald you all abo te has been as pld to e wet yh can pr frended have pesteres her the news of you, and through and it all she has been a boyk bgth pte and i, a lay tn o you, sand shat a was the you are said I werls theew per ho slady of lasels when spial waete to be Breneybered your saying a ye selfer such a sel Ever though I have a sixt, aly sepike to be ever the stephow and through lttels, we are fiom friene hre is gapetting which I know well ingest you har thanchs pack shar at letter from te Cale Rember te had to sen me same raass sll & geb thes, and was Falyld too Her after when be seaad you were osted cosing the waste ge the lovelys feten felling to kep my cle repand keep repary by the sest sam thesmng that letter mas, and when you call rone will show it to you it seen we think alike h tockend an ae sulyect annay be beck have develpe apgnnate for au or acete Maliles Hechan, only &le in at the and you of wach we write acmail be epal dol the latter ve to proaguaphs by waiting, and reauactes for the cerros shale shue tet all aloyt wil oul o e seede degr sea letters th saice eashting gread them I is over twelve month suc I saw you aseling te we mach and cach morth a certury But back dupo shol of our gate at the Kancaus, aa the theatas and Cronulle Beark and the Treeadus and an lang talks we are bg to mile iny arcloss and rep salling ndee thail ackes in to seng yot their very kindet regadt and also Gearg houe and Bittly yeause sly shavld by awarded a medal; Oill tee at thee chosning near and right and seill tey cae
SERVICE DES PRISONNERS DE CUERRE WMECSOEMMNS 123 M 11067 Sgt. K. W. Keshan Australian Prisoner of War No. 3766 in Germany. o AUSIRALIAN 2. AED CROS
D.Williams, 37 Byrnes St. Berley, N.S.N. Australia. Josu L9 poud s pand to cam 283
Sx oed to cae
Kriegsgelangenenlager Ostu 911-41 Dear Eas. Well I have received your fint letter but in notgringtement ionit on thes card except to ray it the must letter I have over had therie notenough roan to say more as Ulurit till Sget my leng letter you should ge ther of tlere carde core long letter a month In stillinthe bust aftealh and looking forwar to the time when we will be to gether again wish weryere all the besfor me once again and t Ul Rem Ulaw them soon to until the next time bhen let of tor Sinarily trac
He eaneenCnpOI Ainhail from Bagdad. Rptharte Wltpost -Parariofiese Perve R tris E. Williame Vor and Luname Eaeso f Byme St Bexley Scolm William Kerham stade Sydney Cctansenennummer, 3762 Laser- Bereichmns: Stuas KVIII May rand Australia n Dentschland (Allemagne)

Stalag 306 (XVIIID) 9 GEPRÜFT 
Taxe parcue 
0.40 5 RY 
Miss D. Williams 
Vor- und Zuname: 
Malcolm William Kesham 
Gefangenennummer: 3768 
Stalag 306 (XVIII D) / 132GW 
Deutschland (Allemagne) 
Empfangsort: 37 Byrnes St. Bexley 
Straße: Sydney 
Land: Australia. 
Landesteil (Provinz usw.) 
S 110


NO. NX 11067, 

23rd September, 1941  

Dearest Mac, 
A thousand "Hellos" to you, and a big hug - to make up for all those you  
have missed. It has been such a long, long time hasn't it? And as I  
have dozens of letters to catch up on I had best waste no space, but get  
on to it! How are you my sweet? Did you come through it all in one  
piece? It may be months before my questions are answered, but each night  
I pray that you have escaped injury & that very soon we will be  
to-gether once again. I think somebody took a knife and cut out my  
heart - at least it feels like that when I heard you were missing.  
Poor old world, it was so empty and meaningless until we received  
news of you. Didn't you realise you were so important, darling? Well  
right here, and now, to this person at least, you are terribly important,  
so don't forget it! Cheer up Mac. The clouds will soon pass over,  
and our sun is still way up there, beaming as hard as it can. Can you  
read my writing alright. And that goes for all the censors too. I  
think I would take a fit if anything went wrong with this letter.  
Mrs. Keshan said she had written to you, and told you all about  
our pen friendship. She has been so grand to me, sweet. You have no  
idea how much I have pestered her for news of you, and through  
it all she has been a brick - both she and Gloria. A long time ago, 
you once said I wouldn't know her from you, and that she was the 
lady of ladies. When I first wrote to her, I remembered your saying  
that, and it helped such a lot. Even though I have as yet, only spoken 
to her over the telephone and through letters, we are firm friends.  
Here is something which I know will interest you Mac. Months  
back I had a letter from Mc Cosker. Remember he had to send me  
some snaps? Well I got them, and was I delighted too! Then after,  
when he heard you were posted missing he wrote me the loveliest  
letter, telling me to keep my chin up, and keep hoping for the  
best. I am treasuring that letter Mac, and when you come home I  
will show it to you. It sees we think alike, Mc Cosker & I -  
on one subject anyway. We both have developed a passionate  
fondness for a certain Malcolm Keshan, only I leave him at the  
post. Doesn't this letter remind you of when we wrote airmail, before  
no paragraphs, tiny writing, and headaches for the censors. Those  
dear. old letters, I have them all, almost worn out from re-reading  
them & nicer each time I read them. It is over twelve months since  
I saw you darling. Twelve months - and each month a century. But  
buck up - think of our date at the Racecourse, and the theatre  
and Cronulla Beach and the Trocadero - and our long talks we are  
going to have. Smile my darling - and keep smiling. Mum & Dad  
have asked me to send you their very kindest regards, and also  
George, Norma and Betty of course. They should be awarded a medal;  
I talk 'Mac' at them morning. noon and night and still. they come


back for more. Dave often asks after you, Mac. I give him any news I can, which  
unfortunately isn't very much. Just now, I keep wondering will I get a letter from  
you at all. Oh gosh Mac I hope they let you write, because I want to hear from 
you, more than anything else. There is no need from me to say I will keep the letters  
going at this end. You know that. Well my dear, once again dear old Aussie has  
put on her new spring dress. The azalea bushes are blooming in the gardens, and all  
the fruit trees are a mass of blossoms. I guess even a war can't stop Mother Nature  
when it comes to spring. Sydney is still terribly lonely - more so now that I can't hear 
from you. And Mac - remember all those matches I owed you when I lost our bet?  
I'm saving them for you and each week they are gaining in interest. Maybe I had 
better hide when you get back. You have such a habit of getting your own  
way. The summer tennis competition is in full swing, and as usual, we are only  
winning a match here and there, but nevertheless the game is keen. With George away  
I don't get much skating or dancing in, which is a good thing, as I have lost  
enthusiasm for such amusements. Last week, Jocelyn my cousin was down from  
the valley, and we went into town to the Regent Theatre for a show. They still have  
the man whom you & I hated - conducting the orchestra. That was our second  
last night to-gether if you remember. Forgive me if that word "remember" has  
popped up a lot in this letter, but you know how it is. Memories are all I have 
just at present, to keep me company. Will you laugh if I spout poetry at  
you, sweet? I found this one morning & cut it out, so as to send a copy to you  
and here goes. "You ask if I'll remember you with cherished thought, or will I rue,  
This love so beautiful and new that you and I have found. When you have gone  
with soldier's pride and time roles on and seas divide my prayers will be your  
silent guide And keep you safe and sound. For memory has a thousand ways  
of bringing back romantic days, a song ... a scent in twilight's haze ... an old  
familiar view. A laughing man in battle dress Your eyes, your smile, your soft carress  
claimed more from me than tenderness. Yes I'll remember you. If looking into future  
years our hearts are stung to sudden tears, There'll still be love words in our  
ears That none can take away. Our dreams of love are ours to keep, & for every dreamer 
first must sleep. Nor 'til he wakes 'tis time to weep. We have no fear of day."  
There you are Mac - imagine me, reciting poetry! Believe it or not, I know that  
off by heart. Whoever wrote it, surely must have a Mac somewhere overseas.  
Well dearest it seems I have almost run out of space. Look after yourself my  
Mac, and have faith. It is always darkest before the dawn - so chin up!  
Watch out for my letters. Now I have your address I will write as often as  
I can, sweet. Love from all the family Mac. We are all thinking of you and  
looking forward to the day you will be back again. I don't want to finish but  
have no alternative. So for awhile it is Cheerio my Mac. And with that  
cheerio I am sending you all my Love. Dorothy. 


18 Nov 41 
14 Jan 41-42? 
25 Dec 41 
12 Jan 1943 
NX 11067 Sgt. M.W. Kesham 
Australian Prisoner of War No. 3768 
in Germany. 
M Stammlager XVIII-D 
Marken und Strellen [?] 
Prüfung entternt. 


D. Williams, 37 Byrnes St. Bexley. N.S.W. Australia. 
3 Opened by Censor


Dear Dot           28.9.41 
Well here I am once more. Im just like the  
bad penny I always turn up. How is everything  
going at home ok, good, wish everyone all the  
best for me will you, by the way how am I doing  
still got a chance or have you got a boyfriend  
since I left. I only wish I could still collect a letter  
from you every week or so. I was informed by  
a chap captured later than I that I was believed  
killed I hope the did not send that news back. I  
don't know how it could have happened  
anyhow at present Im in the best of health in 
case you would like to know, and I hope its  
not long before we spend our day at the races  
I have a few more snaps for you and I was  
informed that we will be allowed to send a  
snap of our selves in one of our letters so dont'  
be surprised if you get one. Well Dot there is  
very little I can tell except that I hope its not  
long before we can go to shows together once  
more as believe me that's one thing Im  
looking forward to so until then a Big  
Cheerio Sincerely Yours 


Air Mail From Bagdad 
Taxe percue 
An Miss D. Williams 
Empfangsort: 37 Byrnes St Bexley 
Straße: Sydney 
Land: Australia 
Landesteil (Provinz usw.)

3 Opened by Censor 
Absender: Vor- und Zuname: Malcolm William Keshan 
Gefangenennummer: 3768 
Lager-Bezeichnung: Stalag XVIII D/132 GW 
Deutschland (Allemagne)


Kriegsgefangenenlager Datum: 9-11-41 
Dear Dot, Well I have received your first letter but Im not going to mention  
it on this card except to say it's the nicest letter I have ever had there's  
not enough room to say more so Ill wait till I get my long letter you should  
get two of these cards & one long letter a month Im still in the best of health  
and looking forward to the time when we will be to-gether again Wish  
everyone all the best for me once again and tell them Ill see them soon  
So until the next time Cheerio Lot of Love Sincerely Mac.


Air Mail from Bagdad 
Stalag 306 (XVIIID) GEPRÜFT 
Luftpost - Par avion 
Taxe percue 
Miss D. Williams. 
Empfangsort: 37 Byrnes St Bexley 
Straße: Sydney 
Land: Australia 
Landesteil (Provinz usw.) 
Vor- und Zuname:  
Malcolm William Keshan 
Gefangenennummer: 3768 
Lager-Bezeichnung: Stalag XVIII D/132 GW 
Deutschland (Allemagne)

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